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Top 10 Health Benefits Of Coriander | Interesting Facts About Coriander Leaves

by Surbhi Tanwar 02 Nov 2023
Top 10 Health Benefits Of Coriander

Herb plants have been around us from time immemorial, and the reason why these green buddies have sustained so far is because of their immense healing capabilities. While there is a wide variety of healing herbs available for plantation at home, coriander tops all else due to their common usage in Indian households. Coriander leaves benefits make it impossible for us Indians not to include these aiding herbs in our lifestyles. Read further to understand the intricate details of growing them in your kitchen garden with their significance!

Is Coriander A Herb?

Many people know coriander as a plant that provides edible leaves to include in our diets, mainly for seasoning. Coriander belongs to the herb family of Apiaceae, also going by another sophisticated name called Cilantro. It goes by Coriandrum Sativum in the binomial books of our scientific community. Although the whole plant is as edible as it can get, most people go for its leaves and seeds when talking about consumption.

The coriander plant has a ubiquitous presence worldwide, beginning from Southern Europe to Northern Africa to Southeast Asia. The plant escalates a maximum of fifty centimeters with delicately soft leaflets, which can be easily picked at any time for harvest. The plant also offers coriander seeds, which taste almost like a nut, having a warm and spicy flavor. It also flowers seldom, with soft white flowers having pink buds.

Health Benefits Of Coriander

What Are The Coriander Leaves Benefits?

The benefits of coriander leaves are numerous, and that’s the main reason why this plant has become the personal favorite of most gardeners in India. A coriander leaf is loaded with exceptional nourishment through vitamins and minerals. Continue reading to gauge how these vitamins and minerals provide coriander leaves health benefits.

1. One of the significant health benefits of coriander leaves is that ingesting them regularly proves beneficial for the human eye. The presence of vitamins C, A, and E together ensures the eyes remain healthy, reducing the risk of age-related eye issues like conjunctivitis.

2. Coriander health benefits are also widely known for their ability to enhance the immune system by pushing the immune system toward a better place through the consumption of vitamin C. The white blood cells get a fast-paced regeneration, and the iron absorption capacity increases, too!

3. One of the benefits of coriander juice on empty stomach is its enzyme-producing ability, which naturally lowers the blood sugar levels in the body. Drinking coriander juice and coriander water can benefit people suffering from chronic diabetes.

4. The benefits of coriander water also include reducing the lifestyle-caused bad cholesterol and pushing the body to make good cholesterol instead. In this way, coriander benefits not only the body’s immunity but also the human heart, keeping it healthier.

5. The coriander herb is a storehouse of beneficial minerals like manganese, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium, which have a big hand in keeping the human bones resilient. These minerals also boost the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response, keeping the body more potent than ever!

6. The plant is also loaded with fibers that are the major push behind a healthy digestive fire. When ingested regularly, this green buddy will enhance your gut health with its fiber-filled personality.

Coriander Benefits

7. The coriander leaves benefits for skin are endless, too! From soothing the skin’s heat with its cooling properties to fighting free radicals through Vitamins A and E, the plant is a potent potion for the human skin. This is why the coriander seeds water benefits for skin are also world-renown!

8. One of the mind-blowing benefits of coriander seed water is its consumption works wonders for the mind muscles. The plant is supposed to clear the mental fog, leading to better memory retention. Also, it is proven outstanding as an anxiety reducer.

9. One can also gain coriander powder benefits by including it in the daily diet. This will help increase the body’s infection-fighting capabilities, keeping the body bereft of foodborne infections. Some people also claim the leaves are highly effective in keeping urinary tract infections at bay!

10. The best part of growing coriander at home is that it can be easily included in day-to-day consumption through several methods. One may use the fresh and dried coriander leaves as dressing in salads and vegetables, drink its water, use the powder, or consume the seeds!

Some Cool Facts About Coriander:

✦ The consumption of coriander leaves, water, and seeds is not limited to Indian households. This generous healing herb is known, propagated, and harvested worldwide for its beneficial qualities!

✦ Coriander is not a contemporary herb; instead, it has been around since the mid-sixteenth century! In fact, the herb got a mention in the Holy Bible, too!

✦ The term coriander is derived from the Greek term Koris, referring to a stinky bug. This juxtaposition is made because when the herb gets crushed, it emanates a similar smell to that of the stinky bug called Koris in Greece.

Facts About Coriander

✦ Very few people know that the plant tends to bloom with gorgeous white to pink flowers, which later convert into edible fruits known as coriander seeds.

✦ The uses of coriander are so broadly varying that this herb gets mentioned whenever someone talks about the healing properties of herbs in general. The plant enhances the immune system, builds good cholesterol, drives digestive power, blesses the glow in the skin, and so on!

How To Grow Coriander At Home?

Whether you wish to gain coriander water benefits or coriander leaves benefits, the first step is to understand what it takes to grow this plant in your kitchen garden with the best means possible! Here are all the details you need to gather before getting started:

Climatic Equation

The coriander plant loves the tropical climate of India, where the atmosphere remains dry and free from frosty days. It flourishes best in India during the heat-filled days from early March to late May.

➜ Soil Seasoning

The plant is not a fuss-making green buddy, so growing it in a well-draining plant soil will be enough. However, if you wish to grow the best variety of coriander plants, it is best to pick a well-nourished black soil enriched with organic nourishment like garden manure.

Sun's Gaze

As mentioned above, the plant loves hot and tropical atmospheres. Thus, the ideal location for its placement is in floor planters that receive the morning four to six hours of sunshine. The plant can also thrive well in partially shaded spots.

How To Grow Coriander

➜ Watering Schedules

The coriander plant likes getting submerged in water while avoiding a waterlogged situation that might cause rotten roots. We mean to water the plant generously using a watering can whenever you find the soil on the drier side, but ensure the hydration does not exceed its limit.

➜ Happy Harvesting

Once the plant starts sprouting with adequate leaflets inching three to four, it is a safe time to pick them out from the outer growths in the ceramic pots. The fresh coriander leaves can be used in the cuisines immediately, or they can also be dried for later usage. Moreover, it’s best to harvest the seeds once the fruiting season is done and the nuts start looking brown!

Take Away:

Concluding all this, the coriander plant is a boon for humankind! The plant’s leaves are tastily edible so that they can be easily accommodated in day-to-day meals. Moreover, growing coriander at home is a walk in the park, as the plant only needs basic growth requirements to be fulfilled before sprouting with healthy and edible leaves, stems, and seeds. What’s a plus here is that one can quickly order coriander plants from online gardening stores like Plantlane and enjoy the plant’s benefits from the comfort of one’s couch!

FAQs About Coriander Plants in India

Ques: Is Coriander A Shrub?

Ans: One fundamental question in most plant parents is whether coriander is a herb or shrub. The simple answer is that the plant is considered a healing herb from ancient times, not only in India but also in the world.

Ques: Can I Make Coriander Juice?

Ans: Yes, one can include coriander in smoothies and juices by mixing the leaves with other beneficial ingredients to avail of the coriander juice benefits.

Ques: What Are Some Coriander Uses?

Ans: The plant can be included in several cuisines, from salads to curries. One can blend the leaves in juices and smoothies, and given their edible taste, one can also eat the leaves raw.

Ques: Are There Any Coriander Seeds Benefits?

Ans: The coriander seed water benefits the human body in numerous ways through the enrichment provided by the vitamins E, A, C, and K, and several other beneficial minerals.

Ques: Can I Buy Coriander Plants Online in India?

Ans: Yes, you can purchase coriander plants from Plantlane at reasonable prices in India.

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