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Top 10 Tips for Monstera Plant Care and Growth

by Surbhi Tanwar 05 Oct 2023 0 comments
Top 10 Tips for Monstera Plant Care and Growth

Several houseplants win our hearts due to their mesmerizing presence and eye-catching appearance. With the advent of greenery, more and more gardeners prefer having plant buddies that drastically stand out from the crowd. Although all greenery is beautiful and magical, some plants are more attractive than others because of their interesting appearance. Monstera plants are a unique greenery genus known worldwide for their appealing foliage. Let’s learn more about these Monsterra plants before welcoming them home!

What Is A Monstera Plant?

The Monsteras plants belong to the wide genus called Monstera in the Araceae family of gorgeous plants. The monstera leaf catches everyone’s attention with its dramatic design and pattern associated with most species falling under this genus. Although about fifty-nine monstera species are known worldwide, the most popular propagations are those of Monstera Deliciosa plant and Monstera Adansonii, both famous for their peculiarly holed foliage. All the varieties are known for their giant monstera size, growing as tall as ten feet in the indoor atmosphere. These monster plants can trail as a vine or grow upright, depending on the support provided! Monstera flowers are real but rarely occur in indoor gardens.

Monstera Plant

The monstera leaves in the Deliciosa variety have long leaflets with elongated holes, while the Adansonii variety, also known as the Philodendron monstera, has heart-shaped leaves with enclosed holes. The monstera Swiss cheese plant doesn’t have these holes for no reason; they are a part of the evolutionary process. As the plant grew in the rainforests covered with tall trees, it was natural for most of the sunlight to get blocked before reaching the base. It developed a mechanism of growing holes in the leaves to let the lowest leaves receive some of the available sunshine; these holes are called fenestrations in the language of the scientists.

How To Take Care Of Monstera Plants In India?

After looking at these stunning beauties from the rainforests globally, one common query is how to take care of a monstera. Here we present the Monstera care guide for you to understand the depths of growing these enchanting and unique plants at home:

1. Sunshine

One of the most significant parts of Monstera deliciosa care is the absorption of light by the plant. As discussed before, this plant is resistant to intense sunlight due to its natural growth in the rainforests covered with tall trees. Thus, it is more accepting of low to bright-filtered light that doesn’t burn its leaves. One may keep the plant in direct sunshine for an hour or so but then move it again in the shade afterward. One of the best places to settle this plant is indoor windowsills that receive bright indirect sunshine. One could also keep it outdoors in a shaded stead. Fulfill the monstera plant needs as the first step to witness flourishing growth!

Care Of Monstera Plants

2. Propagation

The monstera plant is one of those rare beauties with subterranean and aerial root systems. These aerial roots sometimes can peak out from the nodes to process more water to the plant. However one may cut some of these roots to maintain the aesthetics, but cutting too many of them can lead to the eventual decay of the plant. Also, it is best to propagate this plant in even-sized plastic pots, as the plant will focus all its strength on growing roots in more giant floor planters than growing leaflets! Propagate it in a planter that complements its appearance, and re-pot it only when the roots visibly jump out of the containers.

3. Watering

One primary concern of monstera plant care is how often to water monstera plants. Being an epiphyte, greenery that climbs on other greenery for growth, it will not appreciate too soggy soil. So, the monstera watering schedules should result from carefully examining the soil’s dryness. Hydrate this plant generously to give it ample moisture, then leave it be for a few days and let it experience a bit of dryness before watering it again. The house of Delici is entirely against getting overwatered and feels best in ceramic pots having drainage holes.

4. Soil

The plant soil is the primary medium through which the plant receives adequate nourishment and moisture. Like most others, the monstera plant requires a well-draining soil enriched with all essential nutrients through garden manure, cocopeat, vermiculite, etc. These additional boosters pump up the good microorganisms in the soil and condition it to improve the plant’s growth. The presence of helpful components like perlite ensures the plant’s environment remains moist, drains well, and allows proper air circulation for the plant’s roots.

