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Top 10 Tulip Flowers - Grow and Care Guidelines

by Surbhi Tanwar 18 Aug 2023
Top 10 Tulip Flowers - Grow and Care Guidelines

Flowers are nature’s way of bringing instant smiles to our faces with the vibrantly elegant mannerism of greenery. Numerous plant parents are encouraged by the idea of having a delicately bright garden, including different flowering specimens. While a spectrum of options is available for all gardeners across the country, this article will mainly talk about the top 10 tulip flowers and the prerequisites to grow them seamlessly at home.

What Are Tulip Plants?

The tulip flower plants belong to the lily family called Lilieae. Today, the world knows about seventy-five species of tulips due to their naturalization to various temperaments; there was a time when this plant could only flourish in the mountainous regions of Southern Europe and Central America. Initially, the tulip flower meaning was denoted as a turban by the Persians, who must have looked at the tulip flower image as a replica of the turbans.

The plant is broadly divided into fifteen categories based on the size and morphology of the plants; these are single-early, double-early, triumph, darwin-hybrid, single-late, lily-flowered, fringed, Viridiflora, Rembrandt, parrot, double-late, Kaufmanniana, emperor, Greigii, botanical species, and multi flowering tulips. All these categories witness differences in the tulip’s personality in relation to the colour of tulip flowers and overall plant.

What Are The Top 10 Tulip Flowers In India?

Although there are about seventy-five tulip flower types, we have managed to cater a record with the top 10 tulip flowers for you to pick your favorites after a close inspection. Here you go:

#1 Lady Tulip

The lady tulip delights everyone with a blend of colors, sophistication, and uniqueness. This plant impregnates the most beautiful flowers that carry three colors in a single flower; the inside stays white with a blotch of gold in the middle, and the outside petals are crimson pink. The pink tulip flowers look pink when the buds are closed, only to be unwrapped into a gorgeous bloom of about four inches. They look lovely, complementing the greenish-grey foliage that surrounds them.

#2 Tulipa Tarda

An original from the central parts of Asia, the Tulipa Tarda is one of the most reliable tulip flowers in the world. This plant blossoms with five tulips per stem and is cultivated as a perennial. Give it full sunshine and catch it open its heart to the world's wonders. Its flowers are dual-colored, with vibrant yellow covering most of the petals, while snowy white highlights the petal’s edges. This yellow tulip flower is so famous for its gracious beauty that it has received merit awards twice since its discovery!

#3 Tulips Negrita

Ubiquitous in America, this flowering plant looks insanely beautiful when grown in home gardens. The Tulips Negrita is also an excellent choice for cut-flower decorations due to the bloom’s robust stems. If, like us, the color purple makes you stop and wonder, this plant will be perfect for your garden. Like most tulips, this purple tulip flower flourishes in full sun and drainable soil. Besides putting it in a flower vase, one may also grow it in containers, flower beds, landscapes, etc.

Top 10 Tulip Flowers In India

#4 Tulip Burning Heart

The plant fetches its name from its surreal appearance, which is a gorgeous mix of shades of yellow, red, and ivory on maturation. The bleeding heart tulip falls in the Rembrandt category and is considered a Darwin hybrid. This plant’s blooms unfold with swirls of yellow and red, representing a flaming heart, but later on, the yellow color matures into ivory with age. Nonetheless, this red tulip flower is a must-have for people who love to style their interiors with pretty blooms.

#5 Tulip Apricot Beauty

It is a mesmerizing tulip variant that grows with youthful blooms colored in hues ranging from red, apricot, amber, and rose to salmon; they also have a hint of silver on the outside of the petals. The apricot beauty is an early bloomer, so it is great to spread whiffs of serenity when only a few flowers emanate a fragrance. Its intoxicating beauty, soul-soothing aroma, and delicate appearance make it the perfect pick for any ambiance.

#6 Turkestanica Tulips

Although the name suggests the plant’s lineage falls back to Turkey, it is an indigenous specie of central Asia. This plant’s delicate and strappy foliage paves the way for the blooms to appear at the end of March. These white tulip flowers look stunning with creamy-white petals with yellowish-orange blotches of vibrance in the middle, where the same colored stamens also appear! Like most tulips, these flowers ditch the traditional shape of a cap and adapt to a bell-shaped personality.

Turkestanica Tulips

#7 Tulipa Little Princess

One look at this tulip specimen will amaze you for days! The Tulipa Little Princess mixes two tulip variants: Hageri and Aucheriana. This wonderful hybrid stays dwarf with absolutely charming flowers with a brownish-black center and orangish-copper petals that look glossy. This six-petalled bloom turns to the sun for its brightness but can also stay on a diet if needed. This tulip variant is also the harbinger of love and happiness for its surroundings.

#8 Tulip Black Parrot

Flowers are mostly about vibrance and other good stuff, right? But what if we told you that the black parrot tulip is a rebel in that its beauty is mystical and uncanny? This black tulip flower grows with fringed petals that are colored purplish-black. First witnessed in 1937, this plant is a superb inclusion to any garden due to its otherworldly aura. Its blossoms are big, bright, and beautiful, so they stay naturally protected from heavy winds.

