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Sell on Plantlane is a marketplace that’s specialises in garden and outdoor accessories. It aims to provide it’s buyers a wide collection of curated products at reasonable prices, with fast and reliable delivery in a trusted environment.

Why sell on Plantlane?

Get benefit of selling your
gardening & outdoor décor
product on dedicated website
for this purpose

Get advantage of B2B selling
to other retailers and
wholesale customers

Manage your orders at maximum
ease and help customers to
have a better shopping experience

Get you products promoted on
Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram
and Twitter via Plantlane

Run discount and promotion
campaigns for high selling products

Transparent pay-out systems guarded
by strong policies which are
customer friendly and seller friendly

What products can you sell ?

Choose what you want to sell (any product or service or a combination), to whom you want to sell (B2C or B2B or Bulk Sale), and where you want to sell (Local only or Pan India). 

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