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Top 10 Climber Plants To Beautifully Grace Your Home

by Surbhi Tanwar 28 Jun 2023
Top 10 Climber Plants

Out of the several ways of including greenery in our home’s vicinity, climber plants are one of the most popular methods of getting closer to nature. They are super easy to grow and look beautifully stunning with their delicate grace. Let’s have a detailed look at this type of greenery before bringing it to our backyards!

What Are Climber Plants?

Climbing plants carry delicate stems and branches with soft and fragile leaflets. They have a vertical elevation, but their stems are often unable to stand erect on their own, so they mostly require some sort of support like a trellis, moss stick, mesh wire, support cage, etc. In fact, one may also train them to climb over mundane walls to enhance the beauty around them.

Climber Plants

Often, people get confused between a climber and a creeper, so the former is a kind of vine that grows vertically, but the latter grows horizontally. However, both have similar growth prerequisites, and the rest differs from plant to plant. Nonetheless, these plants are perfect to amp up any space with their delicate charm. Moreover, they are impeccable space savers who will climb over any available support.

List Of Top 10 Climber Plants In India:

When it comes to propagating climbing plants, the list is truly endless. However, we have compiled the best ten below to make your search easier for the most famous climber plants for home:

1. Bougainvillea

One of the most commonly known climbing plants in India, this one will bring a rush of colors to your household. Although it is not necessary to grow Bougainvillea as a climber, the plant looks gorgeous when trained on walls. It matures with tiny paper-like blooms that vary in colors from pink, orange, white, etc. It is also one of the minor maintenance requiring climbers, as it will only require the bare minimum to blossom into heavenly wonder. However, its fast growth can sometimes pose an issue, so ensure regular pruning to keep its growth groomed.


2. Madhu Malti

Also known as Rangoon creeper, this vine is a must-have for all those gardeners who love a mix of green and colors in their gardens. This plant is a fast grower and will only ask for a bit of care & attention. You can train it to climb upwards on the walls and give it a definition by growing it over some iron structure that marks a gate’s entryway. Madhu Malti appears vibrant with bright green leaves and clusters of flowers colored pink & white. If you wish to see your garden blossoming with colors in no time, this is the best pick for you!

3. Curtain Creeper

Imagine cladding your balcony with curtains made of nature! What a sight, right? What if we told you you could turn this imagination into reality with the curtain creeper plant? It is aptly named due to its tendency to grow like a curtain, perfect for creating privacy screens on balconies and terraces, too naturally! Although the foliage needs training and support to impersonate the curtains, it is fairly simple to propagate this climber at home. True to its name, this climber will enrich your surroundings with its delicate and graceful branches!

4. Devil's Ivy

The Devil’s Ivy is a favorite of Indian households due to its quick growth routine. Commonly called a money plant, it is a lucky plant grown throughout the country for its heart-shaped variegated leaves. This gem of a plant is so flexible that one may grow it in water and soil. However, as a climber, it is best to propagate it in soil with the support of a moss pole. Later, let the plant trail over trellises, walls, and any other support system you choose. Also, once mature, you can create many more such propagations, as they can grow from stem cuttings.

Devil's Ivy

5. Orange Trumpet Vine

How can we talk about climbing plants without mentioning the queen of all climbing plants, right? The orange trumpet vine, also called flame vine and Venusta vine, is a superb choice for cladding the backyard with shades of dark green and orange. Its name hides nothing as this climber grows with orange flowers shaped like a trumpet. When this plant is in full bloom, it seems as if you have set the garden on fire! This climber requires a spacious area to spread its root structure and proper sunlight to shine bright!

6. Bleeding Heart Vine

One of the most uniquely blossoming plants in the gardening world, the bleeding heart vine is truly a winner of hearts. This plant is highly eye-catchy as it appears surreal with shiny green leaves and white & red flowers. Its blooms are the most attractive feature as they contrast two vibrant colors - red and white. In fact, the bleeding heart vine comes from the impression of bleeding blooms. This climber carries a woody stem and has limited growth potential. Nonetheless, you will spot it blooming to its best during the spring and summer.

7. Allamanda

Also called Golden Trumpet Vine, this climber grows with gorgeous hues of yellow and green. Although native to America, it is well-liked in India for its shiny yellow blooms, imitating the shape of a trumpet. When outdoors, it’s better to settle this plant in the vicinity of sunshine to expect the brightest blooms. However, one may also propagate it indoors around an indirect light source. This plant copies the flame vine’s blooms in appearance, but actually, they are pretty different.

