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Top 10 Outdoor Planters to Beautify Your Garden and Outdoor Space

by Surbhi Tanwar 01 Jun 2023
Top 10 Outdoor Planters

Imagine a flourishing garden with endless greenery that ranges from foliage-rich buddies to flowering plants. What an eye-catchy sight, right? We know that so many people lack the space to entertain a gigantic garden, but the good news is that you don’t need an ample area for growing plants.

With outdoor planters, you can propagate any plant without a vacant space waiting for you to till. But if you have a backyard lawn area, you can also settle these planters to complement the theme of your garden. Here’s everything you need to grasp before investing in these containers:

What Are Outdoor Planters?

The outdoor containers are pots built to be kept in the outdoor ambiance. No matter which plants you wish to propagate, it will look amazing in the pot outdoors. These can be placed at any spot - the backyard garden, patio, driveway, porch, balcony, terrace, etc. They come in a wide variety of materials and sizes to accommodate your plants in the best ways possible.

Outdoor Planters

How To Choose Planters For Outdoor Plants?

Modern outdoor planters come in several varieties as they differ in materials, shapes, sizes, hues, and so on. It can get a bit tricky deciding which planters will suit your outdoor plantations best. So here are some points to take note of before filling your cart with potential containers:

1. Planter Measurements

These containers come in several sizes beginning from micro, which is generally one to four inches, and ranging up to extra-large, which has an elevation of more than eighteen inches. However, not every plant requires a gregarious home for its upbringing, as the needed space is mainly determined by its root structure. Usually, tall outdoor planters accommodate the plants easier with their spacious nature.

2. Planter Drainage

No matter which container you choose, it must have a drainage hole to ensure the exit of any excess water. Drainage holes keep the soil optimally moist by draining the unrequired water and saving the soil from waterlogging. A pot without a drainage hole can quickly impact your plant’s well-being, so it is better to create a hole yourself. Also, certain planters, like self watering pots, carry a reservoir that supplies water to the plants when needed.

Planter Drainage

3. Planter Material

Every potting material is different in its being, as it offers varying advantages over other materials. As they are kept outdoors, they also fight through different climatic conditions; thus, varying materials provide varying weather protection. For example, terracotta is excellent at enhancing soil porosity but doesn’t allow for ease of movement, while plastic containers are easy to move, but their production degrades the environment. Metal ones are full of shine and sparkle yet get super hot when placed in tropical settings. Grow bags are washable and reusable but might not appear attractive enough.

List of The Top 10 Outdoor Planters in India:

A. Terracotta Planters

One of the oldest potting materials in the world, it is also known as red clay. The terracotta pots allow for an accessible water and air passage, rendering the soil more porous than before. They also safeguard the plants from water logging issues but are comparatively heavier and might crack in freezing temperatures. However, you can let your creative horses out by painting them in different shades to increase their attractiveness.

B. Metal Containers

Planters made of metal have a lustrous appearance, as they are built using aluminum, steel, copper, zinc, etc. The metal pots have an otherworldly appearance, but shifting their heavy existence can be a task. While most weather conditions are bearable by them, intense heat can cause them to heat, damaging the plants. However, one may use them as cache containers, placing smaller planters built of a different material inside them.

C. Plastic Planters

One of the most lightweight containers in the gardening world, plastic pots are easy to move and usually have a shining colorful appearance. These are the first to catch your eye due to their availability in color-popping hues. They have a pretty long lifespan as they resist most weather conditions; however, it is advisable to check if they are BPA-free before growing edible greenery. Also, they can become a burden to the environment due to the process of their manufacturing.

D. Wooden Planters

These containers are built of different types of wood, lending them versatility in their domain. The wooden pots give off vintage vibes with their rusty and antique-looking raw materials. One may mix and match the wood with the surroundings to create an eye-catchy theme. However gorgeous, these planters are more prone to fade due to the sun’s wrath and carry less durability than other containers.

Wooden Planters

E. Fiberglass Containers

Fiberglass is a glass fiber made through fiber-reinforced plastics that are closely knit into sheets. These are perfect as decorative outdoor planters due to the versatility they carry. Apart from their gorgeous personality, they can also fight almost every weather condition, from intense summers to freezing winters! Moreover, their lightweight approach to life makes it easier to relocate them.

F. Ceramic Planters

These can be categorized as luxury outdoor planters due to their sophisticated appearance that ranges from glazing glossy to textured matte. The ceramic pots come in several designs and patterns to match any garden’s vibrance. However, they are more prone to chipping during winter, so it is better to shift them indoors once the summer ends. Nonetheless, any green buddy planted in them will flourish with good health.

G. Grow Bags

You must have seen grow bags in the local nursery nearby, as most nursery gardeners prefer the plastic/HDPE version to grow tiny saplings in them. While the HDPE ones can assist in seedling growth, the fabric ones are comparatively attractive. They come in different shades, are washable and reusable, plus the handle at the top makes them convenient to move. Also, one may fold them to store them when not in use.

H. Hanging Containers

The lack of urban space and the creative zeal of gardeners combined to innovate the hanging planters. One may quickly hang them from plant brackets, etc., ad their graceful personality will do the job. Creeping and climbing plants look particularly pretty in such planters as they dangle with delicate beauty. They are available in myriad materials, shapes, sizes, and hues to pick the most suitable planter.

