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Top 10 Succulent Plants To Welcome In Home Indoors

by Surbhi Tanwar 24 Jun 2023
Top 10 Succulent Plants

Have you ever seen such greenery that is graceful yet tough at the same time? One can enjoy their presence without them asking much from one’s daily routine. Such plants are often confused with their sibling ‘cacti’ and are typically known as succulent plants. They will let their plant parent carry on with their daily schedule while sprinkling the aura of elegance around!

What Are Succulent Plants?

Even if you are a teeny tiny bit into the art of gardening, or you have checked the succulent plants meaning, or you chance upon visiting a colleague’s greenery-filled house, you must have glanced upon some thick-leaved plants, mainly carrying an erect personality. These plants have flashy thick leaves that are actually used by the plant for storing water, making the succulents more flexible in hot and humid areas.

Some cacti might fall in the succulent category, as a cactus is fundamentally a succulent only; what distinguishes them is the presence of areoles on the cactus’s body. A succulent plant looks pretty cute with its synchronized leafy patterns and flashy persona. Since these plants are already resistant to draught-like conditions, they are a favorite in the tropics.

Succulent Plants

They can easily get propagated through a plucked leaf and are so low-maintenance that all they want you is to let them bask in their glory. A succulent will readily tolerate heat and enjoy long conversations with the mighty sun; however, some species might prefer a relatively shaded spot. These plants are fun to have at home, as they won’t take much of your time and appear absolutely gorgeous as centerpieces in the garden seating area.

What Are The Top 10 Succulent Plants In India?

A succulent’s self-sufficient nature entices everyone to bring at least one home, so we are presenting a list of the top ten to make your succulent plants online selection process a bit easier:

1. Aloe Vera

A highly respectable plant in the cosmetic industry, the aloe vera plant carries a succulent plants names that grow without any stems; the leafy part is all there is. However, these leaves get enlarged and flow in an erect manner. The aloe leaves are filled with a flashy sap that is often used in herbal beverages and beauty care products. This plant looks attractive in rugged terracotta pots and can also flourish indoors when cared for in the right way. Ensure exposing it to sunny spots when outdoors, and pick a south or west-facing windowsill corner indoors.

2. Snake Plant

Often, beginner gardeners confuse the snake plant for an aloe vera plant. The snake plant is visibly different than the aloe in more ways than one - the former grows with straight, erect leaves that are devoid of any herbal flash. This plant is highly loved by gardeners worldwide due to its fuss-free personality. It can stay in low-lit areas with almost no water for a week without throwing any tantrums. An absolute favorite in the indoor succulent plants category, this will color your world green with its dark green variegated robust leaves.

3. Adenium

Also known as the Desert Rose, this plant matures into a flowering beauty, elevating as high as ten feet when planted in the soil. However, one may quickly grow it in cute ceramic pots to keep the growth controlled and beauty overflowing. These small succulent plants flourish with pretty pink blooms that are enough to capture every heart. They are low-maintenance, but it is suggested to keep them away from the little ones in the house! Gardeners worldwide are also trying their hands at the bonsai art of growing these plants.

Adenium Plants

4. Christmas Cactus

Also known as the holiday plant, the Christmas cactus can fill your home with a flowery aesthetic vibe this holiday season. These succulent indoor plants are some of the rare ones that bloom profusely during the winters and look fantastic in hanging planters. After propagation at the right time, you will spot it blossoming with pretty-hued flowers till the new year lasts, after which it will spread elegance with its flat bright-green leaflets.

5. Agave

This succulent carries at least two fifty types of succulent plants in its genus, ranging from stiff-leaved ones to soft-leaved ones. This plant can elongate in both horizontal and vertical directions, taking an elevation of up to ten feet. However, it can also grow in a measured manner in the floor planters. Whether container-planted or not, this succulent plants Vastu will soon become the highlight of your house with its thick, narrow, and pointed bright green leaves!

6. Moon Cactus

One of the most loved succulent plants indoors, the moon cactus is commonly seen with succulent lovers. It comes in several hues ranging from bright pink to gorgeous orange to neon yellow. This plant has some mutant disorder that obstructs it from the process of photosynthesis, so it generally goes through a grafting process to sustain itself for a long life to come. Nevertheless, it will look pretty gorgeous sitting on the balcony walls, propagated in the wall planters indoors, and gracing the living areas with its tiny yet loud presence.

Moon Cactus Plants

7. Stonecrop

I think these popular succulent plants types get their name from their personality, which is strict as a stone yet flowy as a creeper crop. This trailing succulent gets pregnant with pastel-hued blooms that sit atop its Glossy leaves. These are extremely easy to cultivate due to their low-demanding nature. Not only will they make your garden more aesthetic without much effort, but they will also send an invite to the bees and butterflies because the flowers carry ample sweet nectar, too!

8. Lithops

Would you believe it if we told you that the lithops plant is a succulent that imitates garden stones & pebbles exceptionally well? Yes, you read that right! This online succulent plants uses imitation techniques similar to stones, giving it another name called the ‘Living Stone’ plant. These plants are a dream come true for busy plant parents, as they can put them in tiny and cute plastic pots, then leave them on their own. In the right conditions, this plant will sprout with flower-like structures that make it even more unique!

9. String Of Bananas

You must have heard of the heavenly string of pearls vine-like plant, right? Well, this succulent is a close cousin, which is far less fussy. This plant hangs delicately down the metal pots in several strings of banana-like leaflets, and one may also propagate into the soil to give it trailing classes; both ways of propagation will look stunning, though. It grows fast and demands almost nothing more than bright filtered light indoors and afternoon shade outdoors.

