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15 Elegant Wall Decor Items to Style Your Blank Wall

by Surbhi Tanwar 23 Sep 2023 0 comments
Popular 15 Wall Decor Items in India

Styling every nook & corner of our home is one of the major feats in creating an aesthetically pleasing interior. While we ensure matching each & every decor element in the room, sometimes what can be more eye-catching is to create color contrasts. One way to make your home even more appealing is by introducing the element of decor to the walls of your home. Here’s when the wall decor items step into the picture to push the beauty quotient around! Let’s look at some of the best wall decor ideas we can experiment with on our home walls to amp up the overall vibe!

What Are Wall Decor Items?

Wall hanging decor are intricate pieces of beauty that one can hang on the walls to create an aesthetic picture. These come in numerous sizes, shapes, designs, patterns, and materials so one can choose according to one’s taste and aesthetic appreciation. The options are limitless, from unique wall decor items like grass wall decor ideas to antique wall decor items that sprinkle a vintage vibe in the living areas. Home decor wall items are not only here to enhance the gorgeousness of the atmosphere, but they also allow the residents to express themselves through these home wall decor products!

What Are The Top 15 Home Decor Items For Walls?

Wall decor items online can really look like a maze of options where you can spend endless hours picking just one! To reduce your dilemma, we have created a list of home wall decor items to give you an idea of what’s available on the net!

1. Wall Frame

Introduce the element of spirituality to your room walls by hanging the Handcrafted Iron Painted Wall Radha Krishna Frame! This mesmerizing piece of beauty is apt as wall decor items for living room, as it will uplift the serenity of the surroundings. This stunning frame is made of premium quality iron that is cut into a depiction of Radha Krishna and painted with attractive hues. It can be easily hung on the walls with the support of the attached hooks.

Handcrafted Iron Painted Wall Radha Krishna Farme

2. Welcome Board

Styling a home's front walls can be challenging, but one thing that instantly awakens the beauty of the exterior walls is the welcoming pieces of art. The Modern Namaste Board Wall Art Decor is a magnificent piece to hang beside the entrance door. It is a welcoming board that spells ‘Namaste’ with its build. Unlike the traditional welcome boards and name plates, this board emanates a modern vibe with the welcoming tag craved in the material!

3. Ganesha Time Piece

We all love hanging clocks on the wall, but how about making it more interesting? This Iron Painted Wall Round Ganesha will look supreme on the bedroom wall! It is one of the stylish bedroom wall decor ideas that will spread a sense of tranquility with its golden aura! Moreover, its premium iron body has a built-in watch, so you won’t have to worry about adding a clock to the wall separately; plus, the clock appears like a piece of vintage beauty!

Iron Painted Wall Round Ganesh

4. Bike Showpiece

Do you or your kids love motorcycles? If yes, then you have to get this piece now! The Iron Red Bike With Cloth Showpiece is an elegant wall decor item you can add to your personal space! Hang it near the work table to remind yourself of the fun times while you work, or it could look awesome near a bookshelf! Its iron body is clad with a red and rusty golden color with a built-in antique watch. The whole look is super attractive and will surely emanate a unique vibe when added to the home's interiors!

Iron Red Bike With Clock Showpiece

5. Krishna with Cows Wall Hanging

Are you looking for some wall hanging decor items that will not only beautify the surroundings but will also make a bold statement? Our Krishna Playing Bansuri With 7 Cows Wall Hanging In White Color is truly a masterpiece! This ornamental item will never go unseen when the guests come to your place. In fact, it would rather be a conversation starter in most cases! The whole scenery sprinkles a sense of well-being with its pure and vibrant aura.

6. Musician Dolls

One of the contemporary hanging wall decor ideas includes contemporary wall designs that are aesthetically pleasing! The Musician Doll Hanging Ring is one such piece made of top-notch iron and covered with vibrant colors. Three dolls are sitting in three rings, playing with the musical instruments of their choice! These wall decor hanging items come in a set of three at the best prices in the market!

Musician Doll Hanging Ring

7. Key Holder

Are you tired of misplacing the car’s keys every single time? How about hanging this Elephant Iron Key Holder near the entrance so you can hang the keys at their place whenever you enter the house? Moreover, it is one of the charming wall home decor items that can easily transform the whole vibe of the entrance walls! Its premium material and eye-catching colors make it the highlight of any room!

8. Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame hangings are one of the most popular wall decor ideas for living rooms due to their bohemian vibe! People across the country are opting for macrame-built products to intensify their interiors! For instance, the Om Macrame With Decorative Beads Design is a premium macrame product that gives off a dreamcatcher vibe! Its off-white color keeps the surroundings lowkey, and the Om symbol accentuates the positive aura around!

