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Top 10 Flowering Plants To Grow In Summer - Growing Tips and Guide

by Surbhi Tanwar 25 Jul 2023
Top 10 Flowering Plants To Grow In Summer

Seasons change, and gardeners are presented with a plethora of seasonal options to grow in their stunning gardens. From evergreen plants to the ones preferring particular weather, the options are truly endless, and while humans can acclimatize to the changing climates, plants lend us so much variety to grow according to the weather outdoors.

Summers in tropical countries like India can really get intimidating at times, but what’s best is that specific plant species have stepped up to give us consistent eye treats through their summer blooming period. Although numerous flowering options are available for the hot months of the year, here we will talk about the top ten.

What Are Summer Flowering Plants?

Summer Flowering Plants

Flowering plants for summer in India fall in the category of greenery that stays vibrant even through the sunburning heat outdoors. In fact, these plants love to bask in the sun’s warmth. The plants that grow in summer carry an annual nature, meaning they grow from seeds in the warm months, flower till the warmth stays, and die after the season ends. These plants don’t have the strength to stay dormant through the freezing seasons and grow back the following summer. Nonetheless, they are perfect for setting up a summer garden with happy-go-lucky blooms that are easy to grow and attractive to watch!

What Are The Top 10 Flowering Plants For Summer?

Who doesn’t like to sprinkle every shade of the rainbow onto their gardens, right? Are you, too, wondering which flowers grow in summer season? Here’s a compendium of the best flower plants to grow in summer in India; they are suitable for flourishing growth in tropical Indian weather.

1. Zinnia

This is a fairyland flower growing in the Earthly realms of the universe, belonging to the plant kingdom called Plantae. This plant is super easy to propagate & grow, and once done, you will be amazed by how beautiful it will look in a few weeks. Zinnia normally takes about six to eight weeks to flower with pretty blooms, available in various color options from pink, red, yellow, maroon, etc. The blooms unfold with colorful petals carrying a large circular opening, highlighted with tiny flower-shaped outgrowths.

2. Balsam

A local of India, Balsam is a nickname the plant got from its binomial term - Impatiens Balsamina. It is an eye-catchy plant that grows old with surreal flowers shaded with colors like rose pink, red, purple, white, etc. The blooms have lightly shaded petals with a darker spot of the same color in the middle. This plant looks enthralling when grown in aesthetically pleasing ceramic pots. Once potted from seeds, it will take somewhere around six to eight months to produce its blossoms. Moreover, the plant has a special mention in medical books, as it carries several medicinal properties, too!

3. Verbena

Verbena is more likely the name of the genus and not the actual plant. However, since the genus has about one-fifty species attached to its name, they all go under the genus’s identity. This plant will look more aesthetic when grown in bunches, but ensure you space them at least eight times eight inches apart. These blooms stand on the edges of the tall and bushy foliage with colors ranging from white to purple. They grow in clusters of blooms with a velvety-leafy center. The Verbena genus is so widespread that it consists of annuals and perennials.

4. Cosmos

Cosmos Flower Plant

What an apt name for a flower, isn’t it? The cosmos flowers can actually push one into daydreaming about the mysteries of the cosmos! Belonging to the sunflower family, these flowers also imitate the sunflower’s appearance with their feathery petals. However, unlike sunflowers, these don’t bloom in yellow; instead, they blossom with other vibrant shades of the rainbow, like orange, mauve, pink rose, and white. No matter the flower’s shade, they all look otherworldly with their delicate personality and prettiest aura. Grow them in classic
metal pots to enhance their overall beauty!

5. Sunflower

How can one talk about summer-growing plants without mentioning the one plant that has amalgamated the sun’s name with its identity, right? These plants are famous globally for their appealing shades of yellow mingled with a brownish feathery center. Sunflowers come in several species, so one may choose according to their taste and zone. They unfold with the sun’s warmth during the day into the gorgeous beauties that they are! Creating a flower bed is probably the best way to appreciate and enhance their everlasting beauty.

6. Gaillardia

This is one of those flowering plants in summer that got their name from the enthusiasm of fellow botanists and gardeners. Often called the blanket flower, this plant has an extending blooming season lasting about four months. One may expect these blossoms to sprout after ten to twelve weeks of sowing summer flowering seeds. The flowers spread out with a yellowish-red fluffy center, rendering life to its horizontally erected petals colored with shades of yellow and red. These are perfect to add vibrance and poise to any atmosphere.

7. Nasturtium

Nasturtium Flower Plant

Did you know that not all plants flowering in summer are high-maintenance? Yes, that’s right. Our nasturtium is one of those green buddies who can adjust well to poor soil. Also, they will not only look charming in hanging planters, but they will also live a healthy life in them. Like most flowering plants, they offer a broad scope of shades ranging from orange to scarlet. The blooms are small, with delicately graceful petals stemming from a yellowish middle. Very few people know they can also eat these flowers to experience their peppery aftertaste.

