Fertile Nutrient Rich Black Soil and Dried Cow Manure (2.5 Kg + 2 Kg) With Free Seeds

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  • Rich in organic matter and humus. Contains Micro And Macro Nutrients.
  • Highly aerated for roots development and water holding capacity.
  • Must for seed germination and also if soil is sandy (poor water holding capacity).
  • The cow manure is 100% organic and pure. No contamination or chemicals added.
  • The manure is well dried and soft. It enables growth of microorganisms.
  • How cow manure works - Cow manure breaks down the compacted soil thereby increasing porosity. It contains microbial bio-stimulants which enhances disease resistance levels of plants Directions To Use - Loosen the soil around plant. Apply the cow manure by sprinkling near the root zone of the plants for good results. Water the plants after applying the manure. Enhanses flowering and fruiting.Promotes the growth of good microorganisms in the soil. Strengthens the seedlings and plant Enriches the nutrient content in fruits and vegetables. Advantages Of Cow Manure Mixing composted cow dung into the soil improves its moisture holding capacity. The manure has superior porosity. It does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • For all Indoor Plants & Ornamental Plants: 250-300 grams per plant per month. For all Flowering & Outdoor Plants: 300-350 grams per plant per month. For Lawn & Planting Beds: 0.25 inch to 0.5 inch layer once in 3 months. 1 Kg cow manure is sufficient for 25 Sq. ft. of garden area.
Vendor: Shivi Products
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Use Location Open Lawn Garden, Balcony & Terrace, Road-Highway Median, Roadside-Highway Sides, Boundary Wall Outside
Soil-Fertilizer-Plant Protection Manure & Compost, Organic Fertilizer

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Product Details

Product Type Soil & Fertilizer
Product Title Shiviproducts Fertile Nutrient Rich Black Soil and Dried Cow Manure (2.5 Kg + 2 Kg) With Free Seeds
Brand Shiviproducts
Items Included Cow Manure - Available In (2.5 Kg + 2 Kg and 5 Kg + 4.5 Kg) And Free Seeds (Spinach, Radish, Coriander, Methi).
Warranty Warranty not applicable
Country of Origin India
HSN Code 253090
Seller Name Jagdamba Colony Phase 2,Seepat Road,Near dreams Imperia Apartment,Bilaspur- Chattisgarh- India-495006

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