Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria Bio Fertilizer

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  • Katyayani KMB is a Potassium Provider : Potassium Fixing bio fertilizer that provides Potassium to the plants naturally this beneficial bacterium capable of mobilizing available Potassium into near the roots of the plants because of which it increase the availability of more potassium in usable form to the plants. It is a natural alternative to chemical Potassium fertilizers. Katyayani Potassium Mobilizing Bacteria is a powerful liquid solution with Recommended CFU ( 5 x 10^8 ) thus powerful liquid Solution and better Shelf life then other Powder & Liquid forms of KMB in the market.Recommended For Organic Farming by NPOP & Gardening.It is recommended input for Organic Plantations for Export Purposes. Katyayani Potassium Mobilizing Bacteria is widely used for all types of Plants Trees and Crops it increases micro nutrients availability to plant from the soil.
  • Katyayani Potassium Mobilizing Bacteria improves water retention , taste , color , texture , yield and disease resistance of the is a Completely Eco-friendly bio fertilizer and 100% Organic Solution. It is a cost effective bio fertiliser Best for Domestic Purposes like home garden Kitchen Terrace Garden, Nursery & Agriculture Practices.
  • Dosage :.Soil Application : 1-2 Liter Katyayani KMB per Acre For Drip irrigation : 1.5-2 Litre.Can also be applied though drenching & Seed Treatment.Detailed Instructions are given along with the product.
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Soil-Fertilizer-Plant Protection Organic Fertilizer

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Product Details

Product Type Soil & Fertilizer
Product Title Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria Bio Fertilizer
Items Included Fertilizer- Available In 1 Litre, 3 Litre, 5 Litre & 10 Litre
Warranty Warranty not applicable
Country of Origin India
HSN Code 3105
Product Dimension Length 29 cm x Width 13 cm x Height 13 cm
Seller Name E-7 Mx Arera Colony, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India - 462016

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