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Top 10 Lotus Flowers - Most Beautiful Varieties Of Lotus Flowers

by Surbhi Tanwar 05 Sep 2023
Top 10 Lotus Flowers - Most Beautiful Varieties Of Lotus Flowers

Not all of us might be too interested in the static facts about our vast and culture-oriented nation, but since childhood, we have all been told about the national flower of India, i.e., the lotus flower. It might come as a surprise to you that the lotus is not only our national flower but it is also the national floral symbol of Vietnam. Read further to learn more exciting facts about the top 10 lotus flowers in India!

What Is A Lotus Flower?

Lotus is one of the rare flowering gems in the gardening world that is too humble and flexible with its propagation prerequisites. The flower is the epitome of purity, originality, and innocence. It is no wonder why the lotus is our national bloom, for it carries an extremely inspirational existence. The flower is known by Nelumbo Nucifera in the scientific gardening world, but locally, it has been allotted several names, like sacred lotus, Indian lotus, Laxmi lotus, etc.

Lotus Flower

The Chinese term the white lotus flower as a symbol of longevity, for it was in the Chinese landscapes that thirteen hundred years old lotus seeds re-inhabited the region. The flower resides across northern and central India and East Asia, with certain species also popping out in Sri Lanka. The plant denotes so many virtuous symbols, but it is also a ball of gorgeous beauty! Once grown at home, this plant will increase the aesthetic quota around!

What Are The Top 10 Lotus Flowers In India?

Did you know that the lotus symbolizes spirituality and enlightenment for Hindus and has a mutual contract with the Buddhists? Perhaps it is the personality of this sacred flower that pushes us to reach the zenith of consciousness! The graceful colour of lotus flower varieties adds a cherry to the cake! Let’s learn about the top 10 lotus flowers to plant in the home gardens:

#1 Asiatic Lotus

One of the most common types of lotus flowers in India, this one originated from the surreal lands of Asia. The plant has a maximum potential height of four feet, with large, eye-catching flowers and pea-green floating leaflets. This variant is always ready to bloom and, thus, is often found growing in groups along riversides. The flowers have large and smooth petals covering one another, with tinges of white and pink mingled perfectly!

#2 Lotus Of Golden Wheel

If you are looking for an extremely delicate lotus cultivar, then this golden lotus flower is suitable for your visual buds. This plant grows old with elegantly delicate flowers and foliage with rich shades of white, yellow, and green. While the foliage stays light and green, the petals are colored white with a highlighted yellow center resembling a wheel! It is also one of the easy-to-propagate lotus varieties, so one can quickly set up one’s aquatic garden with this specimen.

#3 Angel Wings Lotus

This is one of the largest variants of silver lotus flowers, as it grows with large, attractive flowers with ten-inches huge petals with white hues. These flowers are charming enough to add grace and glory to any ambiance and bloom best during the months after summer and before winter. This plant is also quite flexible as it can grow in shallow containers carrying shallow water and doesn’t require much water to thrive! The blooms spread purity and vibrance with yellowish-green outgrowths circling the mid.

Angel Wings Lotus Flower

#4 Cherry Lotus

Borrowing the name from its appearance, the cherry lotus plant is extremely gorgeous and comfortable in its appearance. It doesn’t take much space as it can only grow to a maximum of eight inches, but it still catches hearts with its tiny demeanor. The flowers are pretty particular about having eighteen petals, all colored with the mesmerizing shade of cherry. The plant looks like a picture taken in the heavenly abodes when blooming!

#5 American Lotus

Also called Water Chinquapin, this nonchalant-looking lotus variety is a gift to the world! It looks super adorable with sophisticatedly delicate and elegant flowers that have a minimum of twenty petals, all colored either yellow or white. Contrary to the delicate flowers, its foliage is rather erect and sturdy. The plant’s leaves add beauty to the flowers with their unique bluish-green tint. Overall, the plant looks enchanting with its loud presence.

#6 Lotus Of The Clear Moon

One of the favorites in the Asian regions, the lotus of the clear moon is a popular cultivar across the nation. The flowers bloom beautifully with at least twenty-six petals, colored in a blend of pink and white. These blooms appear on extremely tall and rigid stems that can mature with a maximum of sixteen inches. These flowers epitomize love and purity with their elegant blooms and strong foliage. Moreover, one may also find a pistachio-like fruit in the middle of the blooms!

Lotus Of The Clear Moon Flower

#7 Green Maiden Lotus

The green maiden lotus makes us wonder about the effortless beauty of the universe. This plant is unique in every way of being, with oval petals and a chameleonlike inclination to change its colors. The plant appears gorgeous, with oval petals that can change their hue from light pink to light green. This plant can mature to four feet in height and dramatically beautiful blooms! It will look heart-warming when kept amidst the aesthetic garden seating!

