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Top 10 Balcony Swings in India - Know Prices and Features

by Surbhi Tanwar 11 Sep 2023 0 comments
Top 10 Balcony Swings

Apart from the infrastructural enigmas and the greenery quotient in the house, what makes a house a home is the element of comfort spread around through added furnishings and seatings. While we all love our balconies' cute & compact locations, we all wish to make it a more leisurely place. Balconies are a place of balance, from where one might start one’s morning and relax in the evenings after the fast-paced working hours. Here you will learn more about the prices and features of India's top 10 balcony swings!

What Is A Swing For Balcony?

The swing chair for balcony is an outdoor equipment used to provide space for home decor and comfort for relaxing hours. It is basically a swing that can be mounted on the balcony to lie, relax, and chat in the open balcony space. The little ones in the house can swing in balcony itself and enjoy nature from the comfort of their home. It comes in several balcony swing designs and sizes, so one can pick according to one’s taste, complementing the overall ambiance.

Swing For Balcony

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Swing For Home Balcony?

Before diving into the balcony swing ideas for decorating the house, one should always assess the points required for purchasing the perfect outdoor swing for balconies. Here are a few points which will lead you to make a sound decision:

Sizing & Comfort

These two components delivered by the balcony swings make for the most essential choice criteria. Measure the size of the balcony and the preferred swing you wish to take home so that both sizes complement each other. Moreover, understand why you wish to make this purchase - do you wish to sit there and read a book, or do you wish to nap in peace? Several designs offer additional comfort features like footrests and cushions, so be sure what you wish to grab in the deal!

▶ Capacity Considerations

The weight of the hanging swing for balcony and the weight that it can hold are also two important factors. If it is a swing that will be the sole part of your kid’s bedroom balcony, it should be made according to the kid’s comfort and safety. However, if it is an outdoor swing for balcony, you should opt for a variant that allows for the required capacity. Also, remember that the swings will naturally swing, so they should have enough horizontal space on the balcony to do so without damaging the nearby objects.

▶ Material & Comfort

The balcony swings are available in several materials, designs, and patterns that make it fairly personal for people to choose the most suitable one. For example, a rope swing might need some cushioning before you hop on it, while a polyester-made swing will be an excellent pick for outdoor balconies. Mounting of the swing can also be flexible to cater to different heights of people. Cleaning the swing is always easier if the cushion covers are removable and washable. Opt for a durable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing material in the long run. From steel swing for balcony to wooden swing for balcony, the options are truly endless!

▶ Budget Dynamics

No matter how many ornamental and comfort preferences we have, our pockets are one of the best deciders of what we will ultimately buy. The good news is that several options are available at pocket-friendly rates, so all one needs to do is list all the preferences and align them with the presented options. Rather than compromising on your purchase, it is better to check for the best deals available in online home decor stores like Plantlane!

Garden Swing

Why Should I Buy A Balcony Swing Chair?

We all know how even a small swing for balcony can change the way our home looks! This mere addition can make you more relaxed, as you can imagine losing yourself in the peaceful moments on that swing, right? A single swing for balcony can benefit you in the following ways:

➔ Balcony swings are a wonderful way to experience peace in the humdrum of life. They give you ample opportunity to unwind in the comfort of your home after a stressful day. Otherwise, spending leisure time reading a book on the swing is also worth it!

➔ If you are a really social person or host a party every now & then, balcony swings can be a unique addition to your home decor. They can be a conversation starter and a place for fun and memorable evenings!

➔ Sometimes the weather outdoors gets too comfy, and all you need on the balcony is a cozy place to sit and have that cup of coffee, right? In fact, starting your mornings on the swing with the sweet chatter of birds is enough to uplift one for the whole day!

➔ We know how kids love the outdoors, right? Introducing a balcony swing will make them have fun, learn, and even do their homework in the comfort of the swing in the balconies!

➔ The value of balcony swings for ornamentation can never be put into words. Once you install it on your home balcony, you will see how the whole place gets an uplifted aura. One can always complement the swing’s design with the already aesthetical home; one has to let the balcony make a statement!

Top Balcony Swings in India

What Are The Top 10 Balcony Swings in India?

You must be excited to welcome a balcony swing to your home balcony by now! We have tried making it easier for you to find a pick by listing our favorite top 10 balcony swings for your home:

1. Double Seater Hanging Swing

This 2 seater swing for balcony is made of premium material that encaptures the goodness of resin wicker. Available at affordable rates, it is highly durable due to the raw material’s strength with an overall comfortable build. The swing hangs from the mounted space on the balcony and self-protects itself from the harmful UV radiation. The Double Seater Hanging Swing Jhula Without Stand looks truly aesthetic when hanging on the balcony!

