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10 Different Types of Money Plants For Good Vibes

by Surbhi Tanwar 03 Oct 2023
10 Different Types of Money Plants For Good Vibes

Plants naturally tend to enhance any ambiance’s aura with their positive vibes. While certain plants enter the good books of Vastushastra, several others are known by laymen as plants that are generally considered positive when grown in the home & office environments. From fuss-free greenery to high-maintenance plant buddies, plant parents globally have a wide range of specimens to choose from when introducing a change of vibe to their atmosphere. One such plant considered extremely auspicious for propagation is the money plant. Let’s discuss the details of propagating the Chinese money plant, its types, and benefits.

What Is A Money Plant?

Known as Epipremnum Aureum in the global scientific community, the money plant scientific name is more commonly known by easily pronounceable nicknames like pothos, ivy arum, devil’s ivy, etc. However, in the Indian subcontinent, this plant is often called the money plant. The scientific name of money plant was first found in the temperate regions of French Polynesia, but its love for tropical landscapes made it a prominent cultivar in the tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. People often mistake it for other closely resembling greenery like philodendron, so much so that the botanists had to examine the plant thrice to put it in its present category. The money plant flowers, but only rarely. Its exceptional popularity and beauty have made it fall into the Royal Horticultural Society’s merit list.

Money Plant

What Are The Top 10 Types of Money Plants?

When discussing the money plant tree, one has a common misassumption that the plant doesn’t have many more types. However, this is not the case, as it has several money plant types and variants assigned to its name. Read further to learn about different money plant variety.

1. Golden Pothos

This is the main cultivar of the money plant that goes by the botanical name of money plant, Epipremnum Aureum. It is also the most common type of indoor money plant in every other Indian household. The leaves carry a tinge of gold, subtly mingled with other bright shades of green, creating an overall variegated appearance. It looks best when planted in hanging planters, and one can keep it indoors and outdoors.

2. Black Money Plant

If uniqueness and interesting hues are your forte, you will happily make this plant your family member. As the name suggests, it has dark-colored foliage that seems black but is actually rather dark green and silver. Not many people can look at it and say that it is one of the types of the infamous money plant. The black money plant will grace your indoors with its elegance and hassle-free growth requirements.

3. Snow Queen Pothos

Intensify the beauty quotient of your home by adding this version of the money plant. The snow queen pothos is called because the foliage is mostly white with green variegations at the center. Its appearance makes it look like it is forever covered with the coolness of snowflakes. One may propagate it in glossy ceramic pots with a well-nourishing potting mix to create an everlasting ball of gorgeousness.

Snow Queen Pothos Money Plant

4. Jade Money Plant

Most of us know about money plants and jade plants as two different specimens of greenery. However, there’s one other specimen that is known by a mix of their names due to the growth inclinations of the money plant and the glossy dark green color of the jade plant. This plant doesn’t receive any variegations in its leaflets and instead grows with perfectly shiny green foliage.

5. N'joy Pothos

The world of greenery is full of surprises, isn’t it? We can’t really say how this one got its name, but we can definitely say that you will truly ‘N’joy’ its presence in your home. It grows with green leaflets at the center and creamish-white around the edges. The N’joy pothos looks like a piece of mesmerizing beauty when propagated in the home indoors. It is often popularized for its heart-shaped glossy leaflets and beaming personality.

6. Neon Pothos

Want to drift away from the regular green hues of your favorite plants? Here’s Neon Pothos with its neon-colored money plant leaf that looks bright and beautiful. One can place it in living rooms, near windowsills, and hang it on the balcony with railing planters to create a dazzling and vibrant impact. This plant will quickly upscale the aura around with its eye-catching hues.

Neon Pothos Money Plant

7. Manjula Pothos

This variety looks unique with interesting foliage with variegations of whitish-silver embedded on the dark green leaflets. It will become the centerpiece of your living room and coffee table with its peculiarly exciting foliage. Unlike the original pothos, its leaves get curved into several frames. Pot it in color-popping floor planters to intensify the variegations of its foliage.

8. Golden Dragon Pothos

How about propagating a big leaf money plant golden that is huge and gregarious? Yes, you read that right! This golden dragon pothos is a larger variety of the golden pothos with gigantic leaflets with a dragon’s variegations. These leaves are mostly green with slight variations of brighter and lighter shades. It will look magnificent when placed in the living room corner.

9. Silver Splash Pothos

What distinguishes this money plant in Hindi from others is that it is not from the original genus of money plants. Moreover, the silver splash’s leaflets carry shades of silver splashed on the green canvas of the plant’s foliage. Nonetheless, the plant resembles a serene picture of greenery from a scenic painting. One may place it on a bookshelf to let its foliage dangle gracefully!

