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Top 10 Mosquito Repellent Plants | Plants That Keep Bugs at Bay

by Surbhi Tanwar 21 Oct 2023
Top 10 Mosquito Repellent Plants

Gardens have a beauty of their own, which not only attracts us humans but also attracts mosquitoes, insects, and flies. While some of these pests benefit the plants, others might end up harming their existence. However, mosquitoes near the garden and home can soon frustrate the residents. But the good news is that several plant specimens raised their hands to join in eliminating mosquito movement! This blog is all about mosquito repellent plants that look attractive and deter these irritating and harmful insects from the ambiance.

What Are Mosquito Repellent Plants?

Several plants carry an in-built mechanism to repel flies, like mosquitoes and other insects. These plants assist the gardeners in creating a well-performing garden with gorgeous beauty that also repels insects. The plants that repel mosquitoes and flies belong to different genera and species, so growing them in the garden together will give you a mosquito-free space with versatile beauty. Mosquito plants are as simply propagated as other plants, and most are easily maintained through a loving upbringing.

Mosquito Repellent Plants

What Are The Top 10 Bug Repellent Plants?

If you are one among us who gets really finicky when a fly keeps buzzing while you are relaxing in the garden, you must have had this question what plants repel mosquitoes? Although gardening industry has several mosquito repelling plants available for propagation in home backyards, here’s a list of the best plants to repel mosquitoes:

1. Lavender

One of our personal favorites, the lavender plant, also has a prominent place in the group of insect repellent plants. It grows with the prettiest bloomed colored light to bright purple that looks surreal in every environment. These flowers, however, are eye-catchers and one of the top guesses when someone asks what plants keep mosquitoes away! One may quickly grow lavender plants to deter mosquitoes from the gorgeous gardens. They require unhindered conversations with the sun with a well-draining plant soil.

2. Marigold

They are considered the perfect anti mosquito plants for home gardens due to their mesmerizing blossoms. One may propagate marigolds in terracotta pots to compliment their rugged beauty. Once in their blooming season, they will work wonders in keeping the frustrating flies away from the greenery. Marigolds are one of those plants that repel mosquitos and can also eliminate the risk of other insects like aphids, whiteflies, thrips, etc. One excellent idea is to propagate them near vegetable gardens and as hedges to deter insects from ruining the yields!

3. Lemongrass

Also called Citronella, it is one of the best plants to repel mosquitoes from the home environment. One should propagate it in large floor planters to give it enough space to flow gracefully. This plant’s leaves are often crushed to get the lemongrass oil, but planting it as it is will also repel insects and mosquitoes due to its subtle lemony fragrance. If you wish to grow it directly in the soil, then it is suggested you cover it with a protective sheet when the winter strikes.

Lemongrass Mosquito Repellent

4. Rosemary

It comes under the natural mosquito repellent plants that have an irreplaceable ability to cleanse the atmosphere of insects and flies. Often used in the culinary spaces as a healing herb, this mosquito grass is a popular pick to deter those nasty bugs and flies! Its aroma is soothing to the heart and soul; most plant parents also use it to prepare healing oils and teas. It will look superb in aesthetic ceramic pots as it grows slowly and gracefully!

5. Geranium

If you are looking for aromatic plants to repel bugs, the scented Geraniums will rescue you! These plants are sometimes confused with lemongrass, but these two are not the same. Also, they look absolutely different from each other. The Geranium plant is also called the Odomos plant due to its odomos-like qualities to deter mosquitoes and other bugs. They flourish best in warm and dry areas but can also be grown in frosty climates with some pruning.

6. Mint

One of the non-poisonous plants mosquitoes hate, the mint plant is truly a gem in the gardening world. It is known for its minty fragrance and ability to cool the human body when ingested. Moreover, it is also a perfect specimen to keep the mosquitoes and bugs at bay! One may grow it in the kitchen garden and use its dried leaves indoors and outdoors to deter pests. It is one of the low-maintenance plants to keep mosquitoes away from your surroundings!

