Pumpkin (Kaddu) and Bottle Guard (Lauki) Seeds

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  • High germination rate of Pumpkin and Bottle Gourd
  • Use good growth medium like cocopeat or vermicopost. You can also directly sow it on soft soil and sprinkle water
  • Keep the soil or the growth medium moist. That helps in maintaining proper environment for seeds to germinate
  • Once germinated, pumpkin and bottle gourd plants are very easy to grow
  • These plants grow well in black or any fertile soil
  • Soak overnight For seed seed germination soak the seeds overnight, Drain water next morning and put seeds paper towel/germination paper Use paper towel we provide Use germination paper/paper towel we provide along with seeds Transfer soaked seeds to paper towel and maintain moisture Spray water twice a day Push seeds into the top of each mound Plant 4 seeds per mound with about 3 inches (7.6 cm) between them so you’re more likely to have a healthy plant come in Irrigate once in a week Water the soil immediately after planting and once a week. Use a watering can and cool water to lightly moisten the soil. Stick your finger into the soil and see if it feels wet about 1 inch (2.5 cm) down
  • Pumpkin is easy to grow plants at home. Special care needs to be taken when germination and transfer of seedlings from seedling spot to ground or hydroponic. Make sure that you provide a good quality seed for germination and ensure that there proper water drainage. We provide high quality variety of seeds that grow very well under minimal conditions.
  • Check the spot for well-draining soil Since gourds can easily get waterlogged in dense soil, check if it drains well too. Dig a hole that’s 1 ft (30 cm) deep and 1 ft (30 cm) wide and fill it with water. After it drains, fill it again and wait 1 hour. If the level goes down between 1–6 inches Install a trellis/climbers near the mounds Trellises help keep your vines under control and they help your bottle gourd dry out at the end of the growing season, since it needs to support the weight of the fruits when they reach full size Apply insecticides if you notice cucumber beetles or aphids Both of these pests attack the vines and roots of your gourds, which could kill the entire plant. Thoroughly cover the leaves of your gourd with an insecticidal spray so the pests die out and stay away from your plants Harvesting Your Bottle Gourds It usually takes around 90–120 days for bottle gourds to reach their full size. Even when the vine starts to wither and die off, leave the gourd attached. When your gourd has a light tan or white color, then it’s ready to pick
  • NOTE: We have tested the quality of seeds in our garden and the germination rate is high, however, all seeds may not germinate and germination depends on care taken while germination
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Product Type Seeds & Bulbs
Product Title Shiviproducts Pumpkin (Kaddu) and Bottle Guard (Lauki) Seeds
Brand Shiviproducts
Items Included Kaddu And Lauki- Available Quantity -5+5, 10+10, 20+20
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Country of Origin India
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Product Dimension Length 4 cm x Width 4 cm x Height 6 cm
Seller Name Jagdamba Colony Phase 2,Seepat Road,Near dreams Imperia Apartment,Bilaspur- Chattisgarh- India-495006

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