Wolf Garten Ridger (JA-M 20)

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  • Replaceable extra hardened worktop.
  • Strong stainless material
  • Gardening is possible without any back problems
  • Multi-purpose hand tool
  • Strengths root formation & thus increases yield
  • Ideal for making irrigation trenches & Deep Furrows
  • Compatible with ZM-A 150 Handle for better efficiency
  • This Ridger has a wide tool head which can produce up to 20cm wide furrows in soil, making it ideal for planting potatoes. The sharp pointed end of the ridge helps you to achieve deep furrows into the soil with minimal effort, whilst keeping a consistent planting depth across rows. Earthing up with the JA-M 20 multi-star Ridger optimizes the supply of water and oxygen. This strengthens root formation and thus affects an increased yield. It can also be used for ridging and earthing up around plants. Manufactured in Germany to the highest engineering standards, this tool is designed to be used with your choice of lightweight multi-change® handles.
  • Recommended Handl- ZM-A 150 (can be used with other handles too)
  • Suitable For Gardening (Furrow Preparation/ Soil Bed Preparation,Irrigation trenches Preparation)
Vendor: Balwaan Krishi
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Product Description

Product Specifications

Garden Tools Weeding Tool, Grafting Tools

Technical Details

Product Details

Product Type Garden Tools
Product Title Wolf Garten Ridger (JA-M 20)
Brand Wolf Garten
Items Included 1 Tools
Warranty 6 Months Warranty
Country of Origin Germany
HSN Code 82013000
Product Dimension Length 25 cm x Width 20 cm x Height 40 cm
Seller Name Sharma Colony, EXTN Road no. 4, Jaipur- 302006- India

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