BT Bio Larvicide Powder

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  • Bacillus thuringiensis insecticide is a safe bacterial insecticide that is friendly to humans and the environment, occupying more than 95% of the market for microbial pesticides. As a complementary biological pesticide, Bacillus thuringiensis plays an important role in plant pest control as well as in organic agriculture.
  • The mode of action of Bacillus thuringiensis is that its strain can produce endotoxin (parasporal crystal) and exotoxin, which can make the pests stop feeding. The pests all die due to starvation, cell wall rupture, blood destruction, and nerve poisoning. Katyayani Organics is the leading supplier of Bacillus thuringiensis and other bioinsecticide products. Our Mission is to help growers reduce the use of chemical pesticides. Grow healthier crops and earn more profits.
  • thuringiensis production process in line with environmental protection requirements, spraying insecticide in the field after less residue. The product has a wide insecticidal spectrum and has a toxic effect on more than 200 pests of Lepidoptera. Continuous use can form epidemic areas of pests, cause the widespread of pathogenic pests, and achieve the purpose of natural control of insect population density.
  • The use of b. thuringiensis on the environment and water pollution, harmless to humans and animals, most of the natural enemies of insect safety. Bacillus thuringiensis can be mixed with a variety of other biological agents, insect growth regulators, pyrethroids, carbamates, organophosphorus pesticides, and some fungicides and chemical fertilizers are now used. Alternate use of insecticides and chemical pesticides can improve the resistance of pests to chemical pesticides.
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Soil-Fertilizer-Plant Protection Natural & Organic Pesticide

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Product Details

Product Type Soil & Fertilizer
Product Title BT Bio Larvicide Powder
Items Included Larvicide Powder- Available In 1Kg, 3Kg, 5Kg & 10Kg
Warranty Warranty not applicable
Country of Origin India
HSN Code 3808
Product Dimension Length 18 cm x Width 15 cm x Height 18 cm
Seller Name E-7 Mx Arera Colony, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India - 462016

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