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Top 10 Lucky Plants To Bring Peace & Prosperity

by Surbhi Tanwar 08 Jun 2023
Top 10 Lucky Plants

All gardeners globally understand the value of growing beautiful plant specimens, from decorative greenery to the ones that make it to our stomachs. But what if we told you that some selected plant buddies had been assigned a unique tag of ‘luck’?

Yes, that’s right. Although all greenery emanates positive vibes, a few of our green friends are super-qualified to bring positivity to our surroundings. These plants are the harbingers of luck, positivity, serenity, wealth, and at times, love! This blog will deepen our understanding and appreciation for such lucky greenery!

What Are Lucky Plants For Home?

The good luck plants are basically greenery holding a reputation for relieving stress, purifying the atmospheric ambiance, and cleansing negative vibrations of a place. These plants are known for their quality of summoning all things good, like peace, wealth, fortune, love, prosperity, and luck!

Lucky Plants For Home

These green buddies are actually backed-up by the Indian science called Vastushastra. As per Vastu, the placement of certain plants at certain spots indoors and outdoors can be beneficial for both the residence and its residents. Such greenery, however, is not limited to homes, as one may place these plants in organizations, institutions, etc., as well!

List Of Top 10 Lucky Plants For Home Vastu

Most greenery ushers in a positive aura with their existence, but not all are backed by the Indian Vastu science and Chinese Feng Shui. To make things furthermore accessible for you, here’s a record of the best lucky plants for home that will bring good luck, prosperity, wealth, and wonderment to your residence:

#1 Money Plant

This green buddy is a popular plant specimen in Indian households, and it is also a famous figure in the world of Vastu. This plant is said to eradicate negative vibrations wherever placed, but the ideal placement is the southeast spots of the house. Also, it has a reputation for increasing the wealth flow in the house but ensures that the plant doesn’t dangle downwards and instead climbs upwards.

#2 Peace Lily

One of our personal favorites in the indoor house plant department, the peace lily plant grows with dark green glossy leaflets that accommodate a graceful white flower in between. Apart from purifying the air around, this plant is a perfect piece of greenery to stabilize the peaceful and harmonious vibrations of any room. It also looks fantastic when placed in a flower vase.

Peace Lily

#3 Lucky Bamboo

How can we talk about good luck plants without mentioning their OG - the lucky bamboo plant? This plant is so lucky for any ambiance that it carries the term ‘lucky’ in its name. It can be propagated in both water and plant soil, but most people prefer keeping it in water-filled glass bowls. Different numbers of stalks are dedicated to varying qualities of love, luck, peace, wealth, abundance, etc. Moreover, this plant is more often gifted as a token of luck!

#4 Holy Basil

The holy basil, locally known as the Tulsi plant, is widely known in the Indian subcontinent due to its popularity based on religious reasons. You will find this plant gracing almost every Hindu household, as they worship this plant almost every day; lighting diyas near the plant is a common practice seen in India. This green buddy also has enormous medicinal benefits and keeps the environment protected from any negative vibes.

Holy Basil

#5 Areca Palm

Most palms have mighty and magnificent qualities to their personality, so whenever you propagate one, a palm will always make a loud noise with its abundant personality. Out of all, the areca palm is best known for clearing the air of pollutants and depressing vibrations. This plant looks stunning when grown in aesthetically pleasing plastic pots. Also, as per the Feng Shui belief system, it makes up for any absent Feng Shui element in the ambiance.

#6 Bonsai Peepal

Indians consider the Peepal tree one of the most sacred trees, given its religious value, while Buddhists consider it holy due to Buddha’s enlightenment spree under it. However, when planted indoors as a bonsai specimen, this plant will bring lots of positivity inside the closed walls. Remember that growing a bonsai Peepal takes more than just bonsai pots, so strengthen your concepts to make the most of it.

#7 Rubber Plant

It grows with glossy dark green leaves in a round and elongated manner; these leaflets are responsible for bringing wealth & luck to the residence, primarily when settled in the southwest direction. The rubber plant is exceptionally low-maintenance, as it can handle long bouts of low light. Grow this plant in Buddha-faced ceramic pots to increase the serenity quotient around!

Rubber Plant

#8 Jade Plant

This green buddy holds a small demeanor, growing with small flashy dark green leaflets. The jade plant carries so much positivity within that Feng Shui suggests placing it in certain directions to achieve specific goals. For example, settling it in the east direction will ensure cordial family relations, while placing it in the southeast direction will summon wealth & prosperity. Also, assign it a west-side location to encourage creativity among the children.

#9 Lotus

The lotus plant carries tremendous goodwill due to its originality, purity, and endurance. It is one of the rare plants that can grow in exceptional conditions like mud. When grown near the windowsills, it will invite a lot of luck, happiness, grace, wealth, and love through the windows inside the home. Ensure proper sunlight exposure for about five to six hours daily to let the plant flourish with elegance.

