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Garden Barbeque Party

Garden Barbeque Party

Just invited your office colleagues or friends for a garden barbeque party? Do you want to impress that special friend with your barbequing skills? Or have you just bought a barbeque set and are eager to use it in the best possible setup?

Well, if you’ve said yes to any of these questions, then this is the right place for you. Read on to get best possible tips required for organizing an amazing barbeque party.  

Here’s a quick list of essentials that you need before you kick-start your party:

 A good barbeque set


The simple ground rule that makes any barbeque party successful is: minimum wait time between two servings. This implies that the barbeque set be big enough to serve at least four to six people at a time. Also, ensure that your sticks are pre-prepared with vegetables or meat. So that, after serving round one all you need to do is put the round two on the grill.

Also, ensure that the refilling coal or wood should be an easy and hassle-free while you are still cooking! 

Cosy and comfortable seating arrangement

Barbeque seating

Well-cushioned, comfortable chairs are the most preferred seating arrangement in a barbeque party. The chairs should be such that guests can easily get up to dance, serve or just grill their own veggies. Avoid low-seating as that means even the barbeque has to be on ground level which can you’re your grass! Also, light adequate mosquito repellent coils and incense sticks to keep the tiny buggers at bay. 

Well-lit ambience

Garden lighting

Well-lit ambience does not mean too much of light everywhere but minimal light to keep the place well- illuminated. Yellow lights add warmth in comparison to white lights, so put yellow colour bulbs in your floor or table lamps and place in corners.  This will not just brighten up the place but also make it warm and cosy. Hanging yellow led-bulbs look great and add a rustic look to the place.  

A quick tip: Ensure there is enough light around your barbeque so that you don’t over-grill your food! 

 Good food and music

Barbeque food


Food and music are the lifelines of any party! Good soulful or peppy numbers in the background sets the mood for the party. Ensure that there are lots of finger-food and knick-knacks for the guests to munch on while they wait for their second round of grills.

Well, apart from this check-list, the most important thing for any party is good company! If there is good company, then all other factors become irrelevant. So get good company, set up your barbeque and get ready to sway to the tunes to some soulful-stirring music!


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