Monstera Plants In India

5. Humidity

Belonging to the world's tropical rainforests, the monstera plant craves its hometown’s humid temperatures. Although the plant loves all tropical landscapes, it will thrive best in locations receiving more humidity. When growing the plant at home, you can copy its indigenous humidity requirements by occasionally misting it once a week. If that’s not feasible, place a humidifier next to the plant and let it bask in the humid glory!

6. Pruning

Monstera plants grow at a rabbit's pace, so they can become tall and wide in months when grown in appropriate conditions. We suggest you trim the plant’s aerial roots that start peeking out of the stems and nodes, giving the plant a groomed and controlled appearance. Proper pruning sessions will allow the plant to shed off the degenerated growths, making way for new developments. Some of the varieties can also trail like a vine when grown in hanging planters, so trimming them will allow you to ascertain the trailing length of this plant.

7. Staking

While some of its varieties can trail down like a creeper, others can stand tall with high inclinations. This plant's length and trailing tendency will largely depend on how you grow it - whether you use a stake to allow the plant to climb on it or let it dance and dangle with the flows of gravity will decide its growth patterns. However, supporting the plant through trellises, moss sticks, stakes, cages, etc., is essential so the leaves don’t dangle much and the root system stays intact.

Care Of Monstera Plants In India

8. Fertilization

Monstera is a low-maintenance tropical beauty that thrives without requiring nutrient boosters. However, feeding it with essential nourishment will only make things better for its bright and flourishing future. Pick a well-balanced fertilizer, be it chemical or organic, and treat the plant with this particular diet once a month in the growing season. Mix the fertilizer in the water and pour it into the soil for instant results. One may also use some variants as a foliar spray to enrich the plant’s foliage.

9. Typical Issues

Caring for a monstera also involves understanding the plant’s well-being parameters. For instance, if the leaves start fading, that’s a common symptom of overwatering; however, underwatering will show itself with wilted leaflets. Moreover, if you place the plant under intense sunlight, it might get burnt and turn brownish. Yellowing leaves, curling leaves, and blackish stems are all related to the watering schedules of this plant.

10. Insect Attacks

Like most greenery, the monstera plant will likely host some insects like mealybugs, who often hide under the plant’s humungous leaflets. Inspecting the plant regularly for any signs of insect infestations is advisable, and you could also spray neem oil as a precautionary measure. Plus, cleaning the leaves with a clean and dry cloth every once in a while will ensure the leaves stay lustrous, glossy, and free from pests!

Best Monstera Plants In India

Take Away:

The monstera plants are among the most beautiful plants in the gardening world, owing to their dramatic appearance and infused holes in their leaflets. These plants are so eye-catching that they will soon become the apple of your eye and the highlight of your indoor and outdoor gardens. Caring for the monstera plants is extremely simple as they are not very finicky about their growth parameters and lay lowkey throughout their growing seasons. One may pick them up from a nearby nursery or order them online from authentic gardening stores like Plantlane, which parcel the monstera and other plants in safely packed packages across the country!

FAQs About Growing Monstera Plants In India

Ques: Is Monstera an Indoor Plant?

Ans: Monstera has several varieties engraved under its name, and most prefer bright yet indirect sunshine, as they could be more adept at tolerating higher levels of heat. They can be settled indoors and outdoors in cool and shaded areas.

Ques: How To Care For Monstera Plants?

Ans: Caring for monstera plants is easy - Provide filtered sunlight, enriched and draining soil, ample watering without waterlogging the planters, consistent pruning, and occasional fertilizers.

Ques: Do Monstera Plants Like Humidity?

Ans: Yes, monstera plants are lovers of humidity, so misting them regularly with a spray bottle will keep them dust-free and make them happy with the humidity levels around them!

Ques: Where Can I Place Monstera Plants At Home?

Ans: One can settle the plant indoors near windowsills receiving bright and filtered sunshine. They could also be placed in locations receiving bright light through window panes like the living rooms. Outside, it is best to keep them shaded in a cool spot, far from the sun’s gaze.

Ques: From Where Can I Buy Monstera Plants In India?

Ans: You can purchase monstera plants from Plantlane at highly affordable prices in India. You may also check for other tropical plant specimens that thrive in the Indian subcontinent.

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