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Chipku Insect Killer Yellow Sticky Trap Non Toxic and Chemical Free Fly Trap/Insect Catcher/Sticky Pads for Insects Whiteflies Aphids Leaf Minor Thriphs (10 Pieces) -1 Pack

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What Is Chipku Sticky TrapsChipku Sticky traps are made with Thick cardboard material with size of (A5) 150x200mm / (A4) 200x300mmSheet is coated with high Class Strongly Sticky gum , whether proof Gumming on both outer surface Sticky traps are available in colours yellow & blue with size A5 (150 x200 mm) A4 ( 200x300mm) , Yellow colour & blue colour is natural attractive colours for small sap feeding insects and they come towards trap to sit over there and due to extreme stickiness of trap they will complete their remaining life on trap , Trap field life is up to 12 weeks when we place the traps on the farm/ garden. traps are non toxic , long lasting, whether proof and No harm to nature.