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Top 10 Lily Flower Plants - Know Varieties and Maintenance Tips

by Surbhi Tanwar 16 Aug 2023
Top 10 Lily Flower Plants

Flowers come with in-built wiring that connects them straight to our hearts and souls. Their infinite beauty, numerous hues, intoxicating aromas, and loud existence is enough to charm any human being. While there are endless varieties of flowers in India, here we will put the lily plant in the spotlight. So, let’s understand more about the top 10 lily plants and their care prerequisites!

What Are Lily Plants?

The lily flower in India falls in the Plantae kingdom of greenery within the confines of the Lilium genus. Coincidentally, the term ‘Lilium’ traces its origin in Greek literature, meaning ‘flower.’  People in ancient times perhaps called all the flowers Lilium; that’s a thought, right? Introspections apart, this plant is native to the world's temperate, subtropical, and tropical regions. There are about eighty to a hundred lily species available for propagation globally. The plant is so famous for its beauty that the Royal Horticultural Society has awarded at least eleven lily flower names to date. What’s better is that one can grow these varieties at home and enjoy the gorgeous scenery and soothing fragrances that come forth as a result!

Lily Plants

What Are The Top 10 Lily Flower Plants In India?

Although the lily plant types are truly endless due to several true varieties and their hybridizations, we have compiled a record of the top 10 lily flower plants to ease your burden of selection:

1. Trumpet Pink Perfection Lily

As the name implies, this pink lily flower has a trumpet-like appearance painted with pink hues; the blend turns out perfectly. This plant impregnates pink blooms, each carrying six petals and a few orange-colored stamens. Its blossoms look gorgeous with the green foliage as background. These are widely used for cut-flower decorations, and their aroma is truly mesmerizing. Although the flower and stem’s size might vary from bulb to bulb, most produce noticeably large and pretty blooms!

2. Trumpet Regale Lily

First found on the zeniths of mountains in China, this white lily flower looks like it descended straight from the heavens. Each stem grows old with numerous dark-pink buds that unfold into white trumpet-shaped lilies, carrying a yellow spot in the center. This plant is blessed to cater to about ten flowers per stem, so the whole plant looks like pure grace when grown at home. One may harvest the flowers later and settle them in a flower vase to enrich the ambiance.

3. Rio Negro Lily

The red lily flower plant got christened after one of the largest tributaries of the Amazon River called rio negro. It produces delicately elegant blooms that no one can ever ignore! They look enchanting, with a mix of red and black and light-colored stamens peeking out from the middle of them. Moreover, the flower petals are rimmed with a snowy-white hue, like a cherry on the cake! Their personality, appearance, and fragrance will give you no reason not to bring them home!

Rio Negro Lily

4. Casablanca Lily

Named after a city in Morocco, this white lily flower plant produces camphor-white flowers, flocked throughout, emanating a brilliant scent through their huge persona. These blooms are synonymous with sophistication due to their stunning outlook. The size of the flowers might range from ten to twenty-five centimeters, making them a perfect pick for cut-flower styling. This plant is also an ideal specimen for cultivation in flower beds, containers, and backyards!

5. Butter Pixie Lily

The name perhaps tries to justify this yellow lily flower’s appearance - yellow-colored blooms sprinkled with the pixie dust from the heavens! This plant matures with about fifty centimeters of huge blooms, ideal for decorating any ambiance. Their vibrance can’t be contained even when these blossoms don’t emanate any fragrance. These trumpet-shaped blooms will ask for proper maintenance and regular pruning!

6. Bright Diamond Lily

True to its name, this plant matures with charming blooms that are white like milk; they are the definition of purity and innocence. These blooms are lovers of symmetry, and they also spread a strong smell wherever they appear, which is why they are often utilized in the pursuit of producing perfumes. The plant's overall appearance complements itself with the glossy green foliage surrounded by bright white blossoms!

Bright Diamond Lily flower

7. Yellow Water Lily

One may now add a bit of the water element to one’s garden with this aquatic species of lily. This water lily flower is popularly grown in the Indian subcontinent, appreciating its pretty yellow blooms that float on the water’s surface. This plant’s leaves might vary in size, but the lilies are super beautiful and mesmerizing! Even better, these are also available in a dwarf variety, so one can easily grow them in little bowls of happiness!

8. Canada Lily

An original from the North American regions of the world, this lily tiger flower has adapted to thrive in partially shaded locations, which is rare for most species. This variety grows with yellowish-orange flowers that dangle from the branches while their petals seek an upward inclination. This plant will soon become the highlight of your gardening landscape!

