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Top 5 Aloe Vera Plants - Know Types, Uses, and Aloe Vera Health Benefits

by Surbhi Tanwar 24 Aug 2023
Top 5 Aloe Vera Plants

Since ancient times, Indians have tended to stick to natural herbs and plants that are purely healing in nature. In contemporary times, gardeners worldwide are utilizing the essence of such herbal greenery to cure several ailments. One such plant known for its medicinal properties worldwide is aloe vera. Here, we will talk about the magic of this plant and the top 5 aloe vera plant varieties!

What Is The Aloe Vera Plant?

The Aloe vera plant gets its name from its genus, called aloe. This plant also falls in the succulent category; thus, it matures with thick and fleshy leaves containing a sappy gel-like liquid that serves humans in more ways than one! It was first found as an evergreen in the Arabian Peninsula, but later, it got accustomed to the hot and arid areas in tropical and subtropical countries. Therefore, this plant became famous in India, too, and has been cultivated in every other Indian household for ages!

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe comes from the Arabic word ‘ Alloeh,’ translated as something bitter and glossy, whereas vera comes from the Latin lingo’s term ‘Verus,’ literally translated as truth. Its name is an apt justification for its fleshy and erect leaves, which are truly bitter and shiny in taste and appearance. Surprisingly enough, there are about four hundred aloe vera species worldwide, but we can rarely count five at our fingertips. Read further to learn about the aloe vera varieties today!

What Are The Top 5 Aloe Vera Plants In India?

Most people in India know the aloe vera as a medicinal plant; However, about three hundred and ninety-nine types of aloe vera plants are waiting for us to be discovered. While it is impossible to discuss them all, here’s a list of the top 5 aloe vera plants for home:

1. Aloe Vera/Ghritkumari

The scientific name of aloe vera plants is barbadensis. It is grown in almost every Indian household for its magical medicinal properties. The plant’s gel is a skin infection remedy for several skin ailments. Also, its sap is often blended into smoothies and juices to extract its immunity-boosting power. These days, the ayurvedic properties of aloe vera are so famous that numerous cosmetic products carry it as a primary ingredient! It looks super aesthetic in the home garden, and one may also propagate it indoors in terracotta pots.

2. Aloe Caesia

Would you believe it if we told you that the aloe vera plant can blossom with pretty little blooms? If not, then you will after reading this paragraph. The aloe Caesia variety is a hybrid aloe vera and Principis genus cultivar. The result of this hybridization is a beautiful succulent plant that grows with star-shaped blueish-green robust leaves having copperish margins. Its gorgeousness gets multiplied when the succulent produces tiny red aloe vera plant flowers from the middle of the plant. One may grow this plant at home to uplift the monotony of any ambiance by settling it in color-popping plastic pots.

Aloe Caesia

3. Aloe Variegata/Tiger Aloe

Gonialoe Variegate is the binomial name for the aloe variegata plant. Also called tiger aloe, this plant looks wondrous indoors and outdoors. One may grow it in glossy ceramic pots to complement its striking aura. This plant grows old by keeping a low-key elevation and small demeanor compared to other aloe varieties. Nonetheless, its bright green leaves colored with white patches gives it a skin imitating the tigers’ skin. Moreover, the edges of the leaves get highlighted with white spikes, increasing the rugged quotient altogether! To add a cherry to the cake, the plant blossoms with pink and orange flowers on purple stems!

4. Coral Aloe

This plant is the chameleon of the aloe vera genus due to its unique ability to change the color of its foliage! The sun’s exposure is responsible for this alteration in its leaves’ colors. When the plant gets settled in an area having light sunshine, its leaves look grayish-green. However, change its position to a shaded area, and the leaves will become the ocean’s color. Further, the leaves look pink if you place them under bright sunlight. We don’t know if the sky is pink, but we can surely say aloe vera can be pink! Botanically called aloe striata, this plant is a true gem for home gardens and looks surreal in rugged floor planters!

5. Spiral Aloe

Spiral aloe is your pick if you are looking for a plant that adds magic, uniqueness, and subtle beauty to any environment. This plant has an exotic appearance with a spiral-like unfolding of its thick and wild leaves. These leaflets grow with a greenish-grey shade with spikey edges. What’s more, the top of the spiral oversees the production of beautiful yellow and orange flowers. Its esoteric personality in metal pots is enough to take you on a mystical journey of wonderment about the beauty of this universe!

Spiral Aloe

What Are The Uses Of Aloe Vera Plants?

Aloe vera is known for its medicinal properties that are unmatched! This plant is a true savior for many people who suffer from medical issues. Other than its ornamental value, here are some more red aloe vera plant uses:

Aloe Vera Plant Medicinal Uses

The sap of the aloe vera plant often gets used for treating several medical ailments. From skin infections to immune inflammations, this plant gives it all to boost our health in every way possible. It is often included in ayurvedic concoctions that are known for boosting the physical health of an individual. Some people also prefer using its raw sap as a topical medicine to treat skin issues like acne, dark spots, etc.