Hanging Containers

I. Vegetable Pots

If you wish to grow your organic veggie garden but are not sure where to begin, our vegetable planters are the right spot to kickstart the journey. Their manufacturing is done in such a way that ensures zero toxins in their build. One may quickly grow any vegetable in them for oneself or sale in the commercial market. Growing herbs & veggies in the backyard will assist you in eating consciously!

J. Coir Pots

Coir is a superb material from the mighty coconut we all love. The production process for coir pots includes removing the coir fibers from the coconut husk and coir granules from the fibers, then the leftover material is washed, dried, and given a stream treatment to reach the final product. These are incredibly beneficial for the environment, as they are biodegradable. Also, one could place them directly into the soil to degenerate or keep them inside another cache container.

Which Are The Best Plants For Outdoor Planters?

The beauty of outdoor gardening is that it embraces almost every plant specie, so one could pick a single genre or cultivate a mix of different plant species for an ornamental vibe that is also rich in utility. Ensure that you pick local plants that suit the climate and the light received by these planters. Here’s what you can propagate in the planters meant for outside:

✸ Annuals

These green buddies go through their life in a single cycle and then perish afterward. They come in several varieties, from flowering to foliage-lush beauties, and one could take advantage of their growing season to cultivate them properly. From large pots to small ones, these appear fantastic in all of them.

✸ Perennials

The perennial greenery goes through its peak performance during the spring and summer, then go dormant in the winter but comes back to life in the following spring. These plants are perfect candidates for a long-lasting upbringing, and the variety is endless.


✸ Shrubs & Trees

One may grow most shrubs in the most giant containers available online. Propagating trees or their dwarf version in them is also acceptable; just remember to shift them to a spacious place later. Also, various dwarf trees, like pomegranates, etc., allow the gardener to upbring them in large planters.

✸ Herbs and Vegetables

What’s better than growing greenery? It is the prospect of growing edible plants in your backyard garden. Their plantation makes one eat a healthy diet while making one bow in gratitude for the effort it takes to produce them. You could also indulge your children in propagating vegetable growing kits to induce their interest in the field of gardening.

Herbs and Vegetables

“Go Green With The Eco-Friendly Outdoor Planters.”

One step towards a greener future is to ensure the plantation of more and more greenery. However, we all need to take another action that pushes us to choose eco-friendly planter materials for a sustainable gardening experience. These containers will not only benefit the environment but are also healthier for the plantations.

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Planters

For example, coir pots are themselves a source of nourishment to the greenery, while cow dung pots impose zero pressure on the environment. If you wish to introduce a bohemian vibe outdoors, then jute or bamboo planters will do it in an environmentally friendly way. Certain manufacturers are also trying to make biodegradable plastic containers to maintain the demand for plastic.

Budget-Friendly Outdoor Planter Styling Ideas For Your Garden:

The glorious outdoor planters are available in different sizes and dimensions, giving us the opportunity to play with our creative minds a little to impose eye-catching decor in the outdoors. Below are some customizable decor ideas for your outdoor garden:

  • Placing large outdoor containers near the entry gate is a wonderful way of impressing the guests at first glance. These pots will symbolize hard work & efforts on your part while increasing your home’s curb appeal.
  • Create botanic art with the inclusion of three types of plants: a thriller, a spiller, and a filler. A thriller plant has unique foliage ranging from spikey colorful leaves to flowing variegated ones. A spiller plant falls into the category of creepers & climbers, which basically dance on the beats of gravity. A filler plant will aid you in filling the gaps in your garden with its bushy appearance.

    • Budget-Friendly Outdoor Planter
  • If you wish to highlight a particular garden corner or a special plant, the idea is to use a statement planter; these are large containers that speak loudly with their stunning presence.
  • Characterize the greenery using modern-day planters that ditch the traditional outlook. These could be serene faces, cartoon characters, or abstract containers.

Take Away:

Outdoor planters give us the opportunity to grow greenery in traditional as well as contemporary ways. The versatility in materials, patterns, and shades allows us to create an aesthetically pleasing picture in our backyard gardens.

What’s more impressive is their availability in the online garden marketplace at pretty reasonable prices! All you need to do is hop on the online garden store, pick the planters you love, and order them with a single click.

The convenient ordering process enables you to summon beautiful outdoor containers home in safely packed parcels within a few business days. What a fuss-free approach to gardening, isn’t it?

FAQs About Top Outdoor Planters in India

Ques: What should I look for in outdoor planters?

Ans: The selection of outdoor containers should depend on the material, life span, care prospects, and decor possibilities.

Ques: Which is the best material for outdoor planters?

Ans: Each material used to manufacture outdoor pots offer different possibilities in relation to the weather outdoors, the plants propagated, and the handling care. So picking one best planter material won’t do justice to others.

Ques: How deep should outdoor containers be?

Ans: The depth of outdoor planters depends on the plant’s potential maturity and current growth stage. For instance, propagating a seed and transplanting a mature plant are two different situations, demanding two different pot depths.

Ques: Are drainage holes essential for outdoor planters?

Ans: Yes, it is always better to pick an outdoor planter with a drainage hole than one without it.

Ques: Are large outdoor planters heavy to move?

Ans: Their heaviness is a byproduct of their material, the soil inside, the plant’s maturity, and the size of the planter. A large plastic planter might be less heavy than a medium-sized ceramic container.

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