8. Star Jasmine

Although known by the name of Jasmine, it is not actually the Jasmine plant; however, it does share personality traits with the plant. It is more of an evergreen variant that grows with pretty white blooms with five petals; these flowers are also quite aromatic. Quickly grown without much hassle, the star jasmine is forever ready to become the star of your garden with its low-maintenance qualities. Once matured, this climber will look like a piece of heaven at your doorstep!

Star Jasmine

9. Rakhi Bel

The English name for this climber is called passionflower vine. This climber holds a reputation for blooming with peculiarly unique blooms that have the capability to stop everyone in their tracks! The flower, known as the passionflower, carries an exciting personality and comes in shades like blue, orange, etc. Moreover, this vine can take an elevation of up to twenty-five feet from the ground. The Hindi name, i.e., Rakhi Bel, justifies the look of the flowers as similar to the bands tied on the Hindu festival of Rakshabandhan.

10. Thunbergia

The Thunbergia plant proudly originates from India, also known as the Bengal clock vine and the blue-sky flower plant. This climber tends to spread roughly with its vigorous growing habits; however, when appropriately pruned, you will have a garden full of a hardy climber that impregnates with faded-blue colored blooms. The gorgeous flowers are attached to a stem that closely resembles a rope. One fun fact about this vine is that one may only twine it in a clockwise direction!

Tips & Tricks To Grow Climber Plants:

Now that your green thumb is already twitching to begin experimenting with the best climber plants, it is essential to learn about how to give them the best conditions to prosper:

➤ Understand The Climber

Broadly speaking, there are two categories of climbers - vines and bines. While vines are the climber plants that use their own body as support, bines are the ones that will ask for external support like a plant support cage, etc. It is crucial to know the kind of climber you will deal with in the long term!

Understand The Climber

 Support System

The climbers requiring some support to flourish should be given adequate support for the same. If you wish to refrain from investing in one, train the plant to climb walls or use basic ropes. However, ample options in trellises, moss poles, mesh wires, etc., are available in online gardening stores, which also give you the option to pick from different materials and hues.

➤ Apt Growing Conditions

From rich plant soil that is high in nutrients and balanced in pH to a well-lit spot to regular doses of water to mulching to organic fertilizers to grooming, everything makes a part of growing these climber plants in the best manner. Although all climbers are not inherently the same, they might require different treatments; however, it is our responsibility to gauge their requirements and fulfill them to give our climbing plants the home they deserve!

Why Should One Grow Climbing Plants In India?

➦ The number one reason to propagate climbing plants in your backyard is the ornamental value they lend to your ambiance. There’s no other plant as delicately graceful as these climbers, and they deserve a spot in your lawn area due to their decorative appeal!

➦ We have seen many urban gardeners complaining about the lack of space, and this is the best part of growing these plants: they require the least space. One may grow them on balconies, vertical gardens, terraces, etc., without needing vacant space to place floor planters.

Climbing Plants In India

➦ Most climbers love to blossom with colorful hues, thereby inviting the wildlife for a party. Wildlife, like birds, bees, butterflies, etc., will soon become a part of your garden after the propagation of these climbers.

➦ If you wish to cover a dull spot on the walls outdoors or indoors, the climbing plants are here for your rescue. These present a natural way of decorating the walls without much investment, and the walls will look so much better than before! You can also use hanging planters to let them dangle from space!

➦ Apart from being the styling queens and the space savers, the climbing plants add to the glory of the environment, spreading positivity and good vibes around. Plus, your physical and mental health will boost once you fill your home with the love of these climbers!

Top climbing plant

Overall, climber plants will lend your garden a happy-go-lucky vibe with their impressive demeanor and sweetest climbing capabilities. Such greenery is readily available in online garden stores like ours for you to make the most of your lawn area. Pick the most attractive climbing plants online and be ready to experiment with them when they arrive at your doorstep through the magic of online delivery!

FAQs About Top Climber Plants In India

Ques: Can I Grow Climber Plants In Containers?

 Ans: Yes, one may propagate them in planters, too. Containers are easy to move around for overwintering as well.

Ques: How Often Should I Water My Climber Plants?

Ans: It is advisable to hydrate them generously during the beginning phase. Afterward, one may water at par with the soil’s dryness. Restrict regular hydration during the cold months.

Ques: What Is The Lifespan Of Climber Plants?

Ans: Although the exact lifespan varies from one climber to another, they can last for more than a half-century.

Ques: Are Climber Plants Weak?

Ans: They grow with delicate stems and branches, making them more fragile than other greenery. However, these plants have in-built tendrils that assist them in climbing the support structures.

Ques: Can I Grow Climbers In Water?

Ans: Most climbing plants ask for a soil base; however, it is best to understand the plant better before allotting a residence.

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