2. Single Seater Hanging Swing

Are you looking for a balcony seating that allows you some solo moments of peace & relaxation? This Single Seater Hanging Swing Jhula Without Stand is a ray of bliss colored white. Pair the cushions with popping colors and sandy vibes to make this swinging chair a true piece of beauty! It will allow you to enjoy serene moments with the apt coziness and comfort without making a hole in your pockets!

3. Brazilian Rope Swing Hammock

Do you wish to include the breeziness of a swing without hampering your bank balances much? This hammock swing is perfect for adding the enigma of colors and the stealthiness of a flowy swing in the balconies! The Brazilian Tight Woven Rope Swing Hammock is one of its kind, with mesmerizingly colored cotton ropes tied together on the wooden spreader bar. It will create an eye-catching balcony space with its beachy and vibrant vibes!

Brazilian Tight Woven Rope Swing Hammocks

4. Jumbo Swing Chair

A unique swing in the balcony swings department, this one is made of pure cotton fabrics filled with the goodness of poly fibers that make it super comfortable. The chair-like swing is also attached to a wooden spreader bar covered with linen! The Cotton Jumbo Yellow Swing Chair is apt to resist UV rays and skilled at holding over a hundred kilograms! Easy to tie on wood and cement ceilings, this hammock swing will add loads of warmth to your place at reasonable prices!

5. Swing Chair

How about adding a swing on the balcony for the sake of working in the outdoor space? This Swing Chair (Without Stand) is a modern addition to the home infrastructure with a leathery seat hanging from the ceilings! It will splash a fun vibe with its endearing personality, and one can always spend time working on a hanging workspace! This swing for small balcony is available in black at the most pocket-friendly prices.

6. Gold Swing With Stand

Introduce a sense of awe and wonder with the aesthetics of this golden swing made of eco-friendly materials and bohemian vibes! This Hanging Swing With Stand For Balcony is a must-have for people wishing to turn their balconies into a bohemian realm. It is made with durable material that can withstand the pressures of the outdoor weather. One can pair it with off-white cushions and floral throws to enhance appearance!

Hanging Swing With Stand For Balcony

7. Hanging Swing Jhula

Want to decorate your balcony in an old-school manner? This Double Seater Hanging Swing Jhula Without Stand will spread calm & rugged vibes with its serene personality. The resin wicker used in its production is coated with a durable brown color, and the rusty red cushions will resist the UV rays to stay as vibrant as new! Chill on this hanging jhula with your partner after a hard day at work, and let go of all worries!

8. Multi-color Hanging Swing

It’s time to add some colors to your balcony by introducing this multi-colored balcony swing! It is built with high-grade resin wicker that makes it long-lasting, and the extra cushions provide just the right comfort! The Single Seater Multi-color Hanging Swing Jhula With Stand also has a steel stand, so you won’t have to hang it on the balcony ceiling. This swing is super durable, as it is quite weather-resistant and gorgeous!

9. Teak Wood Hanging Jhula

The best part about the wood material is that it simultaneously looks antique, vintage, and unique. The same goes for our Hanging Swing Jhula - Teak Wood that can hold up to two adults. Its metallic frame is incorporated with the magnificence of teak wood, making it look charming and beautiful! One may install it on the balcony amidst the cooling comfort of balcony plants!

Hanging Swing Jhula - Teak Wood

10. Round Hanging Swing

The Single Seater Hanging Swing With Stand For Balcony & Garden can be placed on balconies, terraces, and backyards! It is made of premium material that adds years to life with an attractive design on its round frame. The comfortable cushioning will definitely nudge you to spend all of your leisure time in the coziness of this swing. What’s better? It has a reasonable price for you to make a worthy deal!

Concluding all this, the idea of getting one or more of the top 10 balcony swings will not disappoint you, as once installed, you will witness a change in how your balcony looks and feels! The variety of materials, designs, patterns, and ornamentation makes it even easier to find one that matches your requirements!

FAQs About The Top 10 Balcony Swings In India

Ques: Which Is The Best Material For A Balcony Swing?

Ans: The best material for a balcony swing might vary, as different materials fulfill different goals. So, one might choose a steel frame if it is the aesthetics one seeks or a resin wicker balcony swing if comfort and durability are a priority.

Ques: Do I Need Experts To Install Balcony Swings?

Ans: Some swings might be delivered pre-assembled, so there won’t be any need for experts. However, you will still require help to mount the swing on the ceiling if it doesn’t have a stand, and you can always opt for a quick DIY.

Ques: How Long-lasting Are Balcony Swings?

Ans: The life of a balcony swing is based on its material, exposure to outdoor weather, changes in outdoor weather, etc. However, most will last for over a decade when taken care of.

Ques: Which Is The Best Shape For A Balcony Swing?

Ans: One may choose from egg-shaped balcony swings, hammock swings, rectangular Jhulas, etc.

Ques: Will The Balcony Swing Be Delivered To My Home?

Ans: The balcony swings will be delivered across India in carefully sealed packages.

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