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Aero Seeds Iceflower Mix Flower 100 Seeds Per Packet

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Ice Plants have fleshy, succulent foliage and are originally from barren, arid, warm areas of the world such as South Africa. Depending on the variety, they are classified as perennials, sub-shrubs or annuals compatible with many different climate zones. Ice Plants are easy to grow and can be planted from seeds once gardeners have determined which variety they want in their garden. Seeds Specifications Seeds per Packet 50 Common Name Fig Marigold, Icicle Plant, Pebble Plant, Ice plant, Sea Marigold, Sea Fig. Height 4 to 8 inches (10 to 20 cm). Flower Colour Pink, white, yellow, red. Daisy-like ray and disc florets. Bloom Time Jul to September Difficulty Level Easy Planting and care Always plant these succulents in bright sun and well-drained sandy, sandy loam or even gravelly soil Always avoid clay soils In colder climates, get your Iceplants in the ground by mid-summer That will give them of time to get established before winter arrives In very hot climates (e Southwest US) plant in the autumn Although drought tolerant, remember that every living thing needs some water During the hottest months of the summer, water deeply once a week This will mimic the rain patterns in South Africa where rain comes mostly in the summertime Dont water your plants in the late autumn and through the winter You dont want the leaves plump with moisture which make them susceptible to freezing In very cold areas, consider planting a row crop to shelter your ice plant from freezing temperatures If you live in areas where snow lingers, cover your plants with a frost blanket during the coldest months Mulch around ice plants with gravel This helps both stems and roots as the gravel holds a correct amount of moisture around the roots but allows good air circulation around the stems If gravel isnt available for mulch, bark chips of a medium texture will do Pine needles can also be a good choice