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Rochfern Grow Bags (Pack of 15) Small Size-30x16x16cm, UV Treated Portable. 100% Virgin Polyethylene Grow Bag Perfect for Terrace, Balcony, Kitchen Vegetables Garden, Flats

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Rochfern grow bags features

It is stylish, double coloured plant grow bag with black inside and white outside.

Black colour protects root from sunlight outside white colour keep bag cool by reflect sun light.

It is made from virgin plastic having dimensions of 16cms length x 16 cms width x 30 cms (dimensions are before filling potting mix) Approximate Volume 5 Litters .

No soil or coco peat will be included in the pack for delivery.

Advantage of Grow Bag

It made possible to do farming in metro cities

It makes fertilization by fertigation ,irrigation facilities like drip irrigation ,mist irrigation etc more effective

Its portability and strength makes it easy to manage in shade net house, ploy house and green houses compared to heavy plant pots

But it is not recommend for vertical gardens and hanging garden

It has revolutionized horticulture activates where land act as a limiting factor by the adoption precision farming technique.

It enhanced acceptance of home garden, terrace gardening, , kitchen gardening, terrace poly house gardening & roof top balcony gardening.

Rochfern grow bags

Best suited for cultivation and germinate of small seeds like leafy vegetable, baby spinach

Vegetables like musk melon, beet root, ooty carrot, lady finger, pumpkin, bitter gourd, radish white, bottle gourd long , red carrot, brinjal purple long, red spinach, brinjal green, ridge gourd, broccoli, snake gourd, green cabbage, spinach, capsicum green , sponge gourd, cauliflower, tomato, chilli, turnip, cluster beans, yard beans,long melon ,cucumber, watermelon, fenugreek, onion, french beans, brinjal black beauty , papaya

. It can be used for cultivation of flower plants like rose, marigold etc