10. Tricolor Pothos

Why should we stick to just one colored pothos when there are varieties having variations of three colors? The tricolor pothos, as the name implies, has variegated foliage with three hues, namely white, pink, and the usual green. The assemblage of these three colors makes the plant stand out even amidst a pool of greenery. One may settle it indoors near a windowsill or hang it outdoors in a partially shaded region!

What Are The Benefits of Money Plants At Home?

Growing money plant varieties at home is simple as the plant is already a low-maintenance beauty. Even better, its introduction to your home garden will increase the gorgeousness around and impact the positivity quotient in more ways than one. Here are some money plant ke fayde:

Benefits of Money Plants At Home

Blessings From Vastushastra

The plant has been named more than once in the ancient books of Vastushastra as one that can escalate the overall luck factor around its ambiance. The money plant name is often considered to have a direct connotation with the increase of finances in the house due to its placement alone. This is why the money plant Vastu is often seen happily gracing the office and business ambiances alike! Its lush appearance is often correlated with abundance and wealth. Moreover, its heart-shaped foliage resembles coins, symbolizing the growth of money around!

Detoxified Ambiance

Propagating money plant climbers at home will not only change the appearance of your environment, but it will also assist you in breathing cleaner air than before. The plant is supposed to clarify the air from harmful toxins so that you will have a better airflow with fewer pollutants accompanying you and your family.

✔ Enhanced Positivity

Most greenery carries the goodwill of improving the positive aura and vibrations wherever they are planted. Similarly, the money plant’s association with Vastushastra makes it one of the most sought-after plants to affect any ambiance positively. Placing it anywhere in the house will bring more opportunities, luck, wealth, health, and prosperity.

Gift Through Cuttings

One of the major benefits of money plants at home is that you can create as many new terracotta pots filled with money plants as you want. Re-propagation of this plant through cuttings is popularly known around India, and you can do the same to present it to your loved ones as a gift!

Cultural Associations

The money plant pot has been gracing our homes from time immemorial due to its ancient significance of attracting more money to the house. Moreover, people believe that the money plant direction should not point downwards; it should climb upwards to increase the chances of enhanced financial security for the family members.

How Do You Care For Money Plants?

The best part of growing money plant leaves is that they can thrive with minimal care and attention. Continue reading to understand the money plant care for growing a flourishing money plant online in India:

Care For Money Plants

➡︎ Place the plant at a spot receiving bright but filtered sunlight, as the direct and intense sun can easily burn the plant’s leaves.

➡︎ Choose a well-nourished potting mix for its growth medium, and you can also opt for water-based propagation for some of its variants.

➡︎ The plant should not be kept in a place that receives direct cold breezes; however, it can somewhat tolerate cold temperatures.

➡︎ Humidity is not a big factor in the plant’s growth, but the more humid an environment is, the better will be its growth. So, one may imitate a humid atmosphere by regularly misting the plant’s foliage.

➡︎ Although there’s not much need for feeding fertilizers to the marble money plant, you can still treat it with a balanced fertilizer once a quarter.

➡︎ If you are wondering how to grow money plant faster, try pruning it now and then to pave the way for fresh growth. One may also use a moss stick to induce the plant's growth while providing essential support to this vine-like green buddy!


Money plant is one of our subcontinent's most low-maintenance plant buddies, so propagating and maintaining them in India is often a piece of cake! One can always create more money plants through cuttings, so you won’t have to invest again and again! They are available at reasonable rates on online and offline gardening stores like Plantlane. Just provide them with the basic prerequisites, and they will thrive with a joyous aura to fill your ambiance with love & peace!

Best Money Plants for home

FAQs About Growing Money Plants In India

Ques: How Long Will My Money Plant Live?

Ans: Money plants have a long life, so they can live for over a decade when grown in ideal conditions. Even more surprising is that no money plant disadvantages exist, so you can be carefree about welcoming this plant home!

Ques: How To Grow Money Plant In Water?

Ans: Money tree plant is one of those rare plants that can grow in soil and water. Place the money plant in water, and don’t forget to change the water once a week.

Ques: Where To Keep Money Plant At Home?

Ans: One may keep the money plants in the outdoor and indoor areas. However, placing the planter in a shaded spot that doesn’t receive direct sunlight is suggested. Further, go through the money plant decoration ideas to ornament your home with this beauty!

Ques: Which Soil Is Best For Golden Money Plants?

Ans: These plants are not fussy about the choice of soil as long as it remains moist and drains on time.

Ques: Can Money Plants Suffer From Pests & Diseases?

Ans: Like most greenery, the money plan in home can also host insects that can cause diseases. Spraying neem oil on the plant’s foliage is best to shield it from pest attacks.

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