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Top 10 Benefits to Keep Plants in your Work Area

by Surbhi Tanwar 02 Jun 2023 0 comments
Top 10 Benefits to Keep Planters in your Work Area

As the children of Mother Earth, we descend on this planet holding our journey map to our heart, with an outlook to connect with the fellow wanderers. Our existence correlates us to the greenery around us, but running the race of life and facing the daily stress, we often overlook the connection with the plants. This predominantly holds for the workplace, where it is difficult to connect with nature. This is where the part of office plants comes into action. Know the top 10 benefits to keep plants in your work area.

Plants make our spaces green, reinvigorated throughout the day, and keep us joyful, wholesome, and bright. Many people who would have potentially been keen plant parents at home are, in fact, not able to do so merely because they don't have time to tend to Plants. And for this reason, plants for the office come in handy.

Girding ourselves with desk plants is crucial for our spiritual longing to connect with our basics. Here are the top ten benefits of keeping plants at your workplace. You can give this article a look and better understand the goodness of having a plant around you all the time. Let us know about the benefits of plants in your work area.

Plants Improve the Quality of Breathing

Plants improve the quality of breathing


Plants have the prospect of absorbing toxins and carbon dioxide, providing clean oxygen for us to exist. They are involved with our respiration cycle, making plants an essential element for human survival, so we must try to surround ourselves with plants AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! 

With increasing dependency on materialism, the way we purify our air also arises in new ways. We often install air purifiers and air rotating appliances to breathe pollutant-free air at our residences and offices, primarily an expensive affair that burns a hole in our pockets. But in a rush to involve quick-fix solutions, we forget the natural filters delivered by our mother earth. Plants are affordable, exquisite and make your desk dull to lively in a few seconds. 

Here is a list of the best plants to have on your desk:

  • Lucky bamboo 
Lucky bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is one of the luckiest plants in the flora world that spreads happy-go-lucky vibes in every ambiance.


  • Ficus

Succulents never cease to charm us with their hardy built, easy-going personalities, and tropically rich aura.


  • Spider plant (best desk plant for air quality)
Spider plant (best desk plant for air quality)

What's better than a plant? A plant that sprinkles elegance while naturally purifying the air. The Spider plant makes for a showstopper in the plant family.


  • Snake plant (best office cubicle plants)
Snake plant (best office cubicle plants)

The Snake plant dances with ease even after being a robust pick - an impeccable pick for busy households.


  • Dragon tree
Dragon tree
The Dragon plant flows with the spiky sword-like leaves that render it attractive and worth every praise.
  • Peace lily
Peace lily

Peace lily sprinkles serenity with its tiny white flowers that bloom even indoors. Glazed leaves, pretty flowers, and a calm aura make it a peaceful choice.


  • Succulents (best office desk plant because of low maintenance)
Succulents (best office desk plant because of low maintenance)
Succulents never cease to charm us with their hardy built, easy-going personalities, and tropically rich aura.

Plants increase productivity

Plants increase productivity

We all get hyped when we visit a place full of foliage, blossoms, and other gorgeous plants. So why not bring the small spaces of our office to life just by adding some plants? 

Keeping plants over the desks improves productivity, and the growth of plants motivates team members to work hard for their goals, and the green color stimulates our brains to be more productive than ever!


Reduces the room temperature

Plants Reduces the room temperature

 It is scientifically proven that plants reduce the temperature up to 10% and keep us cool in summers. Plants bring us freshness while they bloom in spring and keep us energized for working long hours. In the scorching summer afternoons, a nominal reduction of room temperature is always welcome! Right?


Boosts our mental health and reduces mental fatigue

Boosts our mental health and reduces mental fatigue

 One of the vital benefits of plants in our office includes improving mental health! We all suffer from mental health issues with our stressful lives and busy workdays. It could be stress, anxiety or general mood disorders. 

When we run our fingers into the mud, wipe the leaves, see a new growth or even spray some water on plants, our brain secretes serotonin which immediately relaxes us and makes us happier, and it is connected with the concept of the birth of life. Secreted serotonins help us fight negativity and stress.

Plants reduce sickness and absence rates


Plants reduce sickness and absence rates

The studies of the Agricultural University of Norway have suggested that humidity in the air created by plants can help prevent influenza, flu-like symptoms and other allergic reactions caused by the toxins in the air.

It diminishes the possibility of acquiring sickness and taking those unneeded sick leaves. It improves the overall productivity of the area you are working, making you all the show's star!

