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Spider Plant | Top Tips To Grow And Care For Spider Plants

by Surbhi Tanwar 24 Nov 2023
 Top Tips To Grow And Care For Spider Plants

The gardening world has allotted us a plethora of plant buddies, ranging from the ones that need meticulous care to the ones that are ready to grow even in neglect. Several such plants that require low maintenance and measured love fall into the category of houseplants, which one can maintain indoors and outdoors. Spider plants belong to the same group of fuss-free houseplants that most fast-paced gardeners adorn their gardens with! Let’s learn about the tips & tricks of spider plant propagation and spider plant care!

What Is A Spider Plant?

You must have caught the hanging spider plants in the Indian households, as they look superb in hanging pots. These plants get their name from their spider-imitating appearance, but they are also called by different names like the ribbon plants, hens & chickens, etc. The spider plant indoors belongs to the Asparagaceae family, called Chlorophytum Comosum in the scientific books. The plant grows old with tuberous spider plant roots, sleek & flowy leaves, and tiny white flowers.

Spider Plant

Although the Hawaiian spider plant prefers the heat and humidity of tropical regions like South Africa, the plant has broadly accepted various climates ranging from subtropical to tropical around the globe. Many spider plant varieties are available in India with their beautiful and gracious variegations. The spider hanging plants look nonchalant and surreal when propagated in aesthetic hanging planters.

How To Propagate Spider Plants?

The variegated spider plants can accompany you at home through two propagation methods. The best part about propagating them is that you can go all in throughout the year; however, they, too, have an ideal time of propagation, i.e., the spring and the summer. Nonetheless, the plants will flourish as they do, even when kickstarted during other months. Here are the guidelines on the correct propagation methods before you start worrying about caring for an spider plant:

1. Water Method

★ To grow an indoor spider plant from cuttings, pick a clean jar and fill it with adequate water to let it rest for another hour of de-chlorination.

★ In the meantime, you can use your manual branch cutters to snip some leaves along with the stolon of the parent plant.

★ Ensure the jar is filled to such a length that only the stolon is dipped in water while the leaves are safe from getting wet.

★ Let this arrangement with the spider plant in water sit for some days in a brightly lit area, and change the water whenever you catch it cloudy. After a few days, new roots will start forming, and that will be the perfect time to shift this cutting into a soil-filled container.

★ Settle this container in an area receiving indirect yet bright sunshine.

How To Propagate Spider Plants

2. Potting Method

★ The green spider plant matures with several spiderettes attached to the mother stolon. These bonnie spider plants are ideal for re-potting through the potting approach.

★ Snip one such spiderette along the base and take it to a soil-filled container. Fill the planter with nourished plant soil to provide adequate nutrients to the young plant.

★ Dig an apt hole in the soil, enough for the tiny plant to spread and expand its roots. Cover the container with soil till the plant’s base and place it in a well-lit corner inside the home.

★ Although one can grow spider plant indoor or outdoor, it is best to keep them in a sheltered spot outdoors.

How To Take Care Of A Spider Plant?

The pink spider plant care indoors is not rocket science, as the plant is pretty lowkey regarding maintenance. The curly spider plant will respond well when you fuflill all of the guidelines under how to care for a spider plant bulletin. Read further to learn about the spider plant indoor care:

1. Sun and Shade

The spider plant lighting requirements are simple to understand and even simpler to implement. The spider plant outdoors will prefer a shaded spot, guarded from the direct heat of the mighty sun. However, when indoors, the plant will thrive in a well-lit spot where it receives dappled sunshine. The spider plant light should not be too much that its leaves end up in a decayed position.

Care Of A Spider Plant

2. Potting Mix

Another point of consideration is the soil for spider plants, which can vary from place to place. These plants are super easygoing, so one can pick almost any soil that performs well in the drainage section. However, the plant will prefer a loamy soil that is slightly acidic or alkaline. If the spider plant soil contains too much salt, the purple spider plants will be in danger of the much-dreaded ‘spider plant brown tips.’

3. Watering Cycles

How often to water spider plants is a common question that comes up frequently. Well, these plants are not fond of waterlogged situations that can cause rotten roots, so it is always better to stay on the meager side of hydration by carefully watering the plant. The spider plant watering should be done using chlorine-free water in a watering can; otherwise, you will soon spot brown tips on spider plant.

4. Climate & Humidity

The spider plant hanging in the interiors of your home will require regular misting through a spray bottle so that it always feels at home with the enhanced humidity.  Temperatures below ten degrees Celsius don’t feel welcoming to the plant either, so it is better to shift it indoors and cover it with a protective blanket during freezing days. If you have settled the plant in an airy windowsill receiving natural or air-conditioned drafts, you should guard the plant.

5. Feeds & Treats

The spider plant seeds will thrive even without the boosters, but if you wish to make the process a bit faster and richer, treating the plant with a balanced chemical fertilizer once during the growing season will fulfill your purpose. Avoid using too much fertilizer on all types of spider plants, as that will result in brown leaflets.

Take Away:

Spider plants are one of the most easygoing plants known to gardeners worldwide, which is why their propagation is seen all over the globe. These plants flourish with the least maintenance and pure love given by their parents. What’s excellent is that these plants can be brought home through the convenient means of online delivery, ordering them from authentic gardening hubs like Plantlane. No need to search for a ‘spider plant near me,’ as we are here with the healthiest spider plants for propagation at home! Pick your gardening tools and start urban gardening, beginning with our lowkey spider plant!

Tips To Grow And Care For Spider Plants

FAQs About Growing Spider Plants in India

Ques: How Often Do You Water A Spider Plant?

Ans: The ideal time gap to water spider plants is working with the principle of visual dryness. When you spot your plant’s soil dry, you can water the plant generously enough to hydrate it without making the ground soggy.

Ques: How To Make Spider Plant Bushier?

Ans: This plant is one of the fastest-growing species known to mankind so it will grow in a bushy manner almost naturally. However, if you wish to put fire to the process, prune the plant regularly to encourage healthier growth, and ensure repotting spider plant once a year to allot more space for its roots.

Ques: What Are The Benefits Of Spider Plants?

Ans: Spider plant benefits their surroundings with their charming and positive vibrations that can uplift our moods. Moreover, the plant is designated as a ‘NASA-certified air-purifying plant’ due to its ability to detoxify the atmosphere from harmful elements. Thus, the spider plant uses go beyond its primary usage of increasing home aesthetics through its positivity!

Ques: How To Take Care Of Spider Plants?

Ans: Spider plants grow happily when placed in a brightly lit spot shaded by the direct sun. Further, their place of residence should be filled with well-nourished soil that drains fine. Hydrate your plant regularly when the soil feels dry at the touch, and treat it with a booster only once in the growing season. Don’t forget to trim the plant if you are looking for bushier growth!

Ques: Where Can I Buy Spider Plants in India?

Ans: You can purchase spider plants from Plantlane in India by ordering them online. Plus, don’t forget to save some bucks by shopping from the spider plant for sale section and availing the best spider plant prices!

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