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Top 10 Ultimate Balcony Decor Ideas in Your Budget

by Surbhi Tanwar 03 Jun 2023 0 comments
Top 10 Ultimate Balcony Decor Ideas

Balconies are the most noteworthy corner of the house. Be it warm mornings of summers or chilly nights of winters, we all love to curl up in the corner of our balconies and have a hot mug of tea to soothe us.

There is something unspeakable about the love of balconies as they provide amenities to many people, be it the cool breeze felt on the face or witnessing the dusk and dawn! But have you ever wondered about redecorating your most loved zone but stopped because of the monetary expenses? Well! Worry no more! We present the ultimate balcony decor ideas that fit right into your budget and look explicitly gorgeous! Keep reading to know more about the thrilling approach of balcony decor.

Here are the top 10 balcony decor ideas which set you apart from the crowd and make your balcony go wow!:


 1. Add a swing in Balcony

Balcony Swing

Whenever we see a swing, we run towards it and tap our feet onto the ground to relish the to and fro motion of the swing. Swings are something which everyone is fascinated about, well, mostly! Swings can be engaging for both the elderly and children, but most importantly, they give a feeling of relaxation and let you have your ME time in harmony.

If you possess a prominent corner on your balcony, you must bring home the goodness of beautiful swings available in different sizes and colors according to your tastes.

You can look for cane jhulas for your balcony as they are cheaper than metal swings and can adapt to your small spaces! Or you can go for an egg chair suitable for small spaces as it requires only a metal suspension, and voila! Give yourself a soulful evening by adding a swing and some peaceful music to your balcony decor! 

2. Add Hanging Planters

hanging planters

If you wish to add greenery or plants and yet do not wish to use your floor space because of constriction issues, hanging planters might come in handy! 

These gorgeous hanging planters are available in many materials, and you can choose from a combination of plants to add to your balconies. Coir hanging baskets are worth giving a shot as they consist of a coco coir layer that nourishes plants and helps them stay healthy for a more extended period.

You can also choose from modern metal hanging baskets of different patterns to take your modern balcony ideas to the next level! If you wish to spend the bare minimum yet are willing to add hanging planters, you can look out for plastic hanging planters.

Add plants like spider plants, Syngonium or portulaca to your planters and see the beautiful color patterns in your balconies daily.

3.  Give wall plant shelves a try

wall plant shelves

Plant shelves which cling to the walls are a suitable option for a small balcony decoration! Numerous shapes and sizes of plant shelves are available, with enough spaces to add multiple plants and planters.

You can give a shot to hexagonal plant shelves and add multiple hanging plants like a string of turtles or pearls! You can also add lights and books onto the shelves. As the plant shelves will be on the wall, you will be left with open space on the floor to be creative with! 

Plant shelves are available online at various discounts and offers, which will enhance your balcony within the budget! According to your spare wall space, you can find the perfect shelf and add many chic aesthetics to your area.

4. Throw in Some Cuddly Pillows

When you are planning a front balcony design where you see a good view, and you wish to spend hours there but can not due to expenditure of building furniture, oversized cushions and pillows come to your rescue.

Pillows on the balcony paired with fairy lights give a cozy vibe and let you spend some quality time with your loved ones with sufficient comfort! You can look for waterproof cushions to sustain harsh weather too! These cute cushions and pillows have the power to provide the most comfortable seating and let you enjoy your balcony for more extended hours!

Pillows are inexpensive and will fit your budget perfectly without thinking twice! Bring home the most cuddly pillows and cushions in vibrant colors and give the comfortable pop of color you and your balcony deserve!

5. Try Wooden Stools as a Coffee Table

Wooden stools are available in almost all Indian households! These stools come in many shapes like oval, square and round. You can go for a square stool and arrange it in the corner of the balcony to utilize maximum space.

These wooden stools can function as your coffee table. You can add many showpieces representing your decor taste and allow your visitors to enjoy their libations comfortably on your balcony. Wooden art pieces are a significant part of open balcony design and let your area look more earthy and close to nature.

Pair wooden tables with contemporary plants and make your balcony look exquisite without burning a hole in your pockets! 

6. Give Railing Planters a Chance to Enhance Your Balcony 

Railing planters cling to your balcony railing and give a greener look to your balconies, especially if your balcony is facing the entrance. These railing planters can be an exquisite part of your balcony railing decor! 

You can invest in myriad railing planters in different materials and colors to choose from. You can look for plastic railing planters and add numerous plants to your balcony, freeing the floor space.

These railing planters are inexpensive and allow you to have multiple plants without the hassle of shifting heavy planters! 

7. Metal Pots with their Planter Stands are Worth a Shot 

Most boho balcony ideas comprise the addition of modern planters and metal pots! These metal pots come in various groupings that make your eyes pop with amazement!

A classic golden planter paired with a stunning planter stand look makes your balcony worth a million bucks! Metal pots are profitable for plant growth, allowing you to enjoy premium decor with health benefits for plants!

Engage in research about color combinations and sizes in your balcony to have the perfect aspect ratio of your decor and planters.

8. Use Your Wall Space with Wall Planters

When you do not possess grand Bollywood style balconies and yet wish to decorate your spaces with ultimate recognition, you can start vertical gardening with the help of wall planters! 

Wall planters attach to the walls and give you accessibility to add gorgeous plants. Vertical planters are ideal for Indian balcony designs, as most metropolitan cities have homes with constricted balconies. Giving us less space to add plants to your area.

Wall planters are affordable and make your empty wall spaces go from dull to lively in seconds! Add numerous wall planters to your walls and enjoy the view of your balcony's alleged "green wall"! 

9. Add Privacy with Tall Plants

If you reside in flats in metropolitan cities, you might be mindful of the situation where your balconies lack the privacy you and your family require. Covering it with sturdy structures is an expensive affair. Add tall planters like bamboo trees to resolve the case with an inexpensive trick.

Tall plants allow you to have the privacy you wish to have on your balconies. Bamboo trees ensure the perfect forest like aesthetics to your balconies and let you explore your creative side. Many tall trees are perfect to add to a first floor balcony design! 

10. Add Vines to Your Balcony 

If you wish to create a balcony design outside, you must add vines to your decor. May vines grow and allow us to use our imagination to give the required shape.

You can invest in orange trumpet vine and creeping Rangoon to your balcony to add a subtle pop of color and greenery coverage.

Purchasing vines from a nursery or online is a great way to decorate your balcony with the bare minimum amount. These take time to grow but look their best in the flowering seasons! 

You can start the vine at the corner of the floor and cover the outer layout by taming your creepers in such a way. You can also add creepers to your wall with the help of a leaf clip-on and readily available wall stickers.

These initial balcony decor ideas fit your budget yet bring about a significant change to your balconies. You can opt from any decor style mentioned above or mix multiple options as per your preference! Enjoy your decor experience and let the world catch a glimpse of your inventiveness! 

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