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Areca Palm | Know Areca Palm Plant Types, Benefits, and Care Tips

by Surbhi Tanwar 30 Oct 2023
Areca Palm | Know Areca Palm Plant Types and Benefits

Palm plants have a meditative aura and a magnificent presence. Gardeners worldwide propagate them in indoor and outdoor gardens to create a happening space loaded with positive vibrations. While there are several varieties of palm trees available to grace your environment, the areca palm plants entice the plant parents with their graceful beauty. Let’s learn about the prerequisites of growing this gracious plant buddy with types and maintenance guidelines.

What Is An Areca Palm Tree?

Areca palm indoors belongs to the vast genus of palm plants that have about fifty-one differing species. Areca palm scientific name is Dypsis Lutescens, and it is also commonly referred to as the Eureka palm in the layman language. All its species prefer the heat of the tropical and subtropical regions like India, the islands of the Philippines, Malaysia, etc. The areca palm outdoors looks like a picture of peace with its flowy foliage that can take on a mighty escalation when planted in large floor planters. It is one of those palm house plants that grow with multiple stems, each one sprouting with numerous leaflets colored bright green. Moreover, several species offer areca nuts, which are widely used for chewing with betel leaves.

Areca Palm Tree

What Are The Different Types Of Areca Palm Plants?

1. Dypsis Baronii

Urban gardeners who compromise with planting magnificent and stunning plant buddies in their homes due to lack of space get happy with the mention of this areca palm variety. It requires propagation in small and colorful plastic pots with well-draining soil, and it will remain lowkey throughout its growth journey. These thrive better in a partially shaded spot safe from wind.

2. Dypsis Decaryi

Often called the triangle palm, it gets its name from its triangular appearance. One can trace this palm’s lineage back to Madagascar, where it was found flourishing with enchanting beauty. Unlike the standard variety, this palm grows old with a single trunk from which branches triangular foliage shaded green to blue.

3. Dypsis Utilis

If you are looking for an evergreen areca palm, your search must end here. This variety is known for its bushy foliage that results from multiple stems gathering several leaflets. The areca palm leaf is not only large, but it is also super gorgeous. This variety also finds significance in medical books due to its health benefits.

4. Dypsis Lanceolata

One of the lesser-known species of indoor palm plants, this species is mainly known for its decorative value in warm and tropical regions. The plant originated in the surreal lands of the Comoro Islands, only to be spread around the tropical and subtropical areas worldwide. This variety can always be noticed when planted in the home gardens!

5. Dypsis Prestoniana

One of the largest varieties of indoor palm trees, this is a perfect palm plant indoors in one’s ornamental garden. It soon becomes the highlight of any place due to its gigantic and bright foliage. Originally from Madagascar, the plant loves the heat of the tropical climates with more humidity than dryness. One may grow it in large ceramic pots to accommodate the beauty that it is!

Popular Areca Palm

How To Care For Areca Palm Plants?

Care of areca palm plant is no rocket science, as the plant is quite low-maintenance in nature. But if you are wondering how to take care of areca palm plant indoors, keep reading to learn the best guidelines for their maintenance:

1. Location

The number one point of areca palm plant care is that it happily adjusts to indoor and outdoor environments. Set it outdoors at a spot that doesn’t receive direct sunshine to protect its foliage from getting burnt. When indoors, place the containers on a brightly lit windowsill to promise them a daily source of bright and filtered light throughout their lifetime. Moreover, the temperature must sync with the plant’s native tropical areas where the atmosphere remains ventilated.

2. Sunshine

The plant will thank you with its beautiful foliage when you keep it in a shaded spot outdoors, as the afternoon sun in India can take a toll on the plant’s health and well-being. One can, however, shift the plant to a sunny spot during the early morning and evening hours to let its foliage seep in some sun. Moreover, placing it permanently in a bright, shaded area will also be acceptable to the plant.

3. Soil

The areca palm will always thrive in a good mix of plant soil rich with organic matter. Further, the soil should provide adequate drainage for the plant to absorb water without leading to rotten roots. One can improve the soil’s condition by mixing some cocopeat and manure. Once the ground becomes well-draining and well-aerated, the plant will flourish with joyous foliage.

