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Top 10 Garden Tools to Make Your Garden More Productive

by Surbhi Tanwar 05 Jun 2023
Top 10 Garden Tools

Have you ever tried making pizza? If yes, you know that even if you have all the ingredients lined at your kitchen counter, you can’t begin unless you own the equipment to make the pizza, right? The same goes with gardening; creating a well-established garden with the best greenery seems easy, and it is easy to some extent, but you will still need the assistance of some garden tools to make your job even more accessible.

What Do You Mean By Garden Tools And Equipment?

Garden hand tools are basically valuable equipment that aids our gardening process. For instance, one may dig a hole using fingers, but what if the soil is too stiff to dig or you are concerned about getting your hands terribly dirty? You pick a shovel, and you are sorted.

Garden Tools And Equipment

These pieces of equipment are known to unload some of the gardener’s burden by dealing with the tasks intelligently, saving time, effort, money, and energy. The tools used in garden vary in size, characteristics, uses, and how you use them. Also, not every garden requires the same kinds of devices. For example, a container-based gardening approach will require different equipment than a spacious orchard garden.

Top 10 Garden Tools And Their Uses:

Sometimes we restrict ourselves from investing in garden tools set as we think we can manage our garden ourselves. Well, one may manage a garden single-handedly, but the top garden tools online are solely manufactured to make the therapeutic art of gardening more wholesome. Read further to grasp the concept of these pieces of equipment with the garden tools names and uses:

Top 10 Garden Tools And Their Uses

#1 Garden Wear

They are one of the most underrated types of garden tools but are pretty valuable for plant parents. Imagine working peacefully in your garden, almost lost in the flow state, and suddenly you are pricked by a painful thorn. Not an incredible sight, right? Also, garden wear, like gloves, hats, etc., saves us from sunburns, scratches, bug bites, etc.

#2 Trowel

A trowel, locally called a Khurpi, is one of the most essential mini garden tools required to dig holes in the soil. It has a flat spatula kind of blade attached to a handle. This tool is often used by gardeners worldwide to make tiny holes in the area for propagating plants. Also, it is helpful in scooping soil when potting or re-potting greenery.

Garden Trowel

#3 Shovel

A close cousin of Khurpi, this equipment is often used to dig holes just like its cousin. But unlike a trowel, it also assists in scraping and moving sand, soil, gravel, etc., from one place to another. It serves as a faster means to fulfill these activities while saving energy and effort. The shovel appears like a bigger version of the Khurpi with an elongated handle, plus the blade is also curvy, making the movement of material possible.

#4 Spade

Often known as the gardener’s best buddy, the spade is a superb gardening tool and a sibling of the shovel. It has a long handle like the shovel, but its blade is more flattened. This equipment is mainly used for digging compacted soil, flattening raised beds, breaking root structures, and removing weeds and sod. It is also a perfect gardening tool for planting and transplanting different species.

Garden Spade

#5 Lawnmower

A garden full of grass greenery requires the lawn mower to keep it groomed and welcoming. These mowers have attached blades that rotate on movement, trimming the traced path into equal lengths. The base is attached to a long handle that makes it easy for a person to hold and move the equipment in a forward motion. This tool is a must-have for people with glorious grass patches in their backyards.

#6 Branch Cutter

If you don’t already know, let us tell you trimming is as necessary for plants as any other prerequisite. Pruning the greenery timely opens a healthier window for these plantations. Those tree seeds you planted with such excitement will someday demand a grooming session where you use a branch cutter to remove the decayed branches and degenerated buds.

#7 Hedge Trimmer

Beautiful hedge plants that work as a garden fence and privacy screen require regular pruning, too. In fact, trimming gives them the shape and personality for which you have grown them. A hedge trimmer is ideal for grooming the hedge plants and providing them with the best appearance. It is also helpful in cutting and trimming larger bushes and shrubs.

Hedge Trimmer

#8 Garden Scissors

Not every green buddy demands robust home garden tools in India, as some are reasonably delicate. It is essential to know which garden tool to use on which plant, or else you will be damaging them. The house plants indoors and outdoors are more fragile than they seem, so you will need garden scissors to remove any dead leaves, tiny branches, etc. These will also assist in harvesting herbs and picking flowers if needed.

#9 Weed Remover

Greenery is an invitation to the unnecessary growths called weeds, which feed on the nutrients meant for the plants you so heartfully propagated. Removing these weeds before they push your plants to a malnourished future is crucial. A weed remover is perfect for ridding the area of these potentially dangerous and ugly growths.