String Of Bananas Plants

10. Hoya

One may easily grow this succulent in the home indoors, receiving bright yet indirect sunshine. This tiny succulent can gain maturity within years when planted directly on the earth. However, as an indoor specimen, it will remain controlled and blossom with red and pink flowers, that too in clusters! These are down-to-earth succulent plants good for home that capture everyone’s attention just with their innocence. Suitable for a humid environment, one may mist it regularly to imitate its ideal growing environment!

Why Should You Grow The Best Succulent Plants?

➤ The benefits of succulent plants don’t stop at just being charming; they are also effortless to grow. These are perfect for beginner plant parents who are looking for a push in the gardening industry.

➤ The fast-paced routines can make even the expert gardeners lag behind when it comes to taking care of their greenery. But don’t worry, as succulent plants care permits us to handle the urgent monotony of life alongside growing them.

➤ These plants are typically known for their hassle-free growth outlook in life, making them entirely self-sufficient to grow without much attention. They won’t make you sad with drooping leaves and decaying branches in a week’s neglect.

➤ Their self-sufficiency comes from their endless craving for highly hot, intense, and humid locations. They can even tolerate rough draught-like conditions. Plus, they won’t demand as much water as your regular plants do.

Grow The Best Succulent Plants

➤ Succulents come in so many varieties that it’s almost impossible to pick one. From rich green foliage to thick flashy leaves to the blooming and creeping varieties, it’s always a fun ride to bring the uniqueness home. The endless uses of succulent plants in decorating the ambiance make them a preferred choice.

➤ They are easy to propagate, as most of them can quickly grow from stem and leaf cuttings. One brilliant point about them is that they attract the least pests, making them more attractive to urban gardeners.

How To Care For Succulent Plants?

Planting succulent plants means opting to understand where they come from; they are not your usual plant buddies that require rich and moist growing conditions. These plants, instead, are the ones that can grow in the most rigid locations receiving the abundance of heat and the lack of water. Here’s how to maintain succulent plants:

➧ Apt Container

Although there is nothing like an appropriate container when it comes to succulents, they will feel more comfortable in small pots as they won’t take up much space. Pick any planter material that matches their vibe after ensuring it has a drainage hole.

➧ Potting Mix

One of the most important criteria for how to grow succulent plants is the plant soil. One needs to ensure the potting mix is a mixture of all good gardening ingredients like manure, compost, perlite, cocopeat, etc. You can mix all the individual ingredients in an equal measure or buy a premium succulent soil mix from online gardening stores like ours! The point is to pick loose soil that’s rich in content and flowy in aeration.

➧ Hydration

Succulents are very particular when it comes to watering, as they can take even a tiny bit of excess to their hearts. They are not much fond of too-moist soils, and thus, it is essential to hydrate them when the earth looks dry. Also, watering them sideways is better for the root system, as direct water on the leaves might damage them.

How To Care For Succulent Plants

➧ Sunshine

Most succulents are brought up in the greenhouse part of a nursery, making them less accepting of the sun in the beginning. It is advisable to expose them to little bouts of intense sunshine combined with partial shade. Later, they will be better acclimatized to the tropical locations; however, learn their requirements beforehand as not all succulents will prefer an outdoor spot.

➧ Winter Care

Succulents might behave weirdly when the winters come, showing signs of dormancy with the first strike of freeze. One may move them to a warmer area indoors, reduce the watering doses, and only hydrate the plant when the soil is not moist at all. Also, if the winters fall too hard, pushing the soil to stay moist, adding a layer of sand atop it is better.

➧ Nourishment

Although most succulents are easy to care for plant buddies, one may still feed them with the best nourishment available in the gardening markets. Treat them with balanced doses of organic fertilizers twice a month to see them grow more joyously and enjoy the succulent plants benefits.



Succulent plants are a pleasant addition to any indoor or outdoor garden. Their self-awareness makes them resist long periods of drought, making them lovable plants in tropical countries like India. It is effortless to propagate them at home and even easier to take care of them!

All one requires is to hop on our green website and order them through the blessing of online delivery. These plants are the rare gems that stay hardy while improving the aesthetics around them. One may layer a few of the tiny ones together on a windowsill and make a statement by placing a flowering succulent in the middle of the coffee table! From cozy places like the book-reading corner to magnificent spaces in the backyard, succulents are ready to take over your hearts!

FAQs About Top Succulent Plants In India

Ques: How Long Do Succulents Last?

Ans: The life of every succulent plant differs, as some may die in two years while others may live for three decades.

Ques: Are Succulents Low-Maintenance?

Ans: Yes, most succulent plants need less maintenance than other plantations, as they are pretty hardy.

Ques: Are Succulents The Same As Cacti?

Ans: Succulents may or may not have areoles on their body, but what makes a cactus ‘cactus’ is the presence of those areoles. In other terms, all cacti fall under the category of succulents, but not all succulents are cacti.

Ques: How Long Can A Succulent Go Without Water?

Ans: Although it depends on several factors, it might stay lively for about one to three months of no watering when indoors. However, the outdoor soil would dry faster due to the presence of sun and wind.

Ques: Are Succulent Plants Considered Harmful, As Per Vastu?

Ans: No, they are not considered harmful, as per Vastushastra. In fact, Vastu suggests placing some of them in specific directions to gain the most benefits.

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