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Chipku- Melon Fly bactocera cucurbitae MacPhill/Maxplus pheromone Trap (10)

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Chipku Melon Fly Lure is Mainly used in most damaging pest of cucurbits of Fruits and vegetables like Melon , Watermelon , cucumber , Squashes , Tomato , Runner bean , pea , Luffa , Gourds , pumpkin and many more. Near about to 70-75 % of insect population is catch by using pheromone traps As per it recommended timeline and procedurePheromone traps should use for monitoring after 1-2 week of flowering if it catches more no of insects 4-8 per day then needs to increase trap qty for Mass trapping.Traps are hung on trees and the Chipku Melon Fly Lure in the trap attracts male and female flies. Depending on the design, the flies drown or obtain a lethal dose of insecticide. The flies enter through small holes in the trap and eventually drown in the water and oil . Freshly-killed flies float on the surface of water and oil.