#10 Watering Can

You won’t believe how watering can will change how you hydrate your plants. It comes in different sizes and has a nozzle at the mouth, which sprinkles the water in the form of droplets. It is a fantastic piece of equipment in the garden tools list to hydrate your greenery without the stress of watering too much or too less. Also, if you are beginning a plant’s life from seeds or seedlings, look no further.

Garden Watering Can

What Is The Significance Of Using Popular Garden Tools?

The best garden tools are known worldwide for their capacity to make the gardener’s work simpler by taking accountability for the given gardening tasks. Here’s a list of all the benefits associated with the use of professional gardening tools:

- Saved Time & Energy

Whoever thought of inventing these fantastic gardening tools must have been busy, for they literally helped us save time by introducing this equipment. The gardening tools assist in completing the chores in less time than usual and with more precision. The human hands are pretty strong, but some gardening activities should be delegated to these instruments.

- Easier Transportation

All the plant parents have at least once experienced the tiresome task of moving heavy equipment like pots, a bag of plant soil, compost, mulch, debris, etc., from one area to another. One way of transporting these materials is by endless movements to and fro; another way is by using a wheelbarrow trolley to do the same, saving profuse amounts of energy and time.

Easier Transportation in Garden

- Better Preparation

Growing plants from scratch or seedlings require preparing the landscape ideal for such plantations. This is where these tools first step in the picture, making way for a better landscape by cleaning the soil of weeds, pebbles, etc., and digging appropriate-sized holes for the plantations. For example, one may use a steel rake to clean a vast area of debris leaves in no time!

- Enhanced Productivity

It is no news that using intelligent ways of gardening will lead your garden to a brighter future. For instance, drip irrigation will ensure your plants receive regular and measured hydration. These pieces of equipment are built to make your gardening journey simpler and more yielding than before!

How To Care For Garden Tools?

The gardening equipment, whether the power garden tools or the manual ones, is made to ease your burden of gardening chores. However, these tools also require proper care to complete their shelf life efficiently. This focuses light on the fact that we need to take care of our gardening equipment, as they take care of our gardening needs.

The good news is this equipment won’t require much care, as they are pretty robust. However, here’s how to use them attentively:

Garden Tools care tips
  • Keep them in a dry spot.
  • Place them away from the reach of children and pets.
  • Clean them with a cloth after every use.
  • Don’t leave them in direct sun.
  • Don’t leave them in contact with water, or they may rust.
  • Ensure using the power tools as per the guidelines.
  • Lubricate them to make their functioning smooth.
  • Grab a tool kit and place the tiny ones together. It will be handy to carry, and all the required tools will stay in one place.

How To Purchase Gardening Equipment?

Garden tools enable us to cater to our greenery much more efficiently. These days, they are readily available in online gardening stores dealing in plants and related products. All you require doing is log on to our website, search for the gardening equipment you need, scroll through the products, and select the ones that fall under your budget.

You will find that all of these premium products are available at the most affordable garden tools price, so purchasing them won’t make a hole in your pockets. Once selected, go through the checkout process, and place the order with the tap of your finger. Your order will reach your home within a few days via a convenient online delivery system. So easy, right?

Gardening Equipment

Take Away:

Gardening is a cumulation of various equipment that assists us to make the process entirely fuss-free. These tools will not only reduce your workload but will also lend more productive greenery to your backyard. In the long term, you will save a lot of money by investing in these valuable gardening tools today!

FAQs About Top Garden Tools In India

Ques: What is the purpose of garden tools?

Ans: Gardening equipment is required to perform the gardening chores in the best possible manner. They assist us in saving time while completing the task with perfect efficiency.

Ques: How should one store garden tools?

Ans: The ideal way to store them is to keep them in a tool kit or the garage indoors. If some of them can’t be moved indoors, pick a shaded spot devoid of sunrays and rain.

Ques: What is one gardening tool that every gardener must have?

Ans: A must-have garden equipment is the Khurpi, also called the trowel. It performs the fundamental functions of gardening, like digging, and helps make strong seed beginnings.

Ques: Why should we clean garden tools?

Ans: Using dirty gardening equipment from one plant to another can transmute an infection from an ill plant to a healthy one, which is why it is crucial to clean the tools.

Ques: How should I clean my gardening equipment?

Ans: Clean them with a dry cloth after every use. Also, disinfect them whenever used on a diseased plant. Moreover, regularly lubricate the equipment to keep its performance intact.

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