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Top 10 Low Maintenance Outdoor Plants for Your Garden

by Surbhi Tanwar 03 Jun 2023
Top 10 Low Maintenance Outdoor Plants

Everyone likes the pinch of shades greenery brings into our lives with its lush crown, glossy leaves, and soul-speaking blooms. However, we all know that tending to a garden is a full-time job; it is not all fun and games. But the catch is that certain plants actually ask to give them the slightest attention possible!

Yes, you read that right. Some plant buddies are essentially low maintenance, to the extent that they only need primary care. Remember, their fuss-free nature doesn’t mean they accept neglect; it just means they are more accepting of your fast-paced lives and agree to flourish on their own with minimal care from your side.

Top 10 Low Maintenance Plants

 What are Low Maintenance Outdoor Plants?

The diversity in the plant species provides us with a plethora of options: if you are a green thumb enthusiast, you probably are managing several attention-seeking plantations; however, if you are someone who loves the sight of greenery but your schedule keeps you on your toes, the low maintenance plants will seem like a boon to you.

These hassle-free plantations grow to their peak potential without bothering their plant parents much. They require essential maintenance like correct placement and soil with a few bouts of water now & then. In fact, the green world also consists of several green buddies, which are so hardy that they grow from side creeks.

Top 10 Low Maintenance Plants in India

The low maintenance outdoor plants in India will let you focus on your work while creating an appeasing ambiance in your backyard. They require the most minor care, and they will reciprocate with brilliant hues of green and other colors, based on which ones you choose! You can propagate them in any container that matches their vibe the most.

What are the Caring Criteria for Low Maintenance Outdoor Plants India?

It is no news that all living beings, including plants, require some care & attention to perform at their best. Similarly, the low maintenance green buddies also need minuscule maintenance levels to grow healthy. Here’s how to treat your fuss-free greenery in an optimum manner:

#1 Proper Sunlight

We can’t stress this enough, but most outdoor plants for home need efficient conversations with the mighty sun to be productive. Not all of them will pick a direct dialect with the sun, so make sure you understand their preference before assigning a spot to them. Also, if your residence falls in places burning intensely with heat, it’s better to let the greenery enjoy the morning light and shade afterward.

#2 Nourished Soil

Propagating all greenery in nutrient-rich soil is a sure-shot way of ensuring their well-being. The plant soil is the primary home for their lifetime, so it becomes essential to mix the earth with other nourishers like cocopeat & coco chips, compost, etc. A perfect mix of soil ensures a healthy upbringing, adhering to the low maintenance notion of these plants.

Nourished Soil

#3 Hydration is Key

Once you have gauged the lighting requirements and placed the plants accordingly in a nutrient-rich mix of soil, all you need to do now is to offer them regular and measured doses of water. No matter how much we love our plants, overfeeding water will lead to rotten roots. Also, underwatering will make them droop and appear unlively. No matter how fuss-free your plant is, ensure proper watering with a spray bottle or a watering can whenever you catch the soil dry.

#4 Regular Treats

Even the hassle-free plantation could do with some nutrient boosters, right? Although they don’t ask for extra nourishment besides well-nourished soil, a treat of a balanced organic fertilizer will prove good for them. In fact, feeding them with chemical fertilizers will improve the soil’s nutrients even more, letting the plant parent sit carefreely. The additional boosters will fulfill soil deficiencies while amping up the plant’s health.

#5 Grooming Sessions

Each plant is different and, thus, grows in a manner unique to itself. While some tend to keep their presence tiny, others might take more space than you have for them. This makes it important to trim the low maintenance plants when you wish to control their spread, or remove the decayed growths, if any. Although most green buddies grow at a slow pace, keeping a check on them is better.

#6 Protection from Winters

Although most plants have winter-fighting capabilities rendered to them by nature, some might find it hard to survive winter’s wrath. One superb way of protecting outdoor plants from getting frozen in the outside spaces is by propagating them in planters. The container-grown plants can easily be moved indoors whenever need be. However, if you pick the soil-based approach, cover them with protective blankets so the low maintenance plants don’t catch a cold!

Plant Protection from Winters

A list of the top 10 Low Maintenance Outdoor Plants for Home Garden in India:

★ ZZ Plant

The Zamioculcas zamiifolia is an excellent example of a low maintenance plantation in India. It has a tremendous ability to resist draught while flourishing in low-lit environments. One may place it in classy terracotta pots for a rugged finish combined with its glossy green leaflets.

★ Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant traces its roots back to some desert areas where it originated as a succulent. Gaining prominence in modern times, it is a particularly hardy variety that requires almost no maintenance. Use old earthen pots to propagate this robust specie and emanate a desi vibe.

★ Snake Plant

You must have noticed a straight yet wavy plant with crisp & glossy leaves coated with variegations of green. This fuss-free plant is a favorite of beginner and expert gardeners, as it appears enchanting when placed outdoors. It loves shaded outdoor locations and holds a high resistance to freezing temperatures.