Culinary Uses

As bitter as the aloe vera plant growth may be, people often grind it in a mixer to add it to smoothies and other beverages. This sap’s ingestion leads to a better immune system, clearer and glowing skin, and faster digestion. The plant’s sap is a magical gelly that cleanses the digestive system and detoxifies the blood.

aloe vera plant growth

Commercial Uses

Nowadays, people have started understanding the true benefits of aloe vera plants, which is why they love to include the plant’s magic in almost every cosmetic product. Every cosmetic product promises the blessings and benefits of the aloe vera plant, from face wash to moisturizer to shampoo. Some manufacturers mingle the aloe vera sap with other powerful ingredients, while others interfere the least with the intricacies of the raw aloe vera sap.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera Plant In Home?

The application and ingestion of aloe vera sap offer us numerous health benefits, enough to lead a healthy lifestyle. This plant’s diversity in helping humans with several well-being issues is, perhaps, its USP. Without further ado, let’s talk about the benefits of the aloe vera plant:

✔︎ Anti-inflammatory Properties

The sap of the aloe vera plant online comprises several antioxidants that aid in healing skin and immunity issues. Polyphenol reserves a major segment of these antioxidants which eliminate inflammation-causing bacteria from the human body. This is also the reason why the plant is a natural antiviral remedy. One may also use the sap to treat wounds, burns, and sores.

✔︎ Dental Health 

According to a scientific study, a group of three hundred people sat in a survey where they were made to mouthwash with a hundred percent pure aloe vera gel plant and some other form of chemical separately. After the study, most recognized the aloe vera juice’s capability to clean their teeth better. This happens because the sap contains compounds that reduce dental plaque risk. Not only this but its application on mouth ulcers and canker sores is also known to get rid of the mentioned dental issues.

Popular Aloe Vera Plants

✔︎ Digestive Fire

Aloe vera latex is used for treating constipation issues in adults and children. The latex is the yellowish part left after the sap is removed from the aloe vera leaves. This latex is brewed in beverages and added in medicinal concoctions to render a truly magical drink that eases the stomach, leading to a better digestive fire.

✔︎ Glowing Skin

The plant is ubiquitously known for its topical ability to treat skin issues like acne, pimples, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots and to provide an even tone. Various cosmetic manufacturers add this plant’s magic to their products, and several others use it raw in their daily skincare routine. Aloe vera plant for skin is also known to treat several chronic skin inflammatory conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

✔︎ Lowered Blood Pressure

The plant is often passed on as a suggestion to diabetic patients to control their insulin sensitivity. People use culinary methods to benefit from the plant’s sap and latex. The white aloe vera plant is known for being an ardent manager of the blood sugar department in human anatomy!

Aloe Vera Benefits

Concluding all this, the pink aloe vera plant is a true superhero in the gardening industry. This plant not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but it also assists in improving our health. The best part is that we can grow it in our home gardens, balconies, terraces, kitchen windowsills, and indoor areas. Moreover, it is super easy to grow and maintain this plant due to its low-maintenance outlook. So, don’t wait; buy aloe vera plants from authentic online gardening stores like Plantlane! Before propagation, don’t forget to learn how to plant aloe vera to see a thriving yield!

FAQs About The Top 5 Aloe Vera Plants In India

Ques: What Is The Best Place To Keep Aloe Vera Plants?

Ans: The ideal place for settling aloe vera plant indoors is where it receives bright but indirect sunshine, making indoor windowsills a superb option. However, one may also place them outdoors but ensure the plant doesn’t suffer from too intense sunlight. Also, if you plan to shift its surroundings indoors to outdoors, don’t expose it to full sun, for it can get sunburned.

Ques: How To Take Care Of Aloe Vera Plants?

Ans: The aloe vera plant doesn’t cause much fuss when growing in any environment. Aloe vera plant care includes bright yet filtered sunlight, well-draining soil, and adequate watering. Being a succulent, the plant won’t easily get dehydrated, and some aloe vera plant types are also resistant to droughts. Now that you know how to care aloe vera plant, feel free to begin the journey!

Ques: When Can I Use The Aloe Vera Plant's Sap?

Ans: Once the plant has matured, feel free to cut the leaves from the bottom and slice them to get the sap out.

Ques: How To Store Aloe Vera Leaves?

Ans: One can make the aloe vera leaves last for about two to three weeks by wrapping them in paper towels, zipping them in bags, and placing them in the refrigerator. One may put the sap out in a container and put that in the refrigerator to avail of the aloe vera plant benefits later!

Ques: How To Grow Aloe Vera Plants?

Ans: Shop for the best aloe vera plants from online gardening stores like Plantlane and propagate them in your garden. Just dig some soil and place the plant in the soil; one may also use containers for the same.

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