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Aero Seeds Poppy Red Flower 100 Seeds Per Packet

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Common names: Poppy red, Common poppy, Field poppy, Corn poppy, Khas-Khas (Hindi) Scientific name: Papaver rhoeas Number of seeds: 100 Type of seeds: Hybrid Germination rate: Min. 80% (min. of 80 out of 100 seeds will successfully germinate) Plant height: about 4 feet tall Plant spread: about 2 feet wide Flower color: Red Sowing season: early Winters to late Spring Flowering season: Spring to late Summer Sunlight: Full sun- around 6-8 hours of direct exposure to sunlight. Water: Occasionally- whenever the soil dries out completely as the plant is drought-tolerant. The Poppy family includes many species of vibrantly colorful wildflowers that are a favorite of gardeners all over the world. The flowers are attractive to pollinators like honey bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. They usually grow to at least over a foot tall, and have one bloom per stem in colors covering the entire color wheel from red to blue. They are fairly drought tolerant, usually preferring well-drained soil and light waterings. Read Growing Seeds Indoors to achieve better germination rate and healthier plants.