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Glue Trapper Yellow sticky trap non toxics Non Drying Glue for insect Whiteflies etc. Pack 100ML

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  • NPOP Certified, 100% Organic Farming Use
  • Easy to use of Glue Trapper. Attract and Controls of Whitefly, Leaf miner, Aphid, Thrips, etc flying insect
  • Extreme Sticky Glue Quality, Non-drying Glue waterproof
  • Glue Trapper 100ml with Approximately 15 poly bags are free (10 Yellow Trap and 3 Blue Trap)
  • Yellow and Blue Sheet Size is W-7 inch & H- 10 Inches for more insect catches.
  • 100ml Glue Trapper With 15 Polybag Free Melting With Yellow and Blue Sticky Trap