Plants improve office aesthetics

Plants improve office aesthetics

Plants are so much more than just decor. Still, their visual appearance makes us wonder. With the most defined strokes and color combinations, plants add a lot to the place. We all know that plants are the most familiar element in every home decor. 

Plants are of sheer importance, especially for current and dapper interior designers! They are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the onlooker. Today, basic macramé, small ceramic, and plastic pots are trending with various tropical plant varieties! Your place immediately starts looking upbeat and makes you want to visit your desk every day.


Plants combat cigarette smoke

Plants combat cigarette smoke

Today's lifestyle enhances the consumption of cigarettes, particularly in workplaces where strain levels are comparatively heightened.

When you are a non-smoker, you do not want the carcinogens to enter your respiratory system. In circumstances like these, peace lily (spathiphyllum) might come handy at your desk as it absorbs all the toxins of the cigarette, so this might be one of the best plants for the work office.


Plants help to sharpen your focus


Plants help to sharpen your focus

The greenery and lush vibes any plant possesses is particularly a stimulus for any employee who wishes to focus better.

Plants improve focus and sharpen all your senses, whether acoustic, audio or visual! You have a scope of overall development when you surround yourself more with plants. And what can be a better place to enhance focus than your workspace? Add gorgeous planters now! 


Plants add colors to your space


Plants add colors to your space

Having a plant on your desk can make your workspace appealing, just by the simple pop of green and other vibrant colors, like we add a cherry to a strawberry milkshake. It attracts us, right? The color blocking and hint of green to your dull office desk can make the area lift intensely, all the more reason to bring plants to your office desk! 


Plants can help you sleep better


Plants can help you sleep better

Devouring the entire day in the company of plants can significantly impact your overall oxygen levels inside the body. When adequate oxygen reaches the brain, we sleep more in-depth and promising. 

It doesn't end here; we also wake up with more positivity and productivity to commence our day on the right foot.


How to choose plants for the office desk?

How to choose plants for the office desk?

We have talked enough about the usefulness of the plants, vamoosing you confused about which plant to buy for your office desk finally? You must be thinking about which eco-green office plants to buy at the most affordable price? Well, these suggestions might help you to determine the best plant for your office desk:

  • Plants which require less care
  • Plants which can grow indoors
  • Plants which do not need direct sunlight
  • Plants with more minor watering needs
  • Plants which purify the air
  • Plants with bigger foliage.
  • Plants which showcase exciting and vibrant colors in their leaves or flowers.
  • Plants which can tolerate both hot and dry environments.


Care and maintenance of office desk plants and planters

Care and supervision of any desk plant is a no brainer! As the plants selected for office desks require minimal care and attention themselves! But, there is plenty we can do to make the best out of office desk plants and their planters! 

Here are a few recommendations to help you achieve the best health for your plants:



  • Keep the plants where natural light is available for at least an hour per day.
  • Check for the water requirement for your plants by one finger rule as most indoor plants require less water than usual.
  • Make a potting mix of cocopeat, moss peat and soil for better water retention for long.
  • Remove the dead leaves regularly when you see one.
  • If possible, add a humidifier to the office for best plant growth and your nasal route clearance.
  • Do not forget to fertilize the desk plants to have the most productive outcomes.
  • Prune your plants regularly for the best results and fuller plant foliage.




  • Clean the planter with the help of dry cotton cloth or dampen it for more cleanliness.
  • You can use soapy water to clean the planter made of metal, ceramic or plastic.
  • You can give a quick water wash and repaint it for a fresher appearance for terracotta planters.
  • Sundry the planters after washing or drying them with the help of a cloth.
  • Re-pot the plant into a more prominent planter for better plant root growth.
  • Clean the pot and change the soil after each plant.
  • Change plants' water like table bamboo regularly to achieve better growth and prevent root rot. 

How to arrange desk plants over my table?

How to arrange desk plants over my table?

Arranging plants over your desk accurately mandate size descriptions to avoid overcrowding and make the plant express itself without interfering with the workspace. You can go through some points to make your desk space functional yet alluring to look at:

  • Keep a minimalistic approach and bring a classic ceramic pot over your desk in subtle colors.
  • Choose a medium or small sized plant to avoid taking up a lot of space.
  • Keep the plants at the corner of your desk to have a free font space
  • If you wish to keep multiple plants, choose different sizes into small planter categories.
  • Consider leaf shapes of plants.


Now that you have comprehended the implication and benefits of the planters in your workspace, it is high time you redecorate your desks and come back with total vitality and zeal, and of course, PLANTS! 

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