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A Complete Guide On Choosing The Right Seeds For Your Garden

by Surbhi Tanwar 02 Aug 2023 0 comments
A Complete Guide On Choosing The Right Seeds For Your Garden

Gardeners all over the world adopt several techniques to start their gardening journey, and one of those methods is sowing seeds. It is also not a piece of news that many plant parents shy away from growing plants from scratch, probably due to the fear of not seeing results, thus, wasting time, money, and energy. But what if we told you that propagating plants through seeds has magic of its own? When we grow a garden with the patience it takes to see tiny saplings sprouting out of the seeds, the experience humbles us and fills us with gratitude. However, it won’t be much to say that sowing seeds also requires being vigilant enough to choose right seeds for one’s garden.

Anyhow, if you are one of those people who lack the know-how of selection of seeds for garden, or maybe you just wish to brush up your concepts about selection and sowing of seeds, then continue reading for this article will really help you grow that dream garden from scratch!

Right Seeds For Your Garden

How To Choose Right Seeds - Guidelines For Selecting Plant Seeds

The importance of seeds selection lies in the fact that the better the seeds, the better the foliage, yield, flowers, and the whole plant. Seeds are like the foundation stones for any garden, so one should know how to choose seeds for the greater good of the greenery at home! Read further to know the tips for selecting plant seeds:

1. Types Of Seeds

The first step to picking the right seeds for your garden is by learning about the different seed varieties and understanding what works best for you and your garden. Broadly, there are five kinds of seed varieties you could come across in a gardening market:

A. Open-pollinated Seeds

These are by far the truest forms of seeds, as the plant that grows out of them imitates its parent to a large extent. They are essential for saving the truest versions of every plant specie out there!

B. Hybrid Seeds

To put it in layman's lingo, these seeds are basically double-faced. They come from cross-pollination between two plant varieties, yielding better yet losing originality.

C. Heirloom Seeds

Originality is rare, and preserving originality is a tough task, especially in times like today. But these seeds do this tough task of conserving the open-pollinated seeds over generations!

D. Organic Seeds

The best organic seeds are birthed from plants grown organically according to gardening standards.

E. Non-GMO Seeds

GMO stands for genetically modified organisms, and these seeds are the complete opposite of that. Any seed from open-pollinated to heirloom can be either GMO or non-GMO. However, it’s always advised to pick organic seeds or non-GMO variants.

How to Choose Right Seeds For Garden

2. Choose Right Seeds

At the end of the day, the best seeds to plant are the ones that fulfill your aim for sowing them in the first place. For instance, if someone is old-school and wishes to preserve nature and add to it, then open-pollinated and heirloom seeds will work fine. However, if someone is a beginner gardener wishing to experiment with their green thumb by sowing decorative plant seeds, the ideal pick would be hybrid seeds, as they are comparatively more performative. So, learning ways to choose right seeds is pretty crucial to establishing a charming and healthy garden.

3. Pick Local Seeds

Picking seeds from local gardening is crucial to witness a thriving yield in your garden. Locally derived seeds are already acclimated to the local environment, so they won’t go through stress while growing up. Also, the chances of germination naturally increase when one picks the locally grown fruit tree seeds. So going through seed catalogs and learning more from the local gardening experts will be beneficial.

4. Assess Seed Quality

The seed’s quality is pretty important as it will lay the baseline for developing a gorgeous and productive garden. Your future plant babies will result from the quality of tree seeds you purchase today, so be really-really particular about picking them. Ensure all the grains carry high quality and check the packets to gauge their germination rates. Also, you will find all related information like growing instructions, expiry, and care guidelines on the seed packets.

5. Apt Growing Conditions

Before leaving the home to purchase seeds or clicking on that ‘order now’ button, take a pause and reflect upon how excellent your garden’s condition is. We all know how certain plants can be really particular about their growing conditions, but there’s no room to err when it comes to seeds. Ascertain your garden’s soil, space, and sunlight exposure before bringing those pre-birthed plants home. This means that the soil should be in sync with the chosen seeds’ preference, the garden should have enough space to layer all those seeds at a safe distance to let them develop robust root structures, and the area should receive ample sunshine to keep the summer flower seeds warm and cozy throughout their sprouting season.

