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Green Revolution Melon fly trapper

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This trap is designed from the regular trap design for economical and budgetary purpose. It is used in monitoring fruit flies. 

Fruit Fly Species Host Crops: Cucumber , Bottle gourd, Bitter gourd, Sweet gourd, Snake gourd, Ridge gourd, Pointed gourd , Sponge gourd, Pumpkins ,Mask melon, Watermelon.

 Benefits : 1. Easy to assemble, easy to monitor, easy to clean.

2. They reduce the cost and burden of unnecessary spraying of pesticides, due to low pesticide residue the produce meets the demand in export markets and gives profitability to the growers

 3. Monitors all adult fruit flies.

4. Multi season use. 5. Used with pheromone lures to selectively attract specific species. 6. Can withstand sunlight.