#9 Tulip Pink Impression

One of the most graceful and elegant tulip varieties, the pink impression tulip is here to win hearts. This gorgeous flower opens its heart with poise and kind strength. The petals are mostly rose pink, but the shade drops down by the edges into a softer hue. Its long-lasting blooms are suitable to clad any environment with its brilliance, but when in the garden, it is a hub for butterflies and hummingbirds!

Tulip Pink Impression

#10 Unicum Tulips

One of the most fuss-free tulip varieties, the Unicum tulip is a gorgeous mess of gracious colors like yellow, orange, and red. It takes the least care in the tulip group of flowers and stays vibrant with little attention. Grow it in well-drained soil with adequate sunshine to see it blooming with charming cup-shaped blooms. Its foliage is striped with shades of green and cream, between which rises the mighty tulips colored orange!

Guidelines For Tulip Plant Care and Propagation:

Unless they are origami tulip flowers, they are known for their splendid blooms, which require a number of things to sprout from the buds. While some people claim that growing the top 10 tulip flowers is tiresome, we would rather say that it is a work of art. Here are some pieces of advice you can work with to see a thriving tulip garden in no time:

✔︎ Weather Preferences

Tulips always prefer a tinge of cold to the intense heat of the tropical locations, so they are abundantly seen in the cold regions from Shimla to Kangra. However, one may also grow them in hot climates with the assistance of greenhouses. In hilly regions, they require sunlight for breakfast, but they can be put into a partially shaded spot during noon. The day temperature should not exceed twenty-seven degrees, and the nights should stay temperately cold and not freezing.

✔︎ Soil Requirements

The paper tulip flowers are naturally grown on slopes in hilly and mountainous regions, so they always prefer plant soil that drains well. However, using an excellent potting mix, one may grow them in railing planters. When growing in landscapes, ensure the soil pH ranges from 6.0 to 7.0. If the soil is not up to the mark, add boosting substances like cow dung manure, cocopeat, etc. Loamy to sandy soils are good to go but don’t mix heavy clayey soil for tulip cultivation.

✔︎ Land Preparation

Preparing the land beforehand is better if you propagate the tulip bulbs directly in the ground. Use a weed remover to eliminate any unwanted plants that might, later on, compete with the tulips for nourishment. Further, improve the soil quality using vermicompost, manure, etc. Also, loosen the soil thoroughly before the propagation process begins.

Best Tulip Flowers

✔︎ Propagation Process

The mid-hills region can begin the propagation during October and November, while the high-hilly locations should wait till December to proceed with the tulip bulbs. The depth for propagation depends on the diameter of the bulbs, but the spacing should be adequate between two bulbs to promote healthy roots. Also, when growing in floor planters, aim to propagate at least five bulbs in a single container of fifteen centimeters.

✔︎ Watering Schedules

Tulip white flowers require constant moisturization throughout their growing season, so it is better to mulch the soil to promote moisture retention. Also, opt for a drip irrigation system that works on alternate days to provide ample hydration. However, the goal is not to overwater the plants and make them waterlogged, so only hydrate them when the soil lacks moisture. If heavy rains occur, protect the plants from getting waterlogged. If growing in greenhouses, hydrate the tulips daily.

✔︎ Fertilization Requirement

Like most flowering plants, tulips also crave abundant soil or sun nutrients. Nourishment should be given through garden manure and chemical fertilizers that are balanced and rich in nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Also, read the instructions on the package to provide the exact amount of nourishment needed.

✔︎ Pest Attacks

Tulips are prone to insects like thrips and aphids that can severely damage their existence. However, the good news is that we can prevent the damage by spraying natural pesticides for plants. One may also make an insecticidal soap solution using neem oil and spray it on the tulip plants to keep them healthy.

Popular Tulip Flowers

Once you get into the art of growing tulips at home, there will be no going back! You will love the scenery, the fragrance, and the appearance of your overall garden, highlighted by the benign presence of several tulip species. The tulip plants and bulbs are available at online gardening stores like Plantlane at the most affordable tulip plant prices. So, don’t wait; go through the tulip flower growing tips and introduce these lovely blooming plants to your home garden at pocket-friendly tulip flower prices!

FAQs About Top 10 Tulip Flowers In India

Ques: How Long Will My Tulip Plants Take To Grow?

Ans: They will take about eight to sixteen weeks to thrive in cold climates.

Ques: Are There Any Tulip Flower Uses?

Ans: Tulip flower benefits people when included in cuisines. However, it is not suitable for pet animals.

Ques: Can I Grow Tulips In Hot Regions Of India?

Ans: One may try growing them in greenhouses if the weather outdoors is too intense.

Ques: Can I Use Tulips For Cut-flower Decorations?

Ans: Yes, cut-flower decorations are among the primary uses of tulip flowers. The use of tulip flowers, however, is limited to ornamentation.

Ques: Can Tulip Plants Be Delivered To My Home?

Ans: Yes, several online gardening platforms like Plantlane are keen to deliver tulip plant online to your doorstep at reasonable tulip flower plant prices.

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