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Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables You Can Grow At Home

by Surbhi Tanwar 18 Nov 2023 0 comments
Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables You Can Grow At Home

Vegetables are an integral part of everyone who lives in India, as they make for a delicacy when consumed in curries. The best news is gardeners across the country are now getting into the art of growing these yummy and healthy vegetables at home through organic means. The perks of growing one’s own vegetable garden are endless, but before diving into them, let’s learn about the healthiest vegetables to grow in one’s backyard!

What Are The Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables in India?

We all know how important it is to consume our daily veggies, which provide essential nourishment through vitamins and minerals. However, some of them are more nutrient-dense than others, so here’s the healthiest vegetables list that will help you pick the most healthy vegetables for your organic garden:

1. Spinach

Every vegetable garden is complete with the inclusion of Paalak as its primary plant. This plant is a superhero for human health, loaded with four significant vitamins, phytonutrients, and other minerals like iron. Including this green leafy vegetable in our regular diet can aid our eyes, skin, and bone health. It is also known for the prevention of cancer and brain-related diseases while increasing sperm count in males.

2. Cauli Flower

Known as Gobhi in the Hindi dialect, this is one of the healthiest vegetables to eat in India. It shares the family line of our favorite Broccoli, so it is also filled with the goodness of vitamin C. The plant renders delicious vegetables that fulfill up to eighty percent of one’s daily vitamin C requirements. The nutrients in vegetables are so power-packed that they are known for preventing different types of cancers. Moreover, the gracious composition of minerals makes it one of the most nutritious vegetables in India.

Cauli Flower

3. Lady Finger

All vegetables get their names for one reason or another, but the lady finger, also called Okra and Bhindi, got christened due to its slim finger-like appearance. This vegetable is low in calories, being one of the healthiest vegetables for weight loss. Very few people know that the vegetable is an excellent source of antioxidants, so it is naturally beneficial for the skin health. Along with preventing cancer, it is known to combat diabetes, too! Moreover, including it in our regular diets will maintain our body’s needs for vitamins and minerals.

4. Pumpkin

The pumpkin plant renders super healthy vegetables called Kaddu in Hindi. Most youngsters know about this vegetable due to its usage as a Halloween decoration, but the generation before them knows it for its nourishment. It falls in the category of the best vegetables to eat daily, as a single cup filled with Kaddu will provide you with two hundred percent of your daily vitamin A requirements. This vegetable not only amps up immunity but also enhances mood.

5. Bitter Gourd

As the name suggests, this nutrient-rich vegetable tastes bitter, so many people avoid eating it altogether. But if you follow the healthiest way to cook vegetables, you will realize how tasty the bitter gourd, aka Karela, can be for your taste buds! The vegetable is a powerhouse of digestion-aiding enzymes that boost the digestive fire. Further, it is always on the list as a suggestion for diabetic patients. One can either consume it as vegitables or mix it in healthy juices.

6. Eggplant

The plant is known as the eggplant in English due to its egg-like shaped vegetables. Called Baingan in the lay language, this belongs to the top vegetables that aid in preventing cancer and keeping the mind young. Plus, did you know that a vegetable can also contain nicotine? This one does! Consuming it regularly will improve blood sugar levels while enhancing the good cholesterol in the body. While pampering our mind muscles, Baingan also caters to our skin health by slowing aging.


7. French Beans

If you are looking for the best vegetables to eat, french beans will serve you just right! Its power-packed combination of fibers makes it the number one choice for reducing digestion-related problems. Not so dense in calories, the vegetable is excellent for consumption for weight loss. Further, it also holds a reputation for balancing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. When consumed during pregnancy, the vegetable assists in growing a healthy baby.

8. Fenugreek

Known as one of the healthiest vegetables in the world, this one holds the reputation for serving more than one health benefit. From regulating blood pressure to lowering blood sugar to improving blood cholesterol, this vegetable aids the human body in more ways than one! People all over the world consume it when suffering from constipation, acidity, and other stomach-related issues. If you are looking for a natural detoxifier, consider Methi as your best friend from today.

9. Ridge Gourd

There are several types of vegetables, but the healthiest veggies are the green ones, which have an in-built quality to cleanse our internal digestive system. Also called Turai, this one is an excellent pick to detox the liver and clean the blood, as it is named in ancient books as a cure for jaundice. The ridge gourd is super beneficial for improving kidney health while firing bowel movements. It is also known for lowering the blood sugar levels, a plus for diabetic patients.

Ridge Gourd

10. Cabbage

Another close cousin of Broccoli and Cauli Flower, this is one of the good vegetables that should take space in every Indian household’s refrigerator. Many dieticians recommend that their clients go on a cabbage diet, as the vegetable has the least calories. Further, its consumption enhances immunity while paving the way for healthier bones. Like most aforementioned vegetables, this one also aids in reducing the chances of cancer and increasing good cholesterol.

What are The Benefits of Growing Healthy Vegetables at Home?

Propagating the healthiest green vegetables in the home backyard has multiple benefits, one being proximity. Read further to understand the vegetable benefits one can gain from propagating the healthiest root vegetables in one’s kitchen garden:

✦ The number one benefit of growing your organic vegetables in the soil or floor planters is that they will always be in your rich, so you can pick them out whenever you feel like putting them in salads or curries.

✦ Another point is that you can grow them according to your preference and season. Sometimes, the rare availability of a particular vegetable in the market can spoil one’s mood, but when they are growing in your backyard, the ball remains in your court!

✦ When you grow healthy vegetables at home, you can’t let them go to waste on the plant, right? You are bound to eat more nutritious due to the organically grown vegetables propagated with organic matter like garden manure, perlite, etc.

Benefits of Growing Healthy Vegetables

✦ Growing healthy vegetables in your kitchen garden will also benefit your pockets. They help one save enormous costs when grown in the home environment, compared to when buying them from the supermarket. One can also put them to commercial use if one wishes to profit from the yield!

✦ The outcome is generous when you use all the right resources, like organic fertilizers, to grow the best veggies. Also, the whole process of propagating, growing, and maintaining these vegetables becomes therapy in itself, leading to more mindfulness.

✦ The best part about growing vegetables at home is that you can include your kids in the process. Not only will they appreciate their meals more, but they will also have fun while propagating the vegetables themselves using vegetable growing kits!

Take Away:

Now that you know the top healthiest vegetables to grow in the Indian tropical climate don’t shy away from experimenting with your green thumb. Use your backyard space to cultivate healthy vegetables using organic means to enjoy a well-nourished yield in a matter of days. These vegetable plants are available on online gardening hubs like Plantlane and can be delivered to your doorstep at the tap of a finger!

healthiest vegetables

FAQs About Growing Healthy Vegetables in India

Ques: Which Is The Best Vegetable To Grow At Home?

Ans: You can grow vegetables like okra, brinjal, cauliflower, broccoli, bitter gourd, etc.

Ques: Can A Vegetable Contain Nicotine?

Ans: Yes, Brinjal is one such vegetable that contains nicotine, which is not in a bad form.

Ques: How Should I Take Care of My Vegetable Plants?

Ans: Although the care guidelines for each vegetable plant differ a bit, the basic prerequisites include paying attention to the lighting requirements, the soil used, and the watering cycles while feeding them with fertilizer.

Ques: Can I Grow Vegetables At Home?

Ans: Yes, with vegetable growing kits, it has become even more accessible to cultivate your favorite vegetable at home!

Ques: From Where Can I Buy Vegetable Plants in India?

Ans: Plantlane has an enormous variety of the healthiest vegetable plants in India, available at reasonable prices.

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