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Top 10 Water Plants To Beautify Your Indoor Space

by Surbhi Tanwar 11 Jul 2023
Top 10 Water Plants To Beautify Your Indoor Space

Isn’t it beautiful how plants reflect wisdom in the way they live with flexibility? Nature blesses the ones who wish to get closer to it with immense love through the greenery, allowing us to propagate plants in more ways than one. Out of the many methods of growing gorgeous plants, one uses the water element. This propagation technique works for such greenery that holds a love for the water. Let’s dissect this concept before experimenting with this type of gardening.

What Are Water Plants?

When discussing indoor plants, we think of the greenery that blossoms in containers like floor planters, bonsai pots, etc. But what if we told you there’s another method of growing plants - through water? The thing is that some plants are genetically able to produce roots from the plant parts exposed to water. Also, not all indoor water plants are aquatic plants, but all aquatic plants are water plants.

Water Plants

Water plants are those that can flourish in water alone without needing the soil as a propagation medium. Some of these plants also hold the ability to thrive in a soil-based environment. Nonetheless, they look pretty stunning when grown in clear water filled into glass bottles, bowls, vases, etc. However, remember that this method differs from how we operate hydroponic kits.

What Are The Top 10 Water Plants In India?

Here’s the list of 10 water plants names to make your search for the perfect plants that grow in water easier:

1. Money Plant

One of the most popular plants on the Indian landscape is the money plant. And guess what? It has an immense connection to the water element, as it blossoms with joy whenever grown in a moisture-filled environment. This plant is also a well-reputed candidate in the books of Vastushastra and Feng Shui, claiming to spread an aura of peace & prosperity around! It appears bright green with dangling vine-like branches, and one may also train them to climb on the given support. The money plant will grow hassle-free, without craving much attention, but ensure re-filling of the container every now & then to provide it with a healthy environment.

2. Lucky Bamboo

How can one talk of water plants for home and miss mentioning this one, right? Lucky bamboo is globally famous for its contract with the positive side of the world. When grown at home, this plant looks super elite in glass bowls with a red ribbon tied to bamboo sticks. The ribbon symbolizes fire, and the bamboo sticks represent wood, spreading the message of balance in life. Moreover, the number of bamboo stalks propagated has meanings attached to them as well. One of the least maintenance plants, it will look gorgeous on study tables, windowsills, kitchen counters, etc.

3. Syngonium

This plant is known worldwide for its easy disposition at growing in most environments. One may grow it in soil or water, and it will thrive with full zeal. Syngonium is also called arrowhead plant in various regions, primarily because of the shape of its leaves. This plant comes with several variegations, a play of colors. It requires a low-lit ambiance to flourish without darkened leaf tips. One may settle it in a glass flower vase to increase the aesthetic quotient! Also, if you wish to amp up your workspace with some low-maintenance greenery, this one is a perfect pick!


4. Peace Lily

One of the rare fuss-free plants that get pregnant with beautiful blooms, the peace lily is a must-have for indoor space. This plant carries bright green glossy leaves with peeking stalks blooming into pretty white flowers. It can also be grown in soil, but the water-filled approach doubles the beauty for sure. Peace lily looks absolutely heavenly when placed on bedside tables, coffee tables, bookshelves, etc. Ensure to fill the vase just enough to submerge the plants' lower stems; this way, it will thrive even more beautifully.

5. Heart-leafed Philodendron

If you are an urban plant parent with only a little leisure time in hand, philodendron is your guy! This plant is one of the most hardy greenery that takes more effort to reach a state of decay than to stay joyously alive! Grow it in classy containers large enough to accommodate its potential of dangling up to four feet. Heart-leafed philodendron is more suitable for tropical areas, and for those who don’t know it already, it’s a vine. This plant will need filtered bright light wrapped around a warm ambiance. Moreover, its beauty will make the ambiance look cozy yet stylish!

6. Spider Plant

Also called mother-in-law’s tongue, the spider plant has beautifully variegated leaves that arch downwards. These leaves are a variegation of a creamy middle matched with green highlights. This plant is a popular pick in the soil-based gardening world, but a few people know how well it flourishes in water, too. The water-based approach asks us to settle it in a spot receiving indirect sunshine. One may also use hanging planters to cultivate this gorgeous ball of happiness indoors. Keep it near the windowsills, hang it on the balconies, and place it on the garden seating, to add noise to its beauty.

Spider Plant

7. Wandering Jew

If you are beginning to have an itch for having your garden, start with the wandering jew plant. This plant holds goodwill for being one of the most fuss-free plants, as they tend to blossom at the bare minimum. The plant’s name comes from the fact that it can grow to infinity if given enough space. Years before the strike of indoor gardening, it was the wandering jew that was swiped as a gift among close ones. It has several variants; however, the most typical ones grow with bright purple foliage sprinkled with a tinge of silver in the middle. One may also grow in terrariums with sparking garden stones & pebbles.

8. Coleus

Play around with some colors & patterns of the universe through the magical existence of this plant. The coleus loves the indoor ambiance rich with dappled sunshine. It will grow remarkably when placed in water-filled containers, sized tiny or large. The leaves carry numerous variegations, varying with colors ranging from pink, red, green, maroon, yellow, purple, etc. The plant’s leaves are unlike regular leaves, as they have patterns on the edges, as if someone cut them creatively with scissors. If you wish to add a cute and unique touch to the living room corner, place this plant in a wine glass and keep that on the coffee table.

