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Casa De Amor Liquid Fertilizer Seaweed Extract for spray and drenching for Indoor and outdoor Plants- 500 ml

Rs. 450.00

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Casa De Amor Seaweed Extract Liquid is 100% organic in nature. It boosts the plant growth rapidly. It contains combination of both macronutrients (eg. N,P,K,Ca,Mg,S) and micronutrients (eg. Mn,Cu,Fe,Zn.) it also host to cytokines, auxin-like, gibberellins, betaines, mannitol, organic acids, polysachharides, amino acids which all are very benefical to keep plant healthy & fresh.

  • Increases the bloom set, flower size & fuit size.
  • ncreases the resistance of the plants
  • Prevents aging in plants, makes production longer.

Builds Plant Immune System

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