#8 Sunflower Lotus

Like sunflowers, this lotus is a fan of the mighty sun’s warmth and grace; therefore, it forever looks ahead to have enchanting conversations with the sun. The plant will take some time and patience to provide dark-pink blossoms with a yellow center highlighted with white stamens. This plant is a lover of warm and tropical climates, but to everyone’s surprise, it can also tolerate moderate levels of cold weather.

#9 Curious Lotus

The plant gets its name from its innate ability to make every onlooker curious and confused about its personality. It is one of the rare lotus cultivars that can carry three hundred to six thousand petals in its magnificent blooms. These flowers grow old with two flower stalks attached to a single stem, in which the bottom one grows large pinkish petals, while the front has smaller petals with a reddish appearance. It is also one of the rare lotus varieties to regrow from roots rather than seeds!

Curious Lotus Flower

#10 Blue Star Lotus

A local from the southern and eastern parts of Asia, this flower is a brilliant lotus variety. It is known for the splash of colors sprinkled by its blooms ranging from purple, blue, mauve, and Fuschia to white. These flowers carry about fifteen geometrically perfect petals in alignment with the angles and a yellowish-green center with stamens pointing upwards. The blue star lotus is the life of many water gardens nationwide!

Growing Tips Of Lotus Flower Plants:

Step 1 - Buy lotus flower seeds from an authentic online or offline gardening store like Plantlane!

Step 2 - Open the decorative plant seeds packet and empty it in a container filled with hot water. The grains that start floating on the surface should be discarded, as they are infertile.

Step 3 - Leave the seeds in the water; you will spot several root growths after a while.

Step 4 - The visible root growths are a sign from nature to transfer the seeds into a floor planter filled with garden loam. Place this container in another container with two inches of warm water. Ensure the water remains consistently deep and warm for the coming weeks.

Step 5 - This lotus settlement should be kept in a space receiving ample sunshine for six to eight hours per day.

Step 6 - With time, you will witness more robust root growths, an ideal time to shift your lotus plant wherever you wish to settle it.

Note - One may grow the lotus plant from the soil-based approach, using decorative ceramic pots as its place of residence! These plants should be given ample sunlight and additional nourishment through chemical fertilizers!

What Are The Health Benefits Of Lotus Flower Plants?

Lotus is not only here to add beauty and elegance to your space, as each part of its existence is valuable to human health. Here are some potential lotus benefits to humans that can be advantageous after proper conduct of studies and research:

▶ Rich In Antioxidants

The pollen-producing parts of the lotus plant hold several antioxidants responsible for restricting the disease-building blocks of the immune system, especially concerning diseases developed from oxidative stress like cancer, Alzheimer's, and liver issues.

▶ Anti-inflammatory Properties

The extracts from the leaves and seeds of lotus plants are known to reduce the immune system's inflammatory response. These inflammations result from poor diet, smoking, lack of exercise, and built-up infections. The helpful compounds in lotus leaves and seeds are excellent for breaking those inflammatory channels.

Lotus Flower Plants

▶ Antibacterial Agent

Lotus leaf extract is super beneficial for the dental health of humans, as the extract eliminates the risk of cavities and gum infections to a large extent. This extract is an elixir for the removal of bad bacteria present in the mouth area.

▶ Lowered Blood Sugar

The antioxidants in the lotus leaves can be helpful in reducing the heightened blood sugar levels in people. Humans suffering from diabetes and sugar can benefit from the antioxidant-rich composition of the lotus leaf extract.


The lotus flower online is our nation's superhero with its originality, vulnerability, gorgeousness, and helpful nature. When propagated in the home environment, this flower will look like a symbol of love and joy. With some attention to detail and patience, you will soon have your aquatic garden blooming with the prettiest flowers! One of the best things about lotus flowers is that they are low-maintenance and easy to maintain!

Top 10 Lotus Flowers In India

FAQs About The Top 10 Lotus Flowers In India

Ques: How To Grow A Lotus Plant?

Ans: Lotus plant care includes placing it in a properly lit area receiving direct sunlight. Also, ensure the water level in its container stays at least five centimeters above the soil level without touching the plant’s leaves.

Ques: Can I Grow Lotus Plants In The Soil?

Ans: Contrary to beliefs, some varieties of the lotus plant are eligible to grow in both water and soil.

Ques: How Long Will My Lotus Plant Live?

Ans: Different types of lotus flowers might live for different timeframes, but being a perennial plant, it will bloom year after year.

Ques: How Long Will My Lotus Plant Take To Bloom?

Ans: It will take about three to four weeks in apt conditions to bloom.

Ques: Why Is The Lotus India's National Flower?

Ans: The lotus was chosen as a national symbol due to its ancient significance in religions, mythology, and spiritualism. It also finds mention in the Bhagwad Gita, where it is exemplified by God as a metaphor for detached living.

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