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Top 10 Hanging Plants - The Most Exquisite Hanging Plants For Any Space

by Surbhi Tanwar 05 Jul 2023
Top 10 Hanging Plants in India

Gardening has been with us as a therapeutic activity for a long-long time, so while initially, humans were more into growing greenery directly in the soil or using terracotta pots at most, various ways of propagation came into existence as our creativity and intelligence of handling things grew.

Not only do we have several materials available for container manufacturing, but the gardening industry has also invented unique ways for plantations. So, if you, too, are looking for a different way of including greenery in your ambiance, hanging plants can be your best friends. Moreover, such greenery also saves a lot of space so that one can grow them in compact locations like balconies, as well!

What Are Hanging Plants For Balcony?

Hanging pot plants fall into the category of greenery that floats above the ground! They are grown in hanging planters with attached rope-type structures that enable one to hang the containers in the air. These plants look superb in hanging baskets, as most of them have a drooling inclination; they have delicate stems, branches, and leaflets which prefer dangling with gravity rather than standing erect.

Hanging Plants For Balcony

The hanging baskets come in several sizes, patterns, shapes, designs, and materials for the plant parents to mix and match with their plants. If there is no structure where you can hang these containers, you can always go for plant brackets; they get attached to walls to allow one to settle the satellites of the container world. Hanging plants indoors are easy to grow and appear stunning with their elegant foliage.

List Of The Top 10 Hanging Plants In India:

Indoor hanging plants are not a different kind of plant species, as these come from several different species available in the gardening markets. They are actually the ones who are more suitable for hanging containers - not every plant can slay the air-borne container’s vibe, after all! So, here’s a well-made list of all the hanging plants that you can bring home without a second thought:

1. Boston Fern

Alike most fern plants, this one is the perfect match for hanging plastic pots. The Boston fern appears bushy with its glorious growth that grows erect until the fronds mature. This is a slow-growing plant that will create the most minor chaos in the home. It is excellent for indoors and outdoors, so give it filtered sunshine inside the home and partial shade when outdoors. This is a tropical climate lover, so the more the humidity, the better. Overall, the plant imitates a sword-like appearance with little leaflets and an erect personality.

2. String Of Pearls

A fantastic combination of succulent and vine, the string of pearls actually belongs to the daisy family. It dances with gravity when potted in cute ceramic pots. Its foliage will look like green peas attached to wire-like stems. This plant looks like it is straight from heaven, so no matter where you hang it, it will look gorgeous. One can grow it year-round, but the ideal time to cultivate it is during the hot summer. Apart from its delicately beautiful foliage, it also gets pregnant with mini white flowers that smell matching cinnamon.

3. Golden Pothos

This plant is so versatile that we find ourselves mentioning it a million times! The money plant, aka golden pothos, is a hassle-free low-maintenance plant that will soon become your best friend, as you can grow it in a zillion ways! This plant belongs to the climbing plants family, so it is naturally great at climbing poles, walls, and other supports. Grow it in hanging pots for plants and let its glossy green foliage take over the ambiance with its tangling & twining habits.

Golden Pothos

4. English Ivy

The English ivy plant is a kind of climbing plant with a woody personality; however, it can also grow horizontally like a creeper. Nonetheless, propagating it to hanging metal pots will give your garden another dimension! This plant is primarily a foliage plant that grows old with bright green variegations. Its leaves carry an unusual shape for ordinary leaflets. This plant will appear magnificent in any surrounding, indoors or outdoors! It also blooms with green flowers, which are insignificant compared to the whole plant.

5. String Of Bananas

This plant gets its name from its appearance - dark green leaves that impersonate tiny bananas, attached delicately to the dangling stems. The string of bananas is a member of the succulent family that stores water in their flashy leaves. It is actually a sibling of the string of pearls plant, but unlike the latter, it is easier to grow. Gardeners all over the world propagate it for its unique and attractive foliage. However, this plant is a lover of warm weather, so ensure overwintering it as soon as the cold strikes!

6. Peperomia

Peperomia is actually a genus of plants with several variants attached to the name. The genus offers different varieties that grow with varying foliage, but all of them are ornamental in their fundamental nature. Its leaves can grow normally or heart-shaped; they might be tiny, spherical, or fold at the edges. Nonetheless, the plant looks pretty when dangling from the magnificent hanging containers. All plants falling to this genus grow at a tortoise’s pace, but they are also air-purifying plants.


7. Baby's Tears

This plant possesses a dense growth that gets even denser in tropical regions. The baby’s tears plant grows with mat-like foliage that spreads everywhere with numerous tiny leaves. Its preference for warmer climates also makes it like humidity; thus, one can quickly grow it in hanging terrarium kits as well! This plant can do well indoors and outdoors but mostly requires less sunshine. In warm areas that also face some cold days, this plant will die when the cold gets unbearable. Also, tropical regions report this plant to grow invasively, so one needs to prune it regularly for a neat & clean appearance.