Mint Mosquito Repellent

7. Sage

A lot of gardeners worldwide recognize the sage plant for its ability to keep the ambiance pure and peaceful, but not many appreciate it for being one of the plants that keep mosquitoes away. The plant has an earthly aroma that emanates when one burns its leaves, so one could also throw some of its figs in a burning pit and create a soothing atmosphere that will impact the atmosphere positively!

8. Basil

Tulsi is often considered a religious plant specimen mostly linked with worship. However, this plant is also one of the most popular plants that deter mosquitoes from its surroundings. The plant grows with a relatively low-maintenance attitude and, thus, is found in most Indian households. One could propagate it in planters and rub the leaves directly on the skin to keep the mosquitoes away. However, these leaflets can also be converted into insect-deterring concoctions and sprayed using handy spray bottles!

9. Marjoram

It is a close cousin of the oregano plant, as it resembles its properties, so people often use it as an alternative with a slightly intense taste. However, these oregano variants are excellent plants to keep bugs away. It is a fantastic cultivar to grow in the home gardens to keep the mosquitoes at arm’s distance forever! Grow it in color-popping plastic pots to intensify the overall look, and enjoy the beauty and fragrance of this healing herb!

Marjoram Mosquito Repellent

10. Bee Balm

Are you looking for some enchanting flowers that repel mosquitoes? Your search ends here, as this plant is known for enticing aesthetic insects like butterflies and bees while keeping the frustrating ones away! Some gardeners call it horsemint, and the plant grows with vibrant flowers in various shades, from pink to purple. One of the most gorgeous plants that repel bugs, it is known for its aesthetic appeal and incredible ability to cleanse the atmosphere from mind-boggling insects.

What Are The Benefits of Bug-repellent Plants?

➛ Bug-deterring plants are used not only to keep mosquitoes at bay but also to have other tasks. Depending on the type, they can also serve in the kitchen and in the gardens as an ornamental beauty.

➛ These plants are known for keeping bugs and flies away from the home environment, making the atmosphere safer for the little ones in the home. We all know how dangerous mosquitoes can be for the kids, right?

➛ Mosquito-repellent plants will surely keep you and your family safe from the onslaught of flies, but they will also keep the greenery safer from incoming pest attacks by inducing an atmosphere that brings positive bugs while repelling the negative ones!

Bug-repellent Plants


Finding the right plants that repel insects is not tough, right? Even more interesting is that you can order these plants that repel flies and mosquitoes from the comfort of your couch through Plantlane’s gardening website. Search for what plants keep mosquitoes away, and you will be showered with numerous results to pick the ones that entice your vision. Most of these are easy to grow and maintain, so you can create a gorgeous garden with versatile plants that bring positivity while keeping the atmosphere mosquito-free!

FAQs About Mosquito-repellent Plants In India

Ques: Does Mint Repel Mosquitoes?

Ans: Yes, mint is one of the top results when people search for what plants keep away mosquitoes. The mint plant will keep most bugs at bay while serving you in your culinary world.

Ques: Do Citronella Plants Repel Mosquitoes?

Ans: The Citronella plant is also called the lemongrass plant, known for its lemon-like aroma. This fragrance is a brilliant mosquito deterrent.

Ques: Does Lavender Repel Mosquitoes?

Ans: Lavender is often the number one plant for determining what plants deter mosquitoes! It is a pretty plant that blooms with lavender blossoms, emanating a soothing smell that keeps the mosquitoes away!

Ques: Do Marigolds Keep Bugs Away?

Ans: Marigolds are one of the best flowering variants to add vibrance and grace to the home garden while creating a shield from irritating flies and harmful bugs. These plants will also protect any vegetables growing around them.

Ques: Can I Grow Bug-repelling Plants Indoors?

Ans: If the chosen mosquito repellent plant prefers to grow in low and filtered light, you can surely grow them indoors.

Ques: Which are the best Bug repelling plants?

Ans: Lavender, Marigold, Rosemary, Geranium, Sage, Basil and Marjoram are the best bug repelling plants. 

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