9. Seven-horse Wall Showpiece

All of us have, at one point in time, had the opportunity to witness a beautiful seven-horse painting, right? Paintings are also excellent, but they have become quite old-school in today’s time! However, this Iron Decorative Seven Horses Wall Showpiece with LED is truly a gem because the whole showpiece is built of premium iron and painted with vibrant shades. On top of that, a durable LED is installed in its frames so that this showpiece will make noise even in the dark of the night!

Iron Decorative Seven Horses Wall Showpiece With Led

10. Antique Wall Art

There’s nothing more pleasing than bringing in antique and vintage items to the home interiors! This Iron Scooter Antique and Stylish Wall Art will make you nostalgic by reminding you of the old days when you hopped on a scooter and traveled to the market! It has an antique, rusty personality that quickly quirks up the home walls. Another brilliant product from the living room wall decor ideas, this one will stop you in your tracks whenever you look at it!

11. Dreamcatcher

This surreal wall decor product always tops the list of wall decor ideas for bedrooms due to the folk tale that dreamcatchers actually assist people in catching dreams rather than nightmares! We can’t bet on the dream part, but what we can but on is that this Dream Catcher Handmade Wall Hanging will uplift your bedroom’s characteristics with its color-popping feathers. Moreover, hanging it on a blank white wall will accentuate the wall and the dreamcatcher’s look!

12. Radha Krishna LED Wall Decor

One of the most elegant living room wall decor ideas, the Radha Krishna never stops astonishing us with their divine love! This Radha-Krishna in Ring LED Wall Decor is a breathtaking piece of beauty, perfect to become the highlight of your living room’s main wall. It is built of superior-quality iron with an intricate design where the divine figurine relaxes on a swing under a tree! To add a cherry on top of the cake, the product has an in-built LED that you can light up after evening!

Radha-Krishna In Ring LED Home Interior Wall Decor

13. Pebble Wall Paintings

The modern times have taken the concept of decorating the walls to another level with the introduction of stone art! For example, the StoneStories Pebble Wall Paintings will stand out in your home and office ambiance due to their unique persona! These paintings are made of stones, the likes of which you might never have seen before! The uniqueness of this product also makes it a bestseller in the gifting section!

14. Decorative Tree with LED

One of the finest pieces of home decor items wall hanging are the ones in which a tree is carved in iron material! These products are painted with a shiny gold color to instill a charming vibe in them! The Iron Decorative Tree Wall Art with LED is one product that outshines all others! The tree trunk includes a saint-like figure meditating in peace while covering the tree with a flowy crown! Once lit, this ornamental tree will make you sit and marvel at its beauty!

15. Hanging Metal Flower

Flowers are a language of love, joy, and happiness, which is why hanging a flower decor on the walls is the easiest way to increase the aesthetics! Our Metal Wall Hanging Aster Flower is a decorative wall item that can instantly brighten the space with its enthralling personality! It is made of premium-quality metal that is colored with glossy blue paint. One can hang it over the coffee table to add a subtle touch of ornamentation.

Metal Wall Hanging Aster Flower Home Décor

Take Away:

Wall decor items are an excellent way to alter the banal beauty of our home with the grace of decorative showpieces and wall hangings! These ornamental products allow us to vent out our heart’s inner creative expression. The best part is that they are readily available in online home decor stores like Plantlane at the most affordable prices in the country! Experiment with these graceful wall decor items to inculcate an aura of love and peace in your ambiance!

FAQs About Wall Decor Items In India

Ques: Should I Style All The Walls Of My Home?

Ans: We are no interior designers, but we can suggest that all walls decorated might give off an overwhelming vibe. It is better to pick the main walls to hang ornamental products.

Ques: Which Is The Best Wall Decor Item For Your Home?

Ans: One may choose from wall frames, macrame wall hangings, dreamcatchers, wall clocks, beautiful showpieces, etc.

Ques: How High Should I Hang The Wall Decor?

Ans: The decor should be ideally placed at a height of sixty to sixty-three degrees above the surface.

Ques: What Are The Benefits Of Decorating Home Walls?

Ans: Styling the home’s walls will create a visual balance among all the decorative pieces in your home. They also give you a chance to express yourself with the things and memories that matter the most!

Ques: Should I Cover The Whole Wall With Wall Decor?

Ans: You can cover the whole wall, but we advise leaving at least forty percent of the portion to ensure the space doesn’t look congested.

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