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Casa De Amor Grow Bags for Terrace Garden - Grow Vegetables, Microgreens (10 x 4 Inch)

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Product Description

Why you need fabric to grow bags? Casa De Amor fabric grows bags breathable, keeping roots and soil oxygenated and cool throughout the year. Great for developing strong, fibrous roots and keeping them healthy. How does air pruning work? Air pruning happens naturally when tree roots approach the exterior of fabric grows bags, they branch into a fine, fibrous structure rather than circling the pot. This process, known as “air pruning,” creates a highly effective nutrient delivery system for the tree. Not only does it grow bigger trees faster, but it also allows tree farmers to retain approximately 80 percent of the root ball at harvest. By retaining such a high percentage of the mature tree’s roots, nursery operators can dramatically reduce mortality and encourage faster recovery times. Is it really effective for increasing yield? Using a fabric grow bag means easy watering, less stress on the plant when moved, and quicker transplant times as filling requires no more than one person instead of several people, allowing others to handle additional work in the garden.