8. Begonia

It is a strict tropical plant that loves the sun's warmth more when it is indirect. Begonia is mainly grown for its rich foliage that grows with attractive blossoms. This plant will offer endless flowering when grown indoors; the blooms range from white to pink to red to maroon to green! It becomes essential to prune this plant every once in a while to make way for fresher flowers. Ensure the plant soil is consistently moist and the hanging pot carries a drainage hole. Give the plant the best growth prerequisites, and it will make you the happiest with its surreal blooms!


9. Petunia

If you wish to propagate eye-catchy hanging flower plants, petunias are the one for you! This plant has attractive foliage carrying a mix of green leaves studded with numerous tiny flowers colored pink, white, and purple. It is a blessing sent from the universe to cover your garden with the brightest hues of love! Its branchy foliage is a bit hairy and also carries robust qualities. Provide the plant with apt sunlight, hydration, and organic fertilizer, and enjoy the sprinkled shades through its gorgeous blooms.

10. Spider Plant

The spider plant justifies its name by maturing with dense foliage that spurts out as a look-alike of the spider guys. This plant appears bushy, dense, and beautiful when planted in hanging planters. It grows old with variegated leaves carrying highlights of green and creamy yellow. This plant is hassle-free, low maintenance, and asks for nothing more than the bare minimum! One may propagate it indoors, on balconies, terraces, porches, outdoor lawns, etc.

Care Tips For Wall Hanging Plants For Home:

The quest to grow hanging indoor plants doesn’t end here, as there’s so much more to learn about before planting them at home! The below-given guidelines are carefully catered for you to grow the healthiest hanging plants online in your garden:

✦ Hanging Baskets

The first point to consider is the baskets where you will propagate and hang these plants. The hanging containers will be the home for your hanging plants outdoors for a long time to come, so it becomes crucial to choose a home that suits them the most. For instance, in hot regions, it is best to go for hanging terracotta pots rather than metal ones.

✦ Growth Prerequisites

Remember that all hanging air plants differ from one another, so the suggestion is first to understand their making to give them the best conditions. However, general guidelines point us to grow them in adequately lit areas suitable for their foliage, present them with a well-nourished soil base, and hydrate them whenever the soil seems dry.

Growth Prerequisites

✦ Basket Preparation

The hanging basket plants will accept the baskets as their forever home, so try to make it comfortable for them. The soil should be lightweight, and the containers should be manageable. The baskets must have drainage holes to let any excess water drain.

✦ Nutritional Treats

These plants will love to get tasty treats in the form of a balanced fertilizer, preferably a liquid one. You can also layer coco husks in the bottom to create a healthier environment for them. Coconut products like cocopeat & coco chips are widely known for their ability to nourish the soil best!

✦ Trim Sessions

Most hanging plants are perfect for hanging containers due to their bushy and dangling growths. However, such greenery is also more prone to spread unevenly. It is necessary to groom them regularly to maintain their beauty! Also, pruning sessions will naturally remove dead growths and pave the way for new ones!

Trim Sessions


The best hanging plants for balcony are not only easy to grow, but they also look attractive enough to get included in every ambiance! They don’t take much space, so it is pretty easy to grow them indoors, too! These plants are most suitable for urban dwellers having no backyard space and for lazy gardeners who tend to visit their gardens infrequently!

The best part is you can purchase live hanging plants online while sitting at home through the convenience of online shopping! These plants are readily available in our online gardening store at affordable rates. All you need to do is hop on to the online website, search for hanging plants names, select your favorite picks, place the order, and sit back & relax as your plants reach you through online delivery!

Top 10 Hanging Plants

FAQs About Top Hanging Plants In India

Ques: How Long Will My Outdoor Hanging Plants Last?

Ans: Usually, they last for a season, being annuals, but some can last longer. All are different in their being, so it is suggested to learn about them before propagating them at home.

Ques: Which Hanging Planters Are Best For Wall Hanging Plants Outdoors?

Ans: One may pick from various materials like plastic, terracotta, metal, ceramic, etc. The perfect hanging planter material depends on several factors, like the plant’s growing requirements, weather outdoors, etc.

Ques: Do Hanging Plants Dry Out Faster?

Ans: Yes, hanging plants drain faster as they hang in the air, so water gets drained quickly through the holes at the bottom. One may layer coco baskets in the bottom of the container to ensure better moisture retention.

Ques: Can I Grow Wall Hanging Plants Indoors?

Ans: Yes, one may grow indoor hanging plants low light inside the home, in the outdoor garden, on the balcony & terrace, etc.

Ques: Is It Hard To Grow Hanging Plants?

Ans: No, it is simple to grow and care for low maintenance outdoor hanging plants, given you provide them with the required conditions to flourish.

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