Snake Plant

★ Kaner

One of the most suitable plants for the Indian climate, Kaner comes in varieties leading to differently colored blossoms from yellow, pink, white, etc. This green buddy also finds its name in several ancient texts, becoming a personal favorite of religious hearts. It will take minimal care, and you can plant it directly into the soil to let it spread its crown in the years to come.

★ Cape Periwinkle

Commonly known by its desi name in India, Sadabahaar, this plant stands true to its Hindi name. Sadabahaar basically means something that always blossoms, and this plant does the same. No matter the weather conditions and the place of propagation, it will bloom with pretty-hued flowers. It is so low maintenance that we have seen it growing from side creeks, too!

★ Bougainvillea

If you wish to splash shades of color in your entire landscape through some easy means, then bougainvillea is the one for you. It loves the outdoor ambiance so much that it flourished without much attention. Its blooms range from pink, white, orange, etc., and spread around with vigor; this makes it essential to trim it for controlled growth.


★ Spider Plant

The spider plant often finds itself in tropical locations like India, where the blend of heat and humidity is perfect. This green buddy won’t ask your attention with its demands but rather snatch your attention with its gorgeous foliage. It grows with variegated leaves that hold shades of green and cream and loves the outside atmosphere receiving zero to nominal sunshine.

★ Christmas Cactus

Do you stay in locations receiving more freeze than the sun, or wish to add some ornament in your tropical garden during winter? In any case, the Christmas cactus will be ideal for you as it loves the cold in the breeze. This plant asks for almost no maintenance and falls in the category of low maintenance outdoor hanging plants, as it looks heavenly in the hanging planters.

★ Shami Plant

It is not only a low maintenance plant buddy but is also popular in the scientific world of Vastu due to its charming personality. The Shami plant is robust and maintains its evergreen attitude throughout the year. It carries the potential to mature into a tree and is also a famous green candidate in religious communities.

Shami Plant

★ Star Cactus

Settle mini ceramic pots outdoors after propagating this hassle-free cactus that loves the outdoor sun. It sticks to a subtle build with its glossy and translucent leaves, and if you are lucky enough in its upbringing, you might catch a few tiny white flowers during the hot months of the year.

Can I Place Low Maintenance Plants Indoors?

The short answer is yes. However, keep in mind that every plant is a different breed, requiring a different set of lighting and watering. While some accept the closed surroundings indoors, some will always prefer the outdoor climate better. It becomes necessary to gauge their preference and learn about their requirements before settling them inside the home.

Low Maintenance Plants Indoors

Remember, even low maintenance plants can decay and die, they are not inherently immortal. So ensure you fulfill their bare minimal needs in your best capacity!

Where Can I Buy the Best Outdoor Plants for Home?

If you have read so far, you are probably wondering about the prospects of buying these low maintenance outdoor plants for garden. Well, worry not, for our online gardening store is the perfect place to purchase these fuss-free buddies in the healthiest condition. Further, you can scroll through the low maintenance outdoor plants name list to determine your best pick.

We make it a point to nourish & nurture these plants, providing them with the best of everything, so if you order low maintenance plants online, you will receive a package full of greenery and well-being, ready to brighten your day & mood. These are available at highly affordable prices on our online gardening website.


The last few years, especially during the pandemic and afterward, have pushed all of us to get closer to nature outside and the peace within. We have all seen growth in the gardening industry as more and more people are inclined toward having a garden of their own! The inclusion of greenery keeps us sane due to its close proximity to nature.

However, our routine lives often don’t allow us to tend to another life with utmost care. But as we know now, one can quickly propagate greenery without keeping a lot of time aside for tending it. The low maintenance plants are robust and self-sufficient enough to care for themselves while you give them a few doses of love every now & then.

Outdoor plants

These green buddies are a perfect addition to the urban gardens lacking the natural vibe. Their presence will boost your morale while making you more productive and creative. Not only that, but these plants are also known for their ability to promote mental health, and the process of propagation, no matter how easy, will also feel like cheap therapy at home!

FAQs About Top Low-Maintenance Outdoor Plants

Ques: Can a Working Woman Keep Low-Maintenance Plants?

Ans: Yes, any person catering to a job other than gardening can maintain these fuss-free plants without much hassle.

Ques: Can I Place Low-Maintenance Plants in the Office?

Ans: Hundred percent! Several low-maintenance plants agree to be a part of your work desk. All you need to do is to water them before leaving on the weekend and hydrate them again after coming back, too!

Ques: Do Low-maintenance Plants Have a Short Lifespan?

Ans: No, being low-maintenance doesn’t necessarily deduct the number of years from these plants' life. In fact, some varieties are pretty robust to last for years.

Ques: Are There No Low-maintenance Indoor Plants?

Ans: Various maintenance-free plants qualify for plantations inside the house, too!

Ques: How to Care for Fuss-free Plants?

Ans: Provide them with adequate lighting, watering, and soil. Don’t overwater or overfeed them with fertilizers.

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