9. Peace Lily Flower

Although not a true lily, we couldn’t end the list without mentioning this variety. The peace lily plant indoor is a popular houseplant in the Indian subcontinent, grown primarily for its ease of nature and stunning white flowers. Peace lily plant care is extremely fuss-free, so people with less time or beginner gardeners can easily grow it at home without the fear of messing it up! The best part is that you can grow it in water and plant soil. Also, the peace lily plant benefits its surroundings by acting as an air purifier!

Peace Lily Flower

10. Elodie Lily

Any talk about elegance will surely lead us to this variety of tiger lily flower that grows with double-layered blooms. Although the size of its flowers is not as huge as others, they look incredibly gorgeous due to the extra layers of petals fitted inside them. These blooms carry a shade of pink with numerous black polka dots within the petals. The lack of pollen in the flowers makes them suitable for cut-flower decorations, too!

How To Grow And Care For The Lily Plants?

Inviting these enchanting species of flowers at home is really exciting, but it’s also essential to learn about their care requirements and growth parameters. Read further to understand the meticulous care guidelines for the blue rain lily flower plants:


The blue lily flower bulbs should be ideally propagated during the spring, especially when the upcoming winters will be intense. People can also propagate them in the autumn at places where winters are not that freezing. The process begins with loosening the soil to make adequate space for the bulbs to settle inside. The pointy side of the bulbs should face outwards, after which you can cover the hole with more soil. Don’t forget to provide a generous dose of hydration right after propagation.


The chosen potting soil mix must be rich in nutrients, so mixing it with compost, manure, and cocopeat is a good idea. Although the soil preference for each spider lily flower might vary a bit, they will generally ask for soil that stays abundant with nourishment. One may re-add compost every spring to maintain the soil’s intrinsic value.


Most lily flower colours require full exposure to sunlight to reach their potential growth and flowering, so select a well-lit outdoor space to propagate them directly in the ground or floor planters. However, it is also important to learn the nuances of growing each calla lily flower, as some might seek partial to full shade, too!

Lily Flower Plants


Hydrating the lily plants right after planting the bulbs, in the beginning, is a must. Afterward, be punctual with your watering schedules and generous with the quantity. However, there won’t be as much requirement for hydration during the monsoons and even less during the freezing days of the year.


This is such an underrated gardening practice that a lot of people don’t even know of this technique. Mulching is basically the process of layering dry stuff like leaf stalks, wooden shreds, etc., around the plant to maintain moisture, retain nourishment, and protect the ground from extreme cold.


The lily plants will definitely seek nutrient-rich diets on a regular basis from the day they are planted to weeks after flowering is done. Feed them a chemical fertilizer rich in potassium, and witness them blooming with the most vibrant flowers ever! This additional feeding is required every two weeks from the date of propagation.


Although most Shirui lily flower varieties don’t bloom for a second time, it is vital to trim them to save energy for the next blooming season. You can trim the branches, decayed stems, and faded flowers to put your purple lily flower plant in energy-saving mode. However, make a rule of never trimming the plant’s leaves and rather let them fall on their own when autumn strikes the doors!

top 10 lily flower plants in India

Growing the top 10 lily flower plants in India will come naturally to you once you follow the general care guidelines and stay attentive to the process. Through their graceful existence, these pretty blooms will surely sprinkle your home garden with love, happiness, beauty, and joy. They are easy to grow, manage, and maintain, so don’t wait; pick your favorites as soon as possible!

FAQs About Top 10 Lily Flower Plants In India

Ques: Do Lily Bulbs Deteriorate?

Ans: Yes, this is the reason why it is better to purchase lily bulbs when you are ready to propagate them. Otherwise, these bulbs will rather decay than go dormant.

Ques: How Much Distance Should There Be Between Two Lily Bulbs?

Ans: The ideal distance between two lily bulbs is about three times the bulb's diameter; these gorgeous beauties will crave space once they mature, so it is better to be foresighted. Also, grow them in numbers of three to five, as they will look more eye-catchy in groups.

Ques: Is There Any Symbolism Behind The Lily Plants?

Ans: Yes, in several world cultures, the lily plants are portrayed as symbols of love, happiness, warmth, affection, and ardor. Some cultures also have traditions to take the lily flowers to funerals. Moreover, like roses, different colors of lilies resemble a different quality.

Ques: Can I Grow Lily Plants In Containers?

Ans: Yes, one may propagate the lily plants in pots and planters. Further, shift the plant to a bigger container or in the landscape when it outgrows its previous residence.

Ques: From Where Can I Buy Lily Plants In India?

Ans: Several online gardening stores give the option to order lily plants online. You can shop for lily plants from Plantlane in India at pocket-friendly lily flower prices.

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