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Diwali Delight: Ornament Your Home With Plant Decor

by Surbhi Tanwar 20 Oct 2023 0 comments
Diwali Plant Decoration Ideas

All of us from childhood have heard about Deepawali as the festival of lights and luster. From sparkling lights to mesmerizing decor items to bursting crackers, Indians have been decorating their homes on this festival since immemorial. However, with the alterations in the decor buds in contemporary times, the way one creates a happening environment at this festival has also changed. Now more and more people are inculcating the positivity of the greenery around them to their indoor decorations. Let’s learn more about Diwali plant decoration ideas to create an enchanting ambiance.

What Are Diwali Decorations?

Diwali is considered the festival of glimmer when people celebrate the return of Rama to Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile in the wilderness. To commemorate the occasion, we Indians wear new clothes on the day after decorating the house with numerous lights, such as candles, diyas, etc. Apart from the lights, people pick several decorative items to ornament their houses' interiors with the best ornamentation available in the markets.

It’s not long ago that plants got included in the Diwali decor list, too! They look lovely and gracious when adorning the soulful ambiance indoors and outdoors. Several of them are also valuable for creating flower decoration for Diwali and other hanging decorations. People often use them to make eco-friendly rangolis without using unsustainable rangoli powders. Moreover, one can mix and match these eye-catching plants with other Diwali decoration items list. Further, Diwali plant gifts are also in vogue these days due to their aesthetic appeal and environmentally friendly presence.

Diwali Decoration

What Are The Best Plants For Diwali House Decorations?

The festival of Deepawali is also associated with the Goddess Laxmi, who blesses those who worship her on this auspicious day. She not only likes the purity of the house but also prefers the purity of the soul inside out. One can create a positive and beautiful environment with the following plants as Diwali plant decoration at home:

1. Marigold

There is a reason why marigolds are placed at the top spot - they are one of the most sought-after decorative plant seeds when one talks about ornamenting the home for religious decorations. These vibrant and elegant flowers bloom in bright shades of yellow and are often used for creating garlands, hanging torans, making rangolis, etc. They are a treat to the eyes, emanating a soothing aroma that wraps warmth around one’s heart.

2. Betel

If you believe in the mythological stories our grandfathers told, you can trace the origination of betel leaves to the ocean-churning event held eons ago. It is mentioned in the Skanda Purana that the betel plant came out of that ocean-churning process. Thus, this plant is considered highly spiritual and used in daily religious rituals. People often place it in water-filled Kalash at the time of Diwali worship.

3. Bermuda Grass

Contrary to its name, Bermuda grass has no connections to Bermuda, rather it is a species that grows in abundance in the American islands. However, this invasive species is considered auspicious in the Indian subcontinent named Dooba! People typically use Dooba while worshipping Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha together during the festival of lights. One can grow it very quickly in terracotta pots to use whenever needed!

4. Lotus

Apart from being the National flower of India, Lotus also holds significance as one of the purest plant specimens. It grows in and around mud and then goes beyond its circumstances to flourish as one of the most gorgeous flowering plants. This is why growing lotus at home is considered auspicious, as the plant’s energy is unmatchable. Grow it in your home to offer a fresh blossom to the feet of Goddess Laxmi.

diwali Lotus

5. Bel

Belpatra is Lord Shiva’s favorite plant, so including it in the Pooja rituals has become new! Its leaves are angled in three directions, representing the three major deities - Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Growing this plant in the home vicinity promotes positivity and health, plus you can always pick some leaves and offer them to the deities you worship!

6. Chrysanthemum

These pretty-colored blooms look surreal when growing in the home gardens. Indians often offer these color-popping blooms to the Goddess Laxmi for blessings. Moreover, the bright and vibrant shades also induce a happening ambiance around where they are grown. Also called Guladaudee, these flowering plants look enthralling when grown in aesthetic ceramic pots.

7. Holy Basil

Who doesn’t know about the auspicious qualities of the holy basil plant, also called Tulsi in Hindi? One will find this auspicious beauty in most Indian households due to its positive and religious connotations. The Basil plant is also used in Hindu rituals, so much so that people believe that Lord Vishnu doesn’t accept the Bhog without basil leaves.