Best Seeds For Garden

6. Authentic Seed Sources

While technological advancement and the internet have opened gates for easy shopping, it is easier to get fooled by unreliable gardening agents. So, before your purchase, check whether the seed sourcing companies are authentic; you can go through their websites, read the reviews, or visit them in person. Also, make it a point to check for seed certifications and the quality of seeds on the packets. Moreover, if you ever come across summer vegetable seeds being sold for too-good-to-be-true prices, that’s a sign not to buy them.

7. Pick Your Favorites

A prevalent question is, which seeds should I go for? Well, go for the ones you wish to see thriving in your garden. These seeds should be compatible with your garden’s conditions, as they will only sprout in your lawn. If you are a fan of brinjals, buy brinjal seeds, but if not, then there’s no sense in growing some vegetables you don’t even like to eat. Moreover, picking a mix of vegetable and winter flower seeds is always better, as flowers attract pollinators, benefitting the vegetable plants in return. They will also add a pinch of hues amidst the delicious yield - the cherry on the cake!

"From Traditional To Modern Seed Sowing Approaches"

Gardening has seen beautiful discoveries and innovations like hydroponics, terrarium, etc. One such innovative discovery was made in recent times when the gardening industry experimented with different ways of sowing seeds. While earlier, the only method to sow them was to layer the seeds in the ground or container, the newest inventions wander away from the traditional approach.

Seed balls are one such gardening marvel which lets you throw the balls on the ground, and voila, that’s all. The seed statue is another beautiful beginning, letting us integrate the blessings of our Gods, like Ganesha, Shiva, etc., with nature’s boon of seeds. These statues have gained popularity, especially due to the festival of Ganesha Chaturthi in India.

Moreover, products like seed pencils and seed papers have created yet another dimension of stationery products that promote sustainability and utility simultaneously. Once you are done using the seed paper and pencil, just sow them in the soil, and wait for the prettiest plants to pop up in a matter of weeks. Such green stationery is also gaining popularity as they make excellent gifts for corporates, friends, and families.

Popular Seeds for Gardening


Which Plants Can I Grow Through Seeds?

There is an endless variety of plants that one can grow through seeds in India. All you need to do is choose right seeds, and you will have a stunning garden matching your dreams in front of your eyes. Below are examples of plants you can propagate through seeds:

✔︎ Fruit Trees

One may cultivate delicious fruits at home, like strawberries, watermelon, guava, custard apple, grapes, etc.

✔︎ Trees

Gardeners nationwide know the value of growing trees through the cool shade they provide in intense summers. You can try growing oak trees, sandalwood trees, rainbow shower trees, etc.

✔︎ Flowering Plants

From verbena to apple blossom, the flowering plant varieties are truly endless. You can grow numerous flowering beauties in your garden throughout the year, switching from summer to winter blooming plants.

✔︎ Vegetables

There’s nothing more pleasurable than the joy of cultivating your own vegetable garden at home! Examples include eggplant, okra, cucumber, tomato, radish, etc.

Gardening Seeds Online

Propagating a garden through seeds depends on one’s ability to choose right seeds. Although it is not that tough a task, gardeners say by experience that it takes some practice to become purely skilled in the pursuit of picking the right and healthy seeds for their garden. Don’t shy away from experimenting in your garden by picking the most authentic seeds from reliable seed sources like us! Happy gardening!

FAQs About Plant Seeds In India

Ques: For How Long Can I Store Seeds?

Ans: The storage time primarily depends on the seed’s moisture and storage temperatures. However, most seeds can be stored for about a year.

Ques: How Should I Store Plant Seeds?

Ans: The correct way to store seed packages is by keeping them in a dry and cool location, like a refrigerator.

Ques: When Will My Seeds Expire?

Ans: The expiration date of all seeds might vary due to external factors; however, the best way to extend their lifespan is by keeping them in ideal conditions.

Ques: How Long Will My Plant Seeds Take To Germinate?

Ans: The germination duration is a subjective matter for every seed in the market, as different plant species take different periods to sprout into saplings.

Ques: What If My Seeds Don't Germinate?

Ans: If your plant seeds don’t germinate within the expected sprouting duration, likely, the seeds don’t possess good quality. Ensure you purchase seeds in India from reliable gardening stores like Plantlane!

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