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Compost Activator

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Organic Compost Activator - It is brewed with beneficial micro-organism. Compost Activator prevents greenhouse gas emissions. The effective organisms in the Compost Activator decompose all harmful compounds, like pesticides and other toxins into health safe elements. Compost Activator prevents rotting and therefore preserves a lot of nutrients, antioxidants and minerals. Compost Activator prevents unpleasent odour and deterring flies Sprinkle the Compost Activator over the wastes in your Compost bin once a day or every time you press the waste down. Smarter Compost - Compost Activator enriches and rebuilds soil, injecting life and vitality at a microbial level. Nutritious Soil - Compost Activator adds nutrients to your soil so if you grow in the garden you get toxin free healthy food.