8. Gomphrena

Undoubtedly, our Gomphrena will leave you ‘oomphing’ whenever you look at it! This plant is one of the best flowering plants in summer season to grow at home, especially if you love cut flowers. Once propagated, wait about ten to twelve weeks to witness the magical Gomphrena blooms. These pompom-like flowers typically outburst in purple, but other color options like off-white, orange, and pink are also available at our online gardening market. One excellent quality of this plant is that the more you prune and pluck the blooms, the more you will see it blooming in the future!

9. French Marigold

This plant will make your whole garden cheerful with its vibrant and happy-go-lucky aura. The French marigold is a close cousin of the marigold, so it looks almost similar, imitating the globular appearance of the latter. However, these marigolds are a bit brighter than usual, with vibrant shades of red, yellow, and orange. They are immaculate choices for garden beds, terracotta pots, and as edging plants. The blooms grow from seeds in about eight weeks, and one may also use them for cut-flower decoration at home.

10. Portulaca

If plants went office, Portulaca would be the first to reach and the first to leave as well. This plant is popular for its inclination to unfold flowers during the bright morning hours around 10 am.  Afterward, people often catch it closing for the day around 6 pm. Its unique growing habit has given it another name, ‘10’o’clock flower.’ These flowers will show up in around eight to ten weeks from the propagation time. They look super soft and beautiful with elegant petals colored scarlet, pink, rose, yellow, magenta, and crimson.

Portulaca Flower Plant

Guidelines To Grow Summer Flowering Plants At Home:

Knowing the top varieties is just as important as understanding the depths of what it will take to grow them in reality. So, here are some tips for you to learn before experimenting in a flowering garden:

★ Site Selection

Ensure the chosen spot for flower beds and the floor planters, if any, receives ample summer sunlight during the morning. They should receive at least five to six hours of direct sunshine to grow to their potential.

★ Soil Arrangement

The flowering plants are likelier to adjust in well-nourished moist soil yet drain fast. One may mix boosting resources like manure, cocopeat, etc., to enrich the soil composition. Also, ensure the ground is not too acidic for these gorgeous plant buddies.

★ Propagation

It is much better to sow flowering plants yourself in tiny planters and grow bags catered especially for sowing seeds. Once the seeds sprout with little seedlings, you can move them to a larger space, such as flower beds and containers.

★ Hydration

Flowers require enough hydration to thrive with the prettiest blooms, so offer them generous amounts of water during the initial week of propagation. Afterward, never let the soil get too dry, and hydrate them as per the weather outdoors.

★ Fertilization

These plants will respond best when regular nourishment is provided to them, so feed them either chemical fertilizers or organic boosters like cow dung manure. The fertilizers should be liquid and never come in contact with the flowers and the foliage. Also, ensure no nitrogen passes on to these plants during the main flowering season.

Ideas To Grow Flowering Plants In India:

Although flowering plants are themselves enough to uplift the beauty of any surrounding, one can take advantage of their gorgeous personality and get creative with their propagation. Here’s how:

➤ Pick the planter materials and designs that complement the flowers’ stunning personality if you grow them in containers. One may line these planters on the floor, use hanging baskets, and queue them on windowsills and balconies.

➤ Plan a design for your flower beds and create an artistic layout for them. You can play with geometric shapes and naturalistic forms to let the flowers stand out even further!

➤ Splash the mass effect on your garden by propagating several flowers in bunches and groups. Gauge the species that can grow together and propagate them in groups to render a colorful vibe to your landscape.

➤ Use color schemes to create an eye-catchy garden. For instance, monochromatic color schemes include varying tones of a particular color, while contrasting scheme picks opposite colors in the same flower bed.

The takeaway is that summer flowering plants are a must-have for any summer garden! These plants will enhance your greenery’s outlook and enable a more peaceful environment around you. Endless species are waiting to get welcomed through the convenience of online delivery! Just go through the summer season flowers name list in India to grab yours now!

FAQs About Summer Season Flowering Plants In India

Ques: Which Is The Fastest-growing Summer Flower?

Ans: Zinnia will bloom the fastest in the Indian gardens.

Ques: Can Summer Flowers Grow Through The Winter?

Ans: Summer annuals will only last through the summer season, while summer perennials will not flower during the winter, but they will stay alive and come back to life in the upcoming spring.

Ques: Which Are The Best Summer Flowering Plants In India?

Ans: Flowering plants like the cosmos, sunflowers, plumeria, begonia, etc., are excellent flowering varieties.

Ques: When Should I Propagate Summer Flowering Plants?

Ans: It is advised to plant them during the cold morning and evening hours when the sun is not at its peak.

Ques: Do Summer Flowering Plants Need Direct Sun?

Ans: The lighting exposure for summer flowering plants depends from one specie to another. While some might need lengthy conversations with the sun, others might get satisfied in less time.

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