9. Water Hyacinth

Hyacinth is an impeccable pick to add shades of colors and green to the indoor ambiance. This plant will not only entice you visually, but it will also render the air you breathe cleaner than before! It has immense power to detoxify the atmosphere and eliminate harmful metals like mercury, cobalt, nickel, etc. Water hyacinth is a pure treat to the eyes with its gorgeously shaded flowers, ranging from white to pink to purple. Its blooms grow in clusters of tiny yet colorful existence, matching the aesthetic vases.

Water Hyacinth Plant

10. Herbs

How about growing those healthy herbs with water as the primary medium? Yes, you can grow easy-going herbs like mint, basil, oregano, thyme, etc., with water as a base. What’s better is that they will require filtered sunlight throughout the growing process, so keep them on the kitchen windowsill and enjoy the harvest immediately. Growing herbs at home is a sure-shot method of including their delight and nourishment in our routine cuisines. There are endless benefits to using them in meals with a spike of flavors!

How Should I Grow Water Plants Indoors?

★ The first step of water gardening requires one to choose those plants that are willing to accept a home in the water. These plants may grow in soil or other variants meant exclusively for water gardening. Pick the plants that speak most to your soul and look for a container to grow them in!

★ These plants can grow in beautiful glass containers ranging from bottles, vases, bowls, and other such containers. Glass containers are often the first choice, as they let us have a good look at the plant’s submerged roots. However, ceramic vases and other materials are suitable for growing these plants.

★ One way to propagate the plant is by purchasing it online through the best gardening stores like ours or picking cuttings from the existing plants. In both ways, place the purchased or trimmed cutting in the vase, and be patient as it unfolds with robust roots.

Grow Water Plants Indoors

★ Submerge all types of water plants in clean water, whether bottled or rainwater. If you use tap water, ensure to get rid of the chlorine by keeping it in a bucket for at least a day. Remember to change the water regularly to maintain the overall appearance and plant health.

★ Some plants might ask for additional nourishment through liquid fertilizers. Use a balanced nourishment addition to treat these plants once a month with a bounty of nutrients.

★ Place the chosen vase in a slightly lit ambiance receiving bright yet filtered light in the indoor surroundings. You can also rotate the vase alternatively to let all sides of the plant receive ample sunlight. Also, don’t forget to trim any dead or decayed leaves appearing on the foliage.

What Are The Advantages Of Growing Water Plants?

We can state as many as 10 importance of water to plants, but to make it short & sweet, below are five significant reasons why water plants are beneficial for us:

1. Mess-free Gardening

We all know how chaotic a soil-based gardening approach can become in the long term! The water-based approach is mess-free, as there is no need to get your hands dirty in the soil or worry about the planter staining the surface forever! However, if you are into soil gardening too, planter trays are an excellent product to keep your garden floor neat & clean.

2. Low-maintenance And How!

All fast-paced plant lovers know how tricky it may get to tackle the greenery at home, which is why water plants rescue the urban lifestyle. These are some of the most low-maintenance greenery options that stay healthy and happy with minimal attention! They are so fuss-free that you can readily welcome them in your office space, too!

Low-maintenance Water Plants

3. Least Insect Invasions

Pests are a common problem in the soil-based gardening approach, as fungus gnats come from the eggs laid on the earth. This nasty issue of tackling insects is eliminated to a large extent when one grows aquatic plants. In fact, water plants are known for keeping the water cleaner than before!

4. Easiest Propagation

People say it is almost impossible to have a single plant at home, and they are correct, significantly, when the plants are grown in a water medium! These plants multiply in themselves, and one may grow numerous others from a single parent plant. Once you begin, soon you will find your ambiance submerged in the glory of greenery and water.

5. Decor & Style

Apart from being reasonably low-maintenance, these plants will look like they came straight from heaven, given you treat them with love & kindness! They are perfect for an ornamental display indoors, be it in the living rooms, bedrooms, coffee tables, windowsills, or hanging on the balconies. Moreover, the beautiful vases and containers will make the ambiance shine a millionfold!

Decor & Style Water Plants

FAQs About Top Water Plants In India

Ques: How To Maintain Water Plants?

Ans: Settle them at a spot that receives constant brightness but in a filtered manner. Also, be particular about changing the water every week till the roots develop and once a month afterward. Feed a balanced fertilizer to pump their growth once a month or two.

Ques: How Do Water Plants Survive?

Ans: Their survival mechanism uses spongy tissues in their body parts that assist in transferring oxygen to their roots. Also, any part that stays afloat receives more sunlight than the ones submerged in the water, so the former takes care of the survival.

Ques: Can I Purchase Water Plants Online?

Ans: Definitely! Several online gardening stores like ours give the option to order these plants from the comfort of your home. Stay carefree after ordering as we parcel your plant package through a safe delivery system!

Ques: Can I Shift Plants From Water To Soil?

Ans: Yes, after the water plant has developed mature roots, one may transfer it into a soil-filled container. However, some aquatic plants are not suitable for the soil-based approach.

Ques: Which Container Can I Use For Growing Water Plants?

Ans: You can grow them in several containers like vases, glass bowls, test tubes, glasses, jars, wine glasses, etc. Place them at any location indoors, receiving dappled sunshine to enjoy their beauty!

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