4. Hydration

Like most plants, the rule for watering areca palm is waiting until the soil becomes visibly dry. One can insert the finger in the ground to check for dryness, too. Never overpour your love for the plant by overwatering it; however, ensure that the plant is not underwatered either, as that can cause dryness of the leaflets. Don’t forget to empty the planter tray once the drainage hole lets out any excess water.

Areca Palm

5. Nourishment

Your areca palm will be the happiest when you treat it with additional boosters in the form of balanced chemical fertilizers. Ensure the fertilizer for areca palm has a balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The ideal timing to feed the plant is twice a month with an interval of fifteen days in between the feeding cycles!

6. Issues

The palm can suffer from brownish tips due to insufficient watering; however, if the plant starts turning black, this is a common sign of overwatering. One more typical issue with areca palms is that they get fungal diseases turning into brownish spots on the leaflets; use a good-quality insecticidal soap to get rid of this issue. If the stems start turning pink, the roots probably suffer a rot issue. Plus, if the leaflets start turning pale, it is time to feed the plant with a nitrogen-rich booster.

What Are The Benefits Of Areca Palm Plants?

Areca palm indoor plant benefits its surroundings in more ways than one. Hear us out on the areca palm plant benefits before welcoming this surreal beauty to your home:

★ The areca palm benefits the surrounding atmosphere by enhancing the humidity levels. The dry air indoors can soon become problematic for the residents, increasing the chances of nasal, eye, and respiratory diseases. The areca palm maintains a humid environment, ensuring these ENT issues do not arise among the residents.

★ You must have heard the term ‘areca palm air purifier’ by many plant parents. The plant has an excellent ability to clean the indoor environment from harmful toxins, leading to a better and cleaner space with increased oxygen.

★ The areca palm is a lowkey plant that stays happy with minimal care and attention. Once the plant parent fulfills its basic requirements like adequate sunshine, watering, and well-draining nourished soil, the plant will not throw any tantrums, taking the least of your leisure time.

Benefits Of Areca Palm Plants

★ A common query that comes from people having kids and pets at home is whether the plant can cause any harm to them. The good news is that the areca palm indoor plant is one hundred percent safe for keeping in the indoor and outdoor environment with little ones in the house!

★ Areca plant vastu direction ensures the plant offers all the benefits of placing it according to the Vastushastra. Even in Feng Shui, the plant is considered lucky and a harbinger of wealth, peace, and prosperity. No matter where you keep the plant, it will remove negative vibrations, filling the space with good vibes!

Take Away:

The areca palm house plants are genuine beauties to propagate and grow in one’s backyard and indoor gardens. These plants are known for their fuss-free personality, so the areca palm care is a walk in the park. The best part is that one can order the plant from the comfort of one’s couch through the grace of the online gardening world. Look for areca palm seeds online, available at the most reasonable areca palm seeds price. Buy areca palm online from the tap of a finger from authentic gardening hubs like Plantlane!

Areca Palm Plants

FAQs About Growing Areca Palms In India

Ques: How To Maintain Areca Palm Plants?

Ans: Areca palm plant care includes providing the plant with apt sunlight, optimal watering, regular nourishment with areca palm fertilizers, and well-draining soil. The care for areca palm also includes pruning the plant whenever the foliage looks ungroomed.

Ques: What Are The Uses of Areca Plants?

Ans: Some of the most common areca palm uses are to propagate the plant for ornamental reasons. Moreover, some people also propagate it for the areca nuts, often used with betel leaves for chewing purposes.

Ques: Can I Grow Areca Palm Indoors?

Ans: Yes, one can grow areca palms indoors by following the aforementioned guidelines on areca palm care indoors.

Ques: Which Pot Is Best For Growing Areca Palms In India?

Ans: One may grow areca palm in pots that range from terracotta, plastic, ceramic, metal, etc.

Ques: From Where Can I Shop For Areca Palms In India?

Ans: One can purchase healthy areca palms from Plantlane in India at the most pocket-friendly areca palm price.

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