Unique Diwali Decoration Ideas At Home:

The best part about Diwali decoration at home is that one can experiment with numerous things to create a buoyant environment. Here are some Diwali home decoration ideas to ornament your home with love and luster:

✦ Wish to go all green this Diwali? You can include handmade Diwali decoration items in your interior decoration instead of market-bought decorations. Choose green Diwali plants to ornament the surroundings, keep it eco-friendly, and load it with enormous positivity.

Diwali Decoration Items

✦ Diwali flower decorations are gaining popularity as one can pick home-grown flowers and use them in ornamenting the home with rangolis, hanging decor, etc. One may also put the flowers in a water bowl alongside diyas to create a surreal decor product.

✦ Diwali wall decorations will allow you to pour the festive vibe over the walls and express the inner joy through the wall Diwali decoration ideas for living rooms. Express joy, love, and festive divinity through Diwali decor items like wall planters, wall decor, etc.

✦ Assemble your most beautiful greenery in the backyards and indoors with enchanting lamps & lanterns to jam with the traditional way of decorating the houses during Deepawali.

Vastu Tips For Diwali Decorations:

So far, we have learned about home decoration by plants at Diwali that can enhance the overall beauty quotient of our home interiors. However, one should also know which plants should not become a part of the home indoors during the auspicious festival of sparkle and sunshine:

Diwali Decorations

1. Cacti

Vastushastra experts suggest that one should avoid placing cactus plants inside the house near the primary entryways and in the bedrooms, as they might hamper the overall quality of a person’s life by creating obstacles in personal and financial life.

2. Mehendi

This plant has a bad reputation for hosting negative and evil spirits in the home. Although it is the same plant that allows us to draw henna patterns on our hands, its fragrance is so strong that it can directly alter a person’s peace of mind.

3. Cotton

The ancient science of Vastu is against placing the cotton plants in the home backyards and indoors. Although the plant looks like a goofy ball of fur, it can also entertain non-benefitting energies into our serene spaces; thus, keeping it at home is a big no.

4. Tamarind

Who doesn’t like the sour flavor of the Imli candies, right? However, these plants are not recommended cultivars for home gardens due to their excessive inclination toward the harmful elements present in nature. They can host evil energies in their beings, and thus, one should avoid propagating them in and around the home.

5. Bonsai

Although nothing is more gratifying than growing bonsai plants in the home environment, they are believed to create obstacles in the growth process of the resident individuals. These plants might entice you to make them a part of your Diwali decor, but if you are a follower of Vastu, skip propagating them at home this Diwali!

Diwali Decoration Products


Creating a beautifully decorated ambiance using plants and other decor items is an exciting way to amp up the beauty around the house this Diwali. These plants will look gorgeous in the home gardens while providing assistance in decorating the home with their magnificent presence. One can purchase these plants for Diwali decoration and go through the flower decoration ideas for Diwali to sprinkle one’s home with joy, beauty, and lots of love!

FAQs About Plants For Diwali Decorations

Ques: Can I Hang String Lights Around My Plants?

Ans: Yes, one may hang lights around the plants after ensuring the voltage is not too high to burn the plant’s leaves.

Ques: How Can I Use Flowers In Diwali Decorations?

Ans: Flowering plants can be used to create hanging decorations for home entrances, garlands for the deities, and rangoli patterns by using different colored blooms and leaflets.

Ques: How Long-lasting Are Flower Decorations?

Ans: Rangolis, made of flowers, can last about one to two days before the blooms get dried.

Ques: What Is The Best Plant For Diwali Decoration?

Ans: You can add versatility to your indoor and outdoor garden by propagating varieties ranging from flowering to unique-foliage plants.

Ques: From Where Can I Get Plants For Diwali Decorations In India?

Ans: Authentic home & garden stores like Plantlane deliver live plants for Diwali ornamentation across India at reasonable rates!

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