GreeNeem, is a leading Coir and Neem based products Production and Exports Company.

The company started its operations in 2000 and has more than 35 production units and has its offices and distribution network in more than 38 countries. Today the company manages to produce close to 8000Mt of Coir products per month and several range of Neem products. As pioneer and trendsetter in Coir and Neem products, it caters to needs of all Agricultural, Horticultural, Nurseries, Greenhouses, Livestock, Pet Industry, etc in 38 Countries with high quality products.

Other than Coir and Neem, the company develops new products and trades in different products and has involved in different other segments and focuses on Never Ending and Ever Expanding.

Plantlane created bond with seller since 2022 and serving best services towards them.