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What Are The Health Benefits of Oregano Plants

by Surbhi Tanwar 21 Sep 2023
What Are The Health Benefits of Oregano Plants

We all know oregano as the blue-and-white pack of seasoning we often sprinkle over our cheese-loaded pizzas, right? Well, it turns out that at least one thing about pizzas is healthy, and that’s oregano! Yes, that seasoning is actually derived from the oregano plant, which is a herb like basil, rosemary, etc. Like all herbs, one can easily propagate and maintain oregano in one’s kitchen garden! Let’s learn more about this healing herb, its types, uses, and benefits.

What Is Oregano Plant?

The oregano herb plant is a flowering member of the mint family called Lamiaceae. Initially, it was found in the Mediterranean landscapes, but its flexibility opened the doors for global temperate regions. It is a perennial herb that can escalate to a maximum height of thirty-one inches. This plant has an invasive sort of growing inclination, so it can quickly spread all over the place when not pruned. The oregano flowers carry shades of pink, white, and purple, standing erect on the plant’s edges.

Did you know that the literal translation of oregano comes from the Greek etymology that states it in English as ‘the joy of the mountains.’ This popular herb is getting even more fame in contemporary times, but it has actually been in service from the ancient days, especially in the cuisines of Italy, Greece, Turkey, France, Spain, etc. Nowadays, we are witnessing its growing popularity in the Indian subcontinent! What’s best is that you can grow it in your home garden, be it the indoor kitchen herb garden or the backyard!

What Are The Types Of Oregano Plants In India?

The beauty of this plant is that it has naturalized itself to different areas, so no matter where you live, you can always find oregano plant types that are suitable for your location. Here are some of the oregano plant types:

Oregano Plant

1. Common Oregano

It is the true oregano species belonging to the Greek species called Origanum Vulgare. Contradicting to its origination, the plant is often called Italian oregano, mostly used in Italian cuisines. You guessed it right; this is the oregano seasoning you have sprinkled on your pizzas and pasta! It is a low-maintenance herb that requires a sun-filled area with well-draining plant soil. It has a sibling that’s called golden oregano due to its gold-colored foliage!

2. Marjoram

For people looking for a milder variant of oregano, the Origanum Majorana is the perfect fit! In the southern part of Europe and some of the Middle Eastern areas, oregano is commonly termed Marjoram, being derived from this plant. It has a milder taste than the true oregano, so the seasoning does not overpower the food’s taste!

3. Syrian Oregano

If you have ever been to the Middle Eastern landscapes and explored their food, you must have encountered a spice called Za’atar that’s local to the region. Syrian oregano is used in this spice with sesame seeds and ground sumac. It is often witnessed blooming in the wild areas, but one can also grow it in kitchen herb floor planters!

4. Ornamental Oregano

While the oregano plant gets most propagations as an herb, some gardeners prefer to plant its ornamental varieties like Kent Beauty and Hopley’s Purple Oregano. These decorative oregano plants blossom with gorgeous oregano plant flowers colored in hues of pink, white, and lavender. Besides, the purple oregano plant also has edible oregano leaves that are milder than the common oregano.

5. Mexican Oregano

This plant camouflages itself in the name of oregano, but it’s not a real variant of the Origanum genus. It belongs to the Lipia Graveolens genus, described as having a bolder taste than the common oregano. It is often found in the Mexican and southwestern regions of the United States. It can be perfect for people with a higher tolerance for spicy seasoning!

What Are The Uses Of Oregano Plants?

Once you have propagated the plant, and it sprouts with healing edible leaves, you would really wish to know all the ways you could use it, right? So we have catered a list of oregano uses you could experiment with at home:

Uses Of Oregano Plants

➠ The first rule of using oregano in the cuisines is to know that the dried leaves go in the pan while the fresh leaves are added at the end of the cooking process, like a garnish.

➠ One of the common uses through which we all have become familiar with oregano is to sprinkle the dried leaves on top of pizzas, pasta, soups, and salads.

➠ One can enhance the flavor of a basic omelet by adding some dried oregano, and the same goes for stir-fried vegetables!

➠ If you are into cooking your own chicken and meat, don’t forget to marinate the stuff with chopped oregano and other spices.

➠ There’s no garlic bread without including oregano as the cherry on the top of the cake!

➠ Intensify the benefits of olive oil by introducing several oregano sprigs to the oil container! Oregano oil benefits can be experienced by dressing the salads or using it as a moisturizing lotion!

