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Plants for your work or study table

Plants for your work or study table

During a busy office day, one glance at a green plant kept on your worktable, can brighten up anyone’s mood. Keeping plants in working space and offices has many benefits than recognised. It not just enhances mood but cleanses air, increases productivity, and adds colour to the entire workplace. However, such plants need to be true ‘fighters’ to survive the low lighting conditions, cold air conditioners and inconsistent care. Read on to know more about such ‘fighter’ plants which are low on maintenance yet will look perfect on your office table.

Lucky Bamboo

One of the most loved office plant, Lucky Bamboo is known for bringing peace, prosperity and good luck as per Feng Shui. One of the plants that can grow in only water also, Lucky Bamboo thrives in indirect sunlight. So, just put the plant in a bowl of water and decorate it with colourful pebbles, that’s it! A word of caution: Do not place the plant in direct sunlight as it can burn its leaves.



Better known as Snake Plant and Mother In Law’s Tongue, this variety of succulent is quite robust and can survive any type of condition. Being a succulent, its water requirement is less and can be kept on a window sill or any dark corner. It is also one of the plants that purifies air by absorbing toxins from the air.

Money Plant

Money plant

With its round glossy yellow green leaves, Money plant is one hardy plant that can easily grow in neglect. With light watering this plant can survive in almost any light conditions. It is one plant that can easily be propagated to make more plants. Once the creeper grows big, trim the branches and put them in water till the root re-grows.  Plant them in new pots and gift it to your colleagues and friends.

Keep these plants in colourful ceramic, metal or plastic pots to add more colour to your table. Avoid terracota pots as they can fade after some time. There are plants like Aralia, Peace Lily, Syngonium, Spider Plant and Song of India which make excellent office plants aswell but require little more care in terms of sunlight and water as compared to Lucky Bamboo, Sansevieria and Money Plant.

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