Plantae Paradise Cactus Seed Planting Soil Mix

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  • It does not contain any vegetative fibers which promote bacteria or fungal growth which may be harmful for very young seedlings.
  • Porosity to retain moisture which is an ideal requirement for germinating seeds.
  • Inter granular spaces to drain away excess water so that fungus and bacterial rot does not take place.
  • Ideal density to hold the seeds upright. (Normally seedlings tumble down in perlite or vermiculite because of its low density and less adhesion).
  • Grain size is small enough to be suitable for mesembranthum seeds and other very tiny seeds as well. Otherwise seeds go down deep into the media and are not able to emerge.
  • Wood Charcoal content absorbs salts and chemicals present in water.
  • Low organic content. Higher the organic matter more chances of fungal rot.
  • Low nutrient content. Higher phosphate and higher nutrient rich mixes cause algal growth and fungal rot in sealed containers of cacti seed.
  • Media is good for STERLISE AND SEAL method of planting cactus and succulent seeds. (For this process every media requires to be sterlised, cooled, planted with clean seeds and sealed without causing contamination).
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Weight: 1800 Gm

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Product Specifications

Use Location Open Lawn Garden, Balcony & Terrace, Boundary Wall Inside
Soil-Fertilizer-Plant Protection Soil Mix

Technical Details

Product Details

Product Type Soil & Fertilizer
Product Title Plantae Paradise Cactus Seed Planting Soil Mix
Brand Plantae Paradise
Items Included Soil Mix Available In 3 Size Options - 800 Gm, 1800 Gm, 5 Kg
Warranty Warranty not applicable
Country of Origin India
HSN Code 3101
Seller Name Plantae Paradise Village Jodhpur Jattwala Chicken B.O.,Panchkula, Harayana - India-134102

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