#10 Orchid

The potted orchid serves various varieties, as you can choose from many color options. It is considered one of the most gorgeous plants and might take a bit more care than your usual plantations. However, its significance lies in its ability to attract loving and nurturing romantic relationships in life! This plant won’t only look like a piece from heaven, but it will also release oxygen at night, raising the health bar around the ambiance.

Orchid plant

Also, here’s a list of lucky plants for business:

  • Money plant
  • Lucky bamboo
  • Jade plant
  • Snake plant
  • Four-leaf clover plant
  • Pachira aquatica
  • Peace lily
  • Dracaena
  • Moth orchid

How To Grow Lucky Bamboo Plants?

Lucky bamboo, one of the most popular good luck plant specimens, is a famous pick nationwide. So let’s learn more about how to grow this plant without much fuss:

1. Water Plantation

  • Take a fresh stalk cutting and remove any offshoots. Ensure you choose a long and healthy stalk for propagation.
  • Gather all your cuttings and place them in a glass bowl filled with distilled water; it is crucial to use it as the tap water contains chlorine, which might hamper the bamboo’s growth.
  • Put the stalks in the water-filled bowl or vase without submerging the whole of it.
  • Place the bowl in a setting that receives indirect sunshine. Don’t forget to replace the water every once in a while.
Water Plantation


2. Soil Plantation

  • An alternate method suggests planting the lucky bamboo in the soil.
  • Pick a small container with a depth of at least three inches, and fill it with a well-draining potting mix.
  • Insert the bamboo stalks up to two inches deep and place the container in a spot receiving filtered sunshine, as too much warmth will burn its leaves.
  • Feed the plant with a balanced organic fertilizer to enrich its growth.

How To Care For Good Luck Plants?

Although caring for all plants is a matter of balance between light, soil, and water, here’s how to go about it:

  • Gauge your lucky plant’s growth preference before assigning a lighting option. If the indoors have shallow light, you can pick grow lights to ensure adequate lighting.
  • Provide a rich environment by mixing the best resources, like manure, compost, perlite, etc., with the soil.
  • Watering is a tricky business, but if you hydrate them according to their soil’s dryness, that will be enough.
  • Regular pruning will save your plants from unwanted diseases as you leave no room for nasty pests on the decayed growths.
  • Although most lucky indoor plants feng shui don’t need much nourishment besides what we have suggested, you can treat them with a balanced chemical fertilizer once a month.

From Where Can You Buy The Best Good Luck Plants In India?

Growing lucky plants at home is no more a big deal, as you can purchase these green buddies from the convenience of your home. Our authentic online gardening store supplies the healthiest lucky plants across the nation at the most affordable lucky plants price.

The ordering process is as simple as it gets - all you need is to open the website on any internet-connected device, search for good luck plants as a category, or if you have a particular plant in your mind, then type the name, and scroll through various variants for the same.

Best Good Luck Plants In India

Once you are satisfied with the scrolling and have chosen your picks, simply shift them to your virtual cart and click on the buy now option. Your good luck plants will reach you through the best online delivery in India within seven to ten business days.

Should You Buy Good Luck Plants?

The short answer is ‘yes,’ and the long answer is also yes. Jokes apart, these luck-bringing plants will charm your home with their positive vibes and promise to bring fortune, love, and peace through their existence. Not only the house, but you can also imbibe positivity and prosperity in your office ambiance by introducing these plant buddies!

Give the lucky plants a chance and notice your surroundings transforming into a peaceful residence. These plants will not only bring good luck to your life but will also purify the atmospheric air and boost your mental health. From lucky plants for bedroom to the ones for the study table, there’s no place indoors where you can’t place them. So, don’t wait up; nurture the greenery that nurtures you back!

FAQs About Top Lucky Plants In India

Ques: What Is The Importance Of Lucky Plants?

Ans: These plants are appreciated for their magnificent presence and the ability to call good vibrations into the home. They are said to keep the residents healthy and happy due to their positive and prosperous aura.

Ques: Is It Hard To Care For Good Luck Plants?

Ans: It is not hard to propagate and maintain lucky plants; in fact, some varieties are pretty hassle-free to work around.

Ques: Can I Gift Lucky Plants?

Ans: Absolutely! Lucky plants make for a wonderful and valuable gift for our close ones.

Ques: Why Are Lucky Plants Categorized As Lucky?

Ans: The Indian science, called Vastushastra, and the Chinese science, called Feng Shui, are responsible for categorizing these plants as lucky.

Ques: Is It An Omen If The Lucky Plant Dies?

Ans: No, it is not an omen. However, it does symbolize that the good luck plant was bereft of the proper care & attention that it deserved.

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