Ammonium Sulphate Fertilizer Powder

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  • 100% Water Soluble Fertilizer for your Garden Plants. Works for both Indoor & Outdoor Plants
  • All that a plant needs, all at once. increases fruit production and flowering. Application suitable for Soil, Spray and Drip
  • This is the only and most important one nutrient for plants and crops. Thanks to our special formula, each of the elements in our fertilizer plays a crucial role in targeting roots, foliage, flowers, trees, shrubs, houseplants, fruits, and vegetables in general rather than just one specific type of plant or tree.
  • On other days, water your plants as usual. The vegetation will become greener and blossom more. For Indoor plants, keep the bottom drain hole open to avoid water logging. Even roots require oxygen. NOTICEABLE RESULTS ARISE WITH TIME, USUALLY IN 3 WEEKS. Please be patient; results will undoubtedly manifest.
  • Ammonium sulphate is primarily applied by farmers and gardeners where they need extra Nitrogen and Sulphur to suit the nutritional needs of growing plants. Since ammonium sulphate only provides 21% nitrogen, other fertiliser sources that are more concentrated and convenient to handle and carry are frequently a preferable option for fields with low levels of nitrogen. However, it offers a fantastic source of S, which promotes or powers a number of vital plant processes, such as protein synthesis.
  • Spray and Drip applications require a mixture of 6-7 grammes per liter of water. For Direct Soil Application, Apply 4 to 5 grammes of powder directly to the soil close to the roots. Repeat the application every 20–25 days for better results.
  • At Gujarat Agri-Chem Industries Private Limited, We are driven by the philosophy that whatever we are today or whatever we will be tomorrow is the result of the effort we put in to manufacture our products and services that we offer. But even more than that, we believe our achievement is because of the trust and confidence imposed on us by our customers.
  • High Nitrogen - Instant Growth Primary Nutrients for Every Plants & Soil Ammonium sulphate is a nutrient-rich source of both nitrogen and sulphur. Contents- N as Nitrogen : 20% S as Sulphate : 24% Less Water Requirement Compare to Normal Water Preservation Helps in Plant Development and Reproduction.
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Soil-Fertilizer-Plant Protection Chemical Fertilizer

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Product Details

Product Type Soil & Fertilizer
Product Title Panchsheel Ammonium Sulphate Fertilizer Powder
Items Included Ammonium Sulphate - Available In Pack of 1, Pack of 2 and Pack of 4
Warranty Warranty not applicable
Country of Origin India
HSN Code 2833
Product Dimension Length 10 cm x Width 10 cm x Height 10 cm
Seller Name 10021/B, Swaroop-3, Sector-4, ATPL, B/h. Trimandir, Adalaj, Gujrat- India- 382421

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