➠ The contemporary times call for contemporary measures of including the plant in our cuisines! One such way is to make oregano tea by brewing the leaves in water. This simple concoction can cure sores, aches, muscle pains, asthma, etc.

➠ Some people prefer purchasing oregano pills from pharma stores to cure and prevent coughs, heal wounds, and eliminate infections.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Oregano?

The oregano plant might be famous for its peppery flavor, but the scientific community has well-researched about its healing properties. Here are some oregano plant benefits you can get from using the plant leaves in your diet:

Health Benefits Of Oregano

 Full of Antioxidants

The oregano leaves carry ample amounts of antioxidants that hamper free radicals in the human body. These free radicals are also associated with causing severe diseases like cancer and heart issues. Oregano shields our body from free radicals, thereby reducing the chances of getting severe diseases.

 Fights Bacteria

This plant also has some evidence of antibacterial properties that suggest that it stops the strains of two types of bacteria that are responsible for causing infections in our bodies. Although more research is needed to conclude, this plant eliminates certain disease-causing bacteria from our systems.

 Anti-cancer Properties

Apart from removing free radicals, this plant contains several compounds that reduce cancer risk. With continuous ingestion, one might reduce the growth of cancer cells; however, more research is required for the same. We also suggest you consult an expert before using the plant as the final remedy.

 Reduces Viral

The oregano plant contains two important compounds, Carvacrol and Thymol, responsible for reducing the viral activity in the body. These compounds calm down viral infections, thereby reducing cough and cold symptoms. This is why oregano tea is gaining popularity for its healing effect on coughs!

 Anti-inflammatory Response

Any inflammation, when left untreated for long, can extend into a chronic disease or auto-immune disorder. The presence of helpful compounds in the oregano plants makes it useful to reduce inflammations, especially through the usage of oregano oils and pills.

How To Grow and Maintain Oregano Plants?

Didn’t the uses and benefits entice you to propagate the plant in your home garden? It did, right? Read further to understand the intricacies of growing the plant:

Maintain Oregano Plants

➠ Propagation & Growth

This plant is a lowkey herb that grows without causing much fuss in green landscapes. Ensure putting it under partial shade outdoors so that the intense sunlight doesn’t burn its leaves. The plant also doesn’t like sitting in a pool of water, so fill your terracotta pots with well-draining soil. You can enhance the soil’s nourishing qualities by adding manure & cocopeat. One may also grow it indoors on a kitchen windowsill. No matter where it’s grown, don’t forget to give it regular trimming to keep it neat & clean!

➠ Dividing The Plant

If your oregano plant grows with a bushy appearance, don’t fret because you can divide the plant and fill more plastic pots with the goodness of oregano! Dig the root ball and separate one part of it without disturbing the whole plant. Ensure potting the parent plant in fresh potting soil and pour water right afterward.

➠ Harvest & Storage

The best part about growing oregano is that you can harvest it as soon as the leaves start popping out! If you wish to garnish fresh oregano on your meals, pick some fresh sprigs out of the plant and enjoy. If you wish to use the dried seasoning instead, dry the picked sprigs over a flat surface or hang them in the air. Do this in an outdoor setting, but not under direct sunlight. It will take about one to two weeks to dry out completely, and then you can crush the leaves and pack them in containers.

Best Oregano Plants

Growing oregano plants at home is a delight if you know how to do it correctly! We suggest you propagate other herbs with this one to create your own herb garden at home. Enjoy the benefits of using the oregano plant in your daily diet and enhance the flavors of the most bland dishes! This plant will flourish in your home setting with a little care, attention, and love!

FAQs About The Oregano Plant In India

Ques: Which Parts Of The Oregano Plants Are Edible?

Ans: Although all parts of the plant can be eaten, people mostly prefer consuming its leaves.

Ques: Are There Any Garden Benefits Of Planting Oregano?

Ans: Yes, the oregano plant’s scent is great at dismissing the insects from visiting nearby greenery. Instead, it welcomes beneficial pests that also contribute to eliminating the non-beneficial ones.

Ques: Are There Any Oregano Side Effects?

Ans: Although there are no general side effects of the plant, one might have an allergy to the plants in the mint family, so it is best to consult a medicine expert before ingestion.

Ques: How Is The Taste Of Oregano?

Ans: Oregano is often added to meals to introduce a pepper-like flavor to the dishes. The taste is not subtle but rather bold.

Ques: Where Can I Get The Best Oregano Plants In India?

Ans: One may shop for oregano plants from offline and online gardening stores like Plantlane at the best rates in India!

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