Eco Organics Potting Mix (Organic Manure)

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  • Greenvision Organic Potting Mix is a Ready To Use Organic soil-less medium for growing plants. It is a well-aerated medium, enabling free growth of roots and plants that do not require re-potting.
  • Frequent watering is not required due to the high water retention capacity of the mix. There is no need to add additional fertilizer or soil.
  • Greenvision Organic Potting Mix is certified Organic. It restricts weed growth and pests/pathogens. The growth medium is given sufficient curing time before packing.
  • Greenvision Organic Potting Mix is an ideal substitute for soil. It can be used for growing flowering plants, vegetables, indoor plants, and ornamental plants.
  • It is ideal for plants grown in Terrace/Indoor/Balcony/Hanging Pots. Easy To Use. Open the pack, empty the contents in the pot and plant the sapling right away.
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