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Top 10 Living Room Plants Products to Dress Up Your Free Space

by Surbhi Tanwar 03 Jun 2023 0 comments
Top 10 Living Room Plants

We work so hard to turn our living rooms into a perfect place to relax after a long and tiring day. And it's usually the seating area of the living room that gets the centre of attention, thus grabbing the maximum decoration efforts and budget. However, this often leaves unattended corners and free spaces looking plain and dull.

These available spaces can crop anywhere, such as the corner of the sofa, tabletop, on the TV unit, or your home entrance.

Pairing some indoor plants with unique pots & planter accessories is easily one of the best ways to fill out such free spaces, thus making your living room look even more joyous and chirpy.

Here are ten exciting pots & planter accessories that can dress up your free space:

1) Hanging pots with macrame

Hanging pots with macrame

Macrame is the king of all boho home decor. You can easily style your space simply by hanging a few potted plants inside a handcrafted macrame. Macrame is readily available and looks quite elegant. These unique hangers can lift the mood of your living space to a great extent. Tighten a screw onto your empty wall to hang a macrame, and Voila! Your blank space is now worth a million bucks!

The bohemian way of braiding ropes inspires macrame technique into beautiful patterns, and you can select from a wide range of braids and add stones and beads for a better pleasing effect for your living room.

2) Plant shelves

Plant shelves

Wall shelves for plants can help you utilise minimal space with remarkable efficiency. Wall shelves are ideal for the maximum addition of plants in a minimal area. According to your overall living room decor, you can find frames of all shapes, sizes, and materials. If you want to appear even more classy, place some decorations and books with your plants.

Plant shelves can adjust a lot of plants in a single place, leaving a significant space empty in your living room, giving it an illusion of being more prominent in size. You can also add round mirrors above your shelves to have a complete modern aesthetic look.

3) Wrought iron plant stands

Wrought iron plant stands

Wrought irons are an exciting way to add authenticity to our small spaces as they are affordable, minimalistic, and classy and are available in a large variety of designs! They can curl up in your space like a hug to the wall and make your entire living area smile with a happy vibe!

Wrought iron stands are durable and last longer compared to other materials. When lush green leaves move around wrought iron stands, it looks phenomenal and makes you want to adapt the entire look to every nook and corner of your house! 

4) Multilayered Metal Stands 

Multilayered Metal Stands

These black metal multilayered pot stands are immaculate for people who appreciate minimalistic decor style.

These classic metal pot stands can swing with every type of existing decor, enhancing your living room's beauty to its peak. These are readily available in different sizes according to your preference. a golden metal stand paired with a matte black cylindrical planter and a tropical plant like monstera deliciosa looks exceptional and leaves your visitors in stupefaction! 


5) Terracotta Pots

Terracotta Pots

These captivating terracotta pots are essential for every plant parent! Not only can they bring the long-desired "desi" vibe to your area, but they are pretty unique while showcasing their properties. They can allow the roots to breathe and prevent their root rot by evaporating excess water, a prerequisite for most indoor plants and succulents. 

Terracotta pots can make you and your guests feel homely and close to nature as they release an after-rain-like aroma to your living space, making these pots the best choice for your upcoming living space idea. And the best part is that they are less costly than any other material and 100% eco-friendly!

6) Wooden stands


Wooden stands

You can place this wooden stand around multiple living room artefacts like the TV unit or even the coffee table. This wooden stand will bring out the room's character and provide a clear focal point for the viewer. You can use the top layers as a convenient place to keep your keys or even books and use the bottom layers to place some indoor plants.

You can look for sturdy wooden stands matching the hue of your existing decor so that the entire set can liquefy into one for a better and more methodical formation. 

7) Coir hanging basket

Coir hanging basket

Along with distinct hanging planters, there is this exciting coir hanging basket. A layer of coconut fibres, cocopeat, and other organic components with the hanging frame make coir baskets best suited for the plants. These give an eclectic yet comforting look to your living space. Coir baskets are ideal for providing root growth, an immaculate push and a pleasing surrounding for the plant.

Along with these blessings, coir pots are cost-effective and gorgeous to look at, giving an aesthetic appearance to your living area. Add plants like spider plants, portulaca or a string of pearls to create a perfect pair of plants and basket.

8) Golden metal pots

Golden metal pots

These quirky golden metal pots are desirable, but they also have dual efficiency! You read it right. These pots could be kept on tabletops and used as hanging pots for your living room ceiling. 

Golden pop of colour into your living area gives the perfect amount of glimmer and glazing. Isn't it the best way of investing your money into something that can turn out to be a statement piece to a beautiful hanging pot in a matter of seconds? 

9) Small plant holders ( kitty pots)

Small plant holders ( kitty pots)

Enhancing your space with massive shelves is not always an available option. Still, we wish to transform our living areas. Kitty pots are perfect for your living room decor for situations like these.

They are available in various materials like ceramic, plastic and even terracotta! You can choose your pot in different colours and pair it with ravishing succulents and other desk planters.

So think about these cute little planters for your next nursery tour!

10) Wooden stools as plant stands

Wooden stools as plant stands

Something so uncomplicated yet so refined- a wooden stool. Have an old wooden stool at home? Keep a plant on it, arrange it in the corner of your living room space, and bingo! You acquired the cost-free decor yet spiced things up for your living room.

If you do not have wooden stools at home, you can always buy them from a thrift shop, nursery, or online at a reasonable price.

You can also make an extra effort and colour the stool for additional decor inspiration! 


Caring for all the living room plant accessories is essential to maintain proper decor and increase the life of any given product. Since the living room is mainly at the entrance or the centre of the house, the chances of deposition of dust and other products are typical.

Here are some care tips presented to you for the best outcomes and increased living standards:

  • Try to achieve regular dusting of your plants and the accessories to avoid dust deposition.
  • Avoid keeping the planters in water for a prolonged period to prevent paint damage.
  • Clean the plant leaves with regular water, or you can use a spray bottle to reach delicate parts of the plant.
  • Wipe the wrought iron rods with a damp cotton cloth and use regular oiling to prevent rusting.
  • Keep changing the planters over a shelf to have a constant change in your living room.
  • Discard any plant accessory which is damaged or broken and replace it with a fresh piece.
  • Wash the macrame plant hangers as they can be washed regularly and give a refreshing look after each wash.

Add unique plant accessories to your living room and make your visitors stand in awe! Select from the options mentioned earlier and